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Amy’s All Star Dance Studio Interview with Andi Thompson

Amy’s All Star Dance Studio, in Schertz, Texas, is a Christian based dance studio owned by Amy Mucha, better known as “Ms. Amy.” Their office manager, Andi Thompson, describes their dance studio as a family based, people friendly school where everyone is welcome no matter what their dance abilities are. It doesn’t matter if they are an extremely qualified student or just beginning at the age of 12 or 13. They will help any dancer.

This year, they started a dance class for special needs children up to, and including, wheelchairs and leg braces which, in Andi’s opinion, is one of the things that separates their dance studio from other studios in the area. Andi’s younger daughter and Amy’s younger sister, Amanda, graduated from the University of Incarnate Word and was on the UIW dance squad. Her goal was to ultimately work in dance therapy with a focus on special needs children! Conse1quently, after waiting two years until Amanda graduated from college, Amy’s All Stars started this special needs class which Amanda teaches. As far as they know, they are the only studio in the area with special needs classes. Andi believes another reason they stand out is the fact that they are a Christian studio which she believes adds a lot of value in today’s society.

Whether a student’s interest in dance is recreational, educational, or professional, Amy’s All Star Dance Studio is dedicated to their dance experience and development. It is their intention to help every student obtain her or his highest potential, to take her or him through the different developmental stages of being a dancer, and to encourage them to become the best dancer she or he can possibly be.  They aspire to assist all students to develop their skills as a dancer while also gaining a positive self-image, self-esteem and self respect. In addition to challenging the students’ ability and promoting physical fitness, they strive to keep their classrooms and studio fun and motivating fir every student.

For Andi, her proudest moment occurred in 2009. Her daughter Amy opened the studio in January, 2003, and in June, 2007, she was diagnosed with Stage Four Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and was not expected to live. Two years later, Amy and Amanda performed a dance for her. She had cancer of the brain and had to undergo extensive radiation along with the chemo. Previously, Amy had long, blonde hair but now she still cannot grow hair. But, she danced with her little do rags… (3.29) her white fiber?? As well as the other but she _______. This was an amazing and rewarding experience and Andi was very proud of them.

Amy fought this cancer for over 3 years with many other complications along the way. Many prayers later, with the support of her family, friends’, her All Star studio family, doctors and above all her Heavenly Father’s grace and healing hands, she is here to continue carrying out her dream! At this point, she has been in remission for five years. It has been an answer to prayers. But she still has all the residuals. She lost a lot of use on her right side. She cannot use her right hand at all.

The biggest mistakes Andi has seen their dancers make is giving up on themselves and not taking constructive corrections that are made by the instructors. We do not want them to give up.  We tell them to keep going, keep going, keep going.

At Amy’s All Star Dance Studio, they teach several dance genres including Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Leaps & Turns, Stretching & Conditioning, Musical Theater, Pointe. They also have a competitive team as well and they have to teach the kids on that competitive team to prepare them for competition. Their competition team, Rising Stars, is divided into six divisions: Mini, Petite, Junior, Intermediate, Teen/Senior, All Star Crew. Also, they now offer Guitar, Piano, Violin and Voice private lessons.

Their goals for the rest of the year are – Say __________ 5:09 imperfection to give students pride, poise, determination, and the feeling of accomplishment about themselves.

Amy fell in love with dance when she was three years old and started assisting in dance classes by the age of 12. Three months later, she was conducting her own class at the studio where she danced. Amy feels she was very fortunate to have had this opportunity at such a young age. She kept telling her mother, “I want a studio. I want a studio.” Then, after she was married and settled, Amy said, “Okay, Mom, it is time.” So she and her mom started Amy’s All Star Dance Studio.  It has just been Amy’s lifetime goal. According to Amy, “I have been instructing children, teenagers, young adults and the young at heart for over 24 years. I really don’t know how that is possible when I’m only 23!” (Ha,  ha.)

Any started her sister, Amanda, doing solos at 2 ½. Amanda now teaches disabled children. She teaches all genres of dance. She went from the training for recitals to solos at 2 ½ all because of her big sister.

Andi says they have a wonderful staff at Amy’s All Stars. The studio is run like a family. Everybody who works there feels like they are part of the family. They often do things together outside of dance. It is a happy, friendly place and everyone feels welcome no matter who you are or where you come from. She thinks that is the big thing.

The studio’s catch phrase on their website is a verse from the Bible: Let them praise His name with Dance. Psalm 149

If you would like more information about Amy’s All Star Dance Studio, visit their website at, email them at or call them at 210-566-4141. You can also “Like” them on Facebook.

Anyone who has danced at Amy’s All Star Dance Studio is invited to comment on our blog.

Let them praise His name with Dance. Psalm 149

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