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Fusion Dance Force Interview with Nancy Preiser

dance performanceNancy Preiser, Office Manager, describes Fusion Dance Force in Holbrook, New York, as a pre-professional dance studio for dancers 2 to 19 years of age. They offer classes in every style of dance from a recreational level to competitive teams. Their teachers are all professionals in the industry, regularly traveling across the country for master classes and setting of choreography. Their studio is a family friendly environment that creates a positive learning atmosphere for all dancers involved.

She believes that what separates their studio from others is the level of teaching offered in their studio. Their weekly faculty includes, Danny Tidwell, Destini Rogers and Billy Larson as well as their directors, Kyle Preiser and Amanda Anderson. All of their dancers are trained as a professional would be. Their students are given a core foundation based around respect and hard work while also maintaining the highest level of dance training there is.

One of her proudest moments is actually something they experience on an event to event basis. Their studio is fairly new (going into their 4th year currently) so they constantly have a bunch of new kids coming in from all different places to form this team. However, you would never know it. (more…)

December Studio of The Month

Kathy BunkerKathy Bunker, Owner and Artistic Director of Bunker Dance Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, describes her dance studio as a creative, professional and inspiring dance studio where students of all ages and levels can attend classes. From the beginner dancer to the most advanced there are classes to help each student reach their dance goals.

In her opinion, their studio stands out among other dance studios because they are professionals, their dance experience, their faculty and their programs.

Kathy has had many “proud coaching moments” throughout the years but coaching and helping Aaron Turner prepare his tap solos for So You Think You Can Dance, Season 10 was especially memorable for her.

dance performanceThe biggest mistake that Kathy sees dancers make today is focusing too heavily on what dances they are being placed in and not enough on their individual progress. Each dance journey is unique!

Her goal for this year is the same as every year – to help each dancer believe in themselves more! She also plans to continue research and plans for future expansions.

Kathy opened Bunker Studio because of her mother’s influence. Her mother, Beverly Reid, owned her own studio for many years and Kathy grew up assisting her and teaching the younger (more…)

December Dancer of The Month- Jimena Castillo

Jimena Castillo from Rison, Arizona, is B Dancewear’s Dancer of the Month for December, 2016. She is a 6 year old who loves to dance. Like many 6 year olds, she has a sweet tooth and loves to eat chocolate! When not dancing, Jimena likes playing with her friend Josie Miller.

She initially became enj2amored with the idea of dancing when she watched her big sister, Marcela, dance. She loved it and her parents finally allowed her to start taking lessons when she was just three years old. Eventually, she was able to compete.

Jimena’s happiest moments dancing are the reason she dances. Her instructors, Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Joye, have encouraged her to dance for Jesus. Jimena enjoys praying before she dances and enjoys shining on the stage for Jesus.

At this point in time, Jimena is looking forward to the time that she learns to do an aerial. She also looks forward to learning to do back flips. Although these goals may seem somewhat simple at this point in time, they are not that easy – especj3ially for a sis year old!

Jimena says that she and her mom are very satisfied with their experience buying from B Dancewear. Her mom loves B Dancewear’s (more…)

Interview with Miranda Radcliff

miranda radcliffMiranda Radcliff is a 16-year old dancer and student who absolutely loves to learn new things and dance whether it be in class, for her school dance team, by herself or competitively with her dance company.  She began dancing when her mom started her in a tot-combo class at the age of four. 

She says that she has had many “happiest” moments related to dance but one of her highlights was auditioning for Joffrey Ballet School for her very first time when she was 12. She was not only accepted to attend both the Los Angeles and New York City summer programs but also won it on a scholarship. It was that summer that she also connected with a Joffery Teacher, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, winner of So You Think You Can Dance and founder of I Am Force (IAF) dance. Miranda has since been able to work with Chehon on some solo choreography and has been lucky enough to be a part of his IAF dance team. These experiences combined have changed her as a dancer and a person. It was these two events that made her realize that a small town girl could have a future in dance, too. 

miranda radcliffMiranda has a (more…)

Zanzibar Studio Interview with Jules Downum and Lacy Maselle

lacy maselle and jules downumZanzibar Studio is Chattanooga’s First School of Belly Dance and is co-owned by Jules Downum and Lacy Maselle who are also the school’s co-directors. According to Jules and Lacy, Zanzibar Studio provides a wide variety of dance and movement classes for adults. Lacy and Joey believe that dance provides an intellectual, artistic, physical, and social outlet and is for everybody – regardless of age, race, or body type. Their classes are designed to balance technical breakdown, exercise, and fun.

Zanzibar’s philosophy is steeped in personal empowerment through growing awareness. They believe that body awareness, in particular, opens up so many doors both physically and emotionally. Tapping into their intuitive selves can be a powerful tool for their growing awareness and it can help them tap into their more creative and spiritual selves.

belly dancingIn the opinion of both Lacy and Jules, what separates their dance studio from other dance studios is the fact that they cater to adults. Though they offer a variety of dance classes many of their classes are belly dance. Their four belly dance instructors have a combined 45 years in experience and they are committed to keeping standards high.

Since Jules has been teaching weekly classes for 12 years, she finds (more…)

Tips on How to Become a Professional Dancer

The first step towards any career is determining whether it is really the career for you. Too often people spend a lot of time and effort preparing for a career that they do not realize is not the career for them until they have spent years in education and training and are actually working in that industry.

While deciding if dance is the career for them, it is important for a dancer to look at the various opportunities available and what is the likelihood they will actually be able to avail themselves of those opportunities. It is well known that the competition for jobs in the world of dance is fierce. Additionally, a future dancer has to realize that a career in dance is physically demanding and the risk of injury is always present. The chances of having steady employment as a dancer are rare and when you do have work, the hours are very irregular and usually include hours of rehearsal in addition to daily performances with matinees on weekends.

Regardless of the difficulties in reaching their goal, most professional dancers would never change their lives. For those with a passion for dance, a career as a professional dancer would be like (more…)

Winter Dance Company Interview with Winter D. McCray

winter d mccrayWinter D. McCray, Artistic Director of Winter Dance Company (WDC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they provide quality and affordable dance instruction for students three years old to adult. Their goal is for each dancer to experience the elements of dance including creativity, performance quality, style, and musicality in a positive and fun-filled atmosphere. Their trained staff focuses on the overall improvement of the dancer through training, dance education, and performance opportunities.

Winter Dance Company instills positive self-esteem, motivation, discipline, and commitment. Students will have a positive influence within the community through participation and performance opportunities with non-profit and community-based programs and organizations. Whether a student is dancing for fun or recreation, or to enter dance on a professional level, Winter Dance Company is a great foundation and guide along the way.

winter dance companyWinter Dance Company is dedicated to bringing the fun and challenge of dancing to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas at an affordable cost. They offer private and group instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, liturgical, mime, cheernastics, lyrical, and fitness. WDC also provide a place for dancers to utilize and showcase their skills through an annual dance recital, community programs events, productions, and performances. Additionally, WDC offers its students a variety of (more…)

Different Styles of Biketards For Dance

I am Cyndi from In this video I am going to show you a little something about biketards. A lot of people have asked questions about them – about length, things like that.

  1. Halter Biketard

First of all I am going to start with the halter back tie. This biketard has a tie at the back of the neck. The reason we do that is sometimes girls have a little bit longer girth than others and we want the biketard to be flexible enough that we can make sure that everything fits. The great thing about a halter top is that you can take and adjust it so that the neckline is exactly the level you need so that you are not showing too much cleavage or anything like that.

  1. Regular Biketard

The other style we have is just your basic biketard with straps like on a tank top. We have made these straps so that you could wear a bra. The straps are not too skinny or too wide but you have enough coverage that you do not feel exposed when you are on the dance floor. This style also has the lining in the front to make sure you (more…)

Starstruck Dance Academy Interview with Emily Suing

emily suingAccording to Emily Suing, the owner and director of Starstruck Dance Academy, in Lincoln, Nebraska, their studio mission statement is “Dance should be about bringing out the best in every dancer, having fun, and helping dancers feel good about themselves.” They want their dancers to feel empowered in a positive learning environment.

In Emily’s opinion, what separates her dance studio from other dance studios is the fact that they have a staff that genuinely cares about their dancers. They like to keep their class sizes small for personal attention. Their classes are for all ages, two years old to adult, and they have something for everyone – from the recreational dancer to the competitive dancer.

Emily loves watching her dancers grow in their dance skills and seeing those moments when things click and they finally get something hard they have been working on. She also loves when her dancers become her assistant teachers and then later begin teaching for her. That is very rewarding for me.

dancers starstruck dance academyEmily believes that dance is a sport and an art where you are always learning. She thinks it is important to remember to continue working hard even if you think a class is “too easy.” There is always (more…)

EMPAC Interview with Eva Moore

2261969According to Eva Moore, Owner of Eva Moore’s Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, their studio aims to provide children a fun and safe environment where they can develop healthy bodies, creative minds, and strong spirits. Their studio is home to a recreational program, a community performance company, and a competitive company. They provide quality training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Lyrical, and Cheer/Poms.

In Eva’s opinion, what separates their dance studio from other dance studios is the fact that they believe it is important to show their students that there is always more to learn. Owner Eva Moore holds a degree in dance from Oklahoma City University (OCU). All of their instructors are eager to continue their dance education through workshops and conventions. They believe it is important to show their students that there is always more to learn.

Eva tells us that her proudest moment coaching occurred during their very first dance recital. She had put together a large closing number that involved a ton of students from their studio. These dancers ranged from 5 to 18 years old and all possessed their own skill level. Eva remembers watching this dance take stage and feeling completely overwhelmed (more…)