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Raelee November Dancer of The Month

Raelee loves to laugh and is usually cheerful. She tries to be kind and be a good friend to everyone. She loves dancing and enjoys drawing on her free time or while hanging out with her friends.

She got started in dancing when her mom signed her up for a dance class when she was just two and a half years old. She had no idea what she was doing but she has loved performing on stage ever since. Her happiest moment in dancing was when she placed 2nd runner up last summer 2018 at DanZa Nationals in Charleston, South Carolina. She also shared that her experience with B Dancewear has been great. “The sizing chart is on “pointe” and shipment is too. The B Dancewear site also has been a great tool for tips and advice on embezzlement for costumes.”, she added.

Aside from dancing, Raelee has always wanted to try scuba diving, especially since she lives in the Sunshine State and they are surrounded by beautiful water.


Her goal for this year is to continue to get all A’s in school and to win StarZ in the DanZa Nationals summer 2019 in Chicago. She’s also striving to become more flexible (more…)

The Puzzle Box Dance Company

Madison Bagby, one of the Artistic Directors of The Puzzle Box Dance Company describes their company as a compassionate community of dancers that support and help one another grow as dancers. Madison, together with her co-artistic director Davina Pasiewicz foster an environment of passion for art and doing one’s personal best. They focus not on comparing themselves to others, but on improving their last practice or performance.


The Puzzle Box Dance Company take pride in focusing on their dancers’ holistic development. They believe that every dancer has a future career goal, whether it is dance related or not but as instructors.. they make sure to nourish their students’ passion for dance which will help them reach their future goals.


Madison recalls that one of her proudest moment in teaching happened when a couple dancers were struggling with a leap during progressions. She said her dancers saw this and just started cheering them on as the couple went across the floor. Since then, they all cheer each other on during technique class.


One of the biggest mistakes she sees dancers make is not believing in their ability and tenacity. She knows she has talented dancers and something that they just need to focus on every (more…)

Hannah– October Dancer of The Month

Hannah Wilson is an active high school freshman busy with honors and AP classes as well as baton twirling and color guard. She got started in dancing when she picked up her mom’s old baton and taught herself some basic moves.







Wanting to learn more, she started taking lessons in seventh grade. Her happiest moment in dancing was when she took the field for the first time at her high school and performed a baton routine to the school’s fight song.

Hannah shared that one thing she has always wanted to do is to perform a baton btoss with an allusion under it. She also said that buying from BDancewear was super easy. She loved all the color choices and the fit was perfect when it came.




Her goals for this year is to perfect a two-spin and other skills and she hopes to audition and become a feature twirler or majorette at college.

Skye September Dancer of The Month

Skye is an energetic bundle of spunkiness. She loves to laugh, run and play with her friends and her dolls. She is athletic and funny as proven by her friends who are always in for a laugh when they are with Skye. She’s a girl who loves to be on the go all the time. She absolutely loves dancing and modeling.


She started dancing when she was 3 years old. She took a ballet and tap combo class then, but her true interest in dance was discovered when she started taking jazz and competing.


Her happiest moment in dancing happened just last year during the Nationals. Skye won first place overall for both of her solo categories and also won the highest technical award for all solos in her age group. She won a title and was able to improve her skills through this experience. It was definitely a great way to end her year considering this was just her 2nd year competing in lyrical and she worked really hard for it.


Skye also shared with me how much she loves the bright colors and comfort of Bdancewear. “The velour top is so warm and cozy! The dancewear looks so pretty in all my (more…)

Lily – August Dancer of The Month

Lily is a 17 year old high school senior who has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has been dancing at Sheryl’s School of Dance and has been guided by her two teachers, Julie Hughes and Jackie Sulek. She is now in her second year with Art Lab J, a pre professional dance company founded by her instructor Joori Jung.

She got started in dancing when she was 3 years old, her mom took her to her first dance lesson in Sheryl’s School of Dance. Her happiest moment in dancing was when she won her first title. She described standing on the stage and having a crown placed on her head as the best feeling she ever had. She also said that her mom has been buying from BDancewear for years and her favorite garment is the black velvet gloves.


Her goal is to make it her best year yet. She said that everyone from her dance studio is her second family. She’s thankful for everything she learned from them, from being a well rounded dancer to making lifelong friends.

Aislinn – July Dancer of The Month

Aislinn Halvonick is a 6 year old dancer who describe herself as a smart, happy, and fun person. Her mom says that Aislinn sees the beauty in everyone and would often remind her to be patient and compassionate.

She started dancing when she was one and a half years old. Her mom mentioned that any time there would be music playing, she would dance. She said the she had always felt the music.

Her happiest moment related to dance was when she competed her first solo at 4 years old to the jazz song ‘Splish Splash’, which she liked. Today, she’s excited to compete as Ariel in her company team’s theater piece ‘The Little Mermaid’ in this upcoming competition season.

Skydiving is something Aislinn had always wanted to do with her mom when she gets older, she said that she also wanted to make more friends.

Her experience buying from B Dancewear was awesome. Aislinn’s mom said that they loved the many choices of colors and styles that they could mix and match. What impressed her was when she needed them on a certain date for Aislinn’s competition and B Dancewear made sure that they would have it in time.

Aislinn’s goals for this year is (more…)

Rylie Gillepsie, June 2018 Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month of July is Rylie Gillepsie. She is 9 years old who loves to dance. She loves to do contortion tricks and acrobatics. Rylie says she loves to play tennis and read books. Harry Potter is her favorite series and once did a solo to the theme of Harry Potter.


Rylie said that she began dancing at the age of three and loved being on stage since then. She said that back then, she couldn’t wait to turn five years old and start competing. She dances at Pennsylvania Dance Company in Sharon, PA. Her teachers Jessica Wellington and Victoria Davis are the people who push her to be the best dancer she could be and who gives her constant encouragement. She also said that she appreciates everything that they have taught her.


Her happiest moments relating to dancing was when she was six years old and did her first solo competition. She said that she worked hard to learn the steps to ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and that her parents made her a cool Jeannie bottle prop for her to dance on. She earned first overall at the competition and also did a fun check dance. One thing that (more…)

Choreographer of the Month, Kendrick Clevór King

Kendrick Clevor King is a 25 year old that teaches various styles like Performance, Jazz Funk, and Hip Hop. Kendrick is most known as the ‘Trap Daddy’ for teaching ‘Trap Moves’ and has since been a growing trend in the dance industry. Kendrick started dancing at a young age, he said that he always danced in front of his family at all family gatherings. He graduated from Cleveland School of Arts as a music/vocal major but started in commercial dance training in LA 6 years ago.


Kendrick said that he had too many favorite dance memories but the one that sticks out the most was when he skipped his high school graduation to perform in a musical production called “Bubbling Brown Sugar”. Kendrick has the lead role in the major production did not want anyone else playing it. He chose to perform and said that it was one of the best decisions he had made. His family came to the show and his friends surprised him at the end of the show with his diploma. He said that it felt like a dream and the memory would always get him emotional.


His favorite song that always makes him dance is Future by Commas, (more…)

Taylor Korte, May 2018 Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month for June is Taylor Korte. She is 14 years old and describes herself as fun loving and cheerful. Taylor said that she loves to dance, watch movies, swim, and hang out with her friends. Other than dancing, Taylor plays basketball and track. She gets almost all A’s and says that school is very important to her. She also mentioned that the beach was her favorite place.

Taylor said that she started gymnastics when she was 3 years old but always wanted to become a ballerina. She has been dedicated to dance since she was 7 years old, she got her first pair of pointe shoes when she was 11 years old. During her first year, she only took one class, but this changed when her mom took her to watch Nutcracker and began her audition for company and competition team. In 2017, she took 11 classes and a competition team. On top of that, she also did a show in Chicago.

Her happiest moments relating to dancing was being with her amazing friends, winning a scholarship at the Radix convention this year, and winning two golden tickets to the World Dance Championship this year which she expressed that (more…)

Kirsten A. Pickens, April Dancer of the Month

Our April Dancer of the Month, Kristen A. Pickens, describes herself as “just a happy 10-year-old girl who loves to dance, make slime, play with American Girl dolls, and make musical videos. Kristen says her mom thinks that she is an over active Diva because she performs in competition dances, is in Girl Scouts, and plays the flute in her school’s band.

Kirsten’s name is pronounced Keerstin but people usually call her Kristin or Christian. She lives in Belleville, Illinois, is in the 4th grade and is a very good student. She always makes the Honor Roll and has been nominated for the Do the Right Thing award twice. This is a special award given to students that always behave great in school and that do the right thing at all times. Believe it or not, her favorite color recently changed to pink. She thinks the solo costume she got from Bdancewear had something to do with changing her favorite color to pink. She says that she is very competitive in everything that she does. Whether it’s in dance or at school, Kristen loves to win!

She became involved in dance when she followed in her older sister’s footsteps. When Kristen was 4 (more…)