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The Dance Zone

The Dance Zone in Henderson, Nevada, is a dynamic environment where children ages 2 to 18 years old come to be nurtured and to learn in the art of dance. They offer programs to their youngest dancers designed to engage and develop their love of movement.  They continue the growth and development of their dancers through the use of a curriculum that allows them to provide consistency and progress in the classroom.  They share that progress with their students’ parents several times a year through their “Parent Watch Weeks,” and encourage open communication between teachers and parents.  Above all, they cherish their students as people and love watching them grow into amazing people.

In the opinion of Jami Artiga and Kaydee Francis, Owners, what separates their dance studio from other studios is “inclusion.” At The Dance Zone, they truly feel that they have developed programs that give every dancer an opportunity to feel amazing about themselves.  They take great pride in the fact that their faculty and staff provide the same level of service and teaching whether the student dances once a week in a recital class, twice a week on a beginning level team or 5 to 6 days a week (more…)

How To Add A Custom Braid Look To A Halter Leotard

Hi, my name is Cyndi from In this video, I am going to show you how to take a halter leotard and create your own unique look. It is a simple thing to do that I have seen very expensive on line or from different custom websites. So if you want to find out how to do some sort of simple braiding like this just using a basic halter leotard, this just may be the video for you.


  1. Halter leotard
  2. Three different types of material
  3. Thread to match material
  4. Safety Pins
  5. Straight Pins
  6. Scissors
  7. Sewing Machine


  1. Choosing Your Materials

First, of course, you will need to choose your leotard. Then, the fabric you will use for the braided effect. You can use lace, you can use Lycra, you can use sequin or mesh. It is completely up to you. But, you want to choose at least three different types. You can choose more if you wish.

  1. Preparing Fabrics

To start off with, you will need to cut the fabrics in strips. Make sure that you have thin strips and fat strips of each fabric. I have picked three materials – a mesh, lace and sequins. You can use more types of fabric (more…)

Ella Marie School of Dance

Ella Marie School of Dance in Hicksville, New York, is owned by three partners – Michele Rosner, Catherine Golub, and Ann-Marie Anderson. They are also co-Directors. Since the three partners were children, the Ella Marie School of Dance has been a very integral part of their lives. They all began learning from Ella Marie Columbo as little children and have grown up at the studio, taking lessons and studying the basics, progressing to student teachers, then full dance instructors, choreographers and now directors. They have over 75 years of combined dance teaching experience and have shared their love of dance with thousands of children, and adults, over the years. They provide a welcoming, non-judgmental, supportive studio in which children and adults can express themselves through dance.

As proud parents, each with two children, the partners fully grasp the importance of having well rounded children, who develop a passion for the arts and have a desire to continually grow and learn. As professionals they are also students regularly training through classes and conventions in order to bring new styles and inspiration to their students and they take special pride in developing talented dance instructors who focus on continual education in dance instruction.

According to (more…)

University of South Florida Interview with Michael Foley

The University of South Florida’s (USF) Dance Program in Tampa, Florida, is one of the best training grounds for university age dance students in the United States. Students come from all over the United States and abroad to study with their world-class faculty and guest artists, as well as to take advantage of their unique dance-focused study abroad programs. A conservatory-like training ground within one of the largest liberal arts public universities in the country, the USF Dance Program is proud of its esteemed alumni who have graduated into some of the best dance companies in the United States, including Alvin Ailey, Complexions and Trisha Brown, as well as establishing their own dance companies, achieving master’s and doctorate degrees in dance, teaching in large university programs, starting their own dance schools, and maintaining major positions in arts organizations.

According to Michael Foley, Associate Professor of Dance, and Director of USF’s Dance in Paris Programs, which regularly brings in some of the world’s best choreographers to work with their students, and teach some of their signature repertory pieces. Some of their most recent guest artists have included: Alonzo King, Doug Varone, Ohad Naharin/Batsheva Dance Company, Jennifer Archibald, Bill T. Jones and Trisha Brown. They (more…)

The Dance Griffs Interview with Kaitlynn Hudden and Lauren Myslinski

Kaitlynn Hudden and Lauren Myslinski are the coaches of the Canisius College Dance Team from Buffalo, New York, known as The Dance Griffs.  They describe The Dance Griffs as a dance team that performs at all of Canisius’ home men and women’s basketball games. At basketball games, their goal is to bring entertainment and enthusiasm to the Canisius fans. They also participate in volunteer opportunities and local competitions. Canisius College is a small school with a big heart and their dance team takes pride in all of their athletic teams.

Kaitlynn and Lauren strive to provide a dance team where girls become family and are elevated from school stressors. The members of the team are able to enjoy dancing, while having fun and forming close relationships.

In Kaitlynn’s and Lauren’s opinion, one of their biggest differences from other dance teams is their pure dedication for their team, school and dance. Every girl on the team holds a high level of respect for their teammates and the Canisius College Golden Griffins. Their ultimate goal is to both have fun and enjoy dancing for their school. This is proven through their performances. Therefore, one of their biggest differences from other dance teams is their pure dedication (more…)

How to Turn Your Pants into Bell Bottoms

Hi, I am Cyndi from and I am going to show you how to convert regular pants into bell bottom pants. I am going to show you how to put a little gusset in the side that gives you a nice, big flair. This works really well if you are trying to create a 60’s – 70’s theme. This is the perfect thing to do create that kind of hippie feel.


  1. Pants
  2. Material for Insert
  3. Matching Thread
  4. Pins
  5. Scissors
  6. Tailor’s Chalk or a Bar of a Soap


  1. Choosing Your Materials

There are two choices you need to make – the pants you want to use and the fabric you want to use. If your pants are Lycra, it is best to use Lycra for the insert. The color of the material could be matching or coordinating color. It could even be a patterned material.

  1. Determining Size of Insert

I am going to use an insert that is a different color than the pants so that you can really see what I am doing. The first thing you want to determine is how high up you want that flair to start and how wide do you want it. To determine this, it is (more…)

Making An Ice Pack Heart DIY Valentines Day

In this video, I am going to show you how to make an ice pack heart, perfect for the little dancer in your life or someone you care about. It makes a cute gift for Valentines. The way I did this one was by putting a lace on top and I have an actual canvas on the back. You can use a soft fabric or whatever you like and you don’t need to use the lace if you would like a solid look.


  1. Ice Pack
  2. Fabric
  3. Scissors
  4. Pins
  5. Sharpies
  6. Lace (optional)


  1. First you are going to want to take your piece of canvas about the size you want the heart to be and you are going to want to fold it in half. And just like when you were kid, draw half a heart. That way you can make sure all the pieces are the same. Now cut it out about a quarter and a half past the line you drew.
  2. Lay the fabric at the bottom then the lace over it and then the heart that you just cut out on top. Pin the pieces together all around. Next you sew it all around but leave a space open for (more…)

Dance Image Interview with Debbi D. Miller

Debbi D. Miller is the Owner and Artistic Director, of Dance Image in Whittier, California. Dance Image has been in business for over 23 years and offers quality dance for all ages and levels – “walking” to adult, ​Beginner through Advanced Levels. They have a family atmosphere that encourages students to do their best and gain self confidence is one where students can learn to be the best dancer they can be. Their classes are for both the serious dancer and the recreational dancer.

Many of their Teaching Staff are alumni of Dance Image. These amazing teachers are continually striving to challenge the students.  Debbi, herself, has been teaching dance for over 33 years. They are very proud of their incredible staff, many of which began their careers at Dance Image.  Instructors are chosen based on the right combination of training, personality and teaching skills.  Instructors are constantly taking class and working in the business to provide the most current styles and techniques possible.

​In Debbi’s opinion, the main thing that sets her dance studio apart from other dance studios is the fact that they teach the Cecchetti Method of Ballet, one of the most common styles of training in Classical Ballet. The Cecchetti Method of (more…)

Dance Nutrition LLC Interview with Emily C. Harrison

Seven years ago, Emily C. Harrison, MS, RD, LD started the Centre for Dance Nutrition at Atlanta Ballet and now runs Dancer Nutrition LLC: Nutrition for Great Performances. Emily is a registered dietitian who specializes in nutrition, health, and meal planning for dancers.  She is a former professional dancer herself and has been a dance teacher for 22 years.  In addition to her dancing experience, she has both an undergraduate and master’s degree in nutrition.

It is Emily’s belief that the name “Nutrition for Great Performances” really sums up the core work and values that she has as a dietitian and dancer. She believes that good nutrition can make a tremendous difference in performance, muscle strength, balance, fatigue, and injury rates. She also believes that working with a registered dietitian who personally understands the demands of these unique performing athletes is the first step in improving performance, achieving a strong healthy weight, and reducing injuries.

In Emily’s opinion, the dance world is a competitive environment in which dancers are expected to perform at high levels of physical fitness and choreographic demands continue to increase as this art form becomes progressively more demanding. She believes that there is too much misinformation out there about nutrition (more…)

Limited DanceWorks Interview with Larissa Harris

Limited DanceWorks (LDW) is a small studio owned located in a small town in North Carolina called, Snow Hill. Larissa Harris is their owner and Artistic Director. Since they are in a small community, their dance studio is like a small community in itself. Almost everyone knows each other and Larissa is the only teacher. Being the only teacher, Larissa gets to see each individual student each week and consistently watch them grow and develop. This helps her map the potential and growth of everyone to insure their classes are structured correctly.
Larissa believes that LDW is different from other studios because of the closeness she has with all of her students.  They strive to get better individually and as a team every day.

Her proudest moment coaching would have to be when my studio of only 3 years was chosen to dance at Walt Disney World in Orlando FL this past September. They took 23 students and participated in a private workshop with a Disney Cast Member and the following day performed a 30 minute dance selection on the Disney Stage!
The biggest mistake Larissa sees dancers make, in her studio and while judging, would be the dancer not dancing to their fullest potential. (more…)