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January Dancer of the Month Saylor Seufert

Our January Dancer of the Month, Saylor Seufert loves to dance, make slime, ride her bike and cook. She says she can be quiet sometimes but super silly, too. She describes herself as kind, helpful and hard working.




Saylor began dancing when her mom started taking her to dance classes when she was just 3 years old and she met her dance teacher, Miss Brooklyne. Saylor absolutely loved it!

She loves to go to conventions and learn from some of the greatest dancers in the country. Going to JUMP and winning a VIP this year was very exciting for her and something she has always wanted to do.

It has always been a goal for Saylor to go to New York City and she finally got to go there this summer. She hopes to go back to New York City someday and dance there.

She says that she loves both the colors and the feel of the fabric in her costume that she bought from B Dancewear that was used in her costume.

Her goals for this year are to become stronger and more flexible. She wants to continue to improve and grow as a dancer.

Saylor hopes that she will be able to dance through high (more…)

Ella McLeod

Our Featured Dancer, Ella McLeod, describes herself as “a passionate performer with a true heart for the arts.” She loves to dance, music, theatre, and singing. When she is not dancing at the Madill Performing Arts Center, you can find her with her friends, singing in the Lake Superior Youth Chorus, singing in her church’s praise band or acting in a local play.

Ella found her passion for dance at the tender age of two years old when her mother enrolled her in a Mommy and Me class.  Her happiest dance moment was being chosen as a Dancer of the Year Finalist in the Celebration competition.  Ella has always wanted to travel to Australia and meet a koala in person.

She says her experience with B Dancewear was “top-notch!” She was very happy with the fast shipping, beautiful fabric colors. She says that the convertible dress she ordered is absolutely perfect for her “Marilyn Monroe” dress!

Her goal for this year is to share her passions through her performances on stage. Ella hopes that dance will someday take her to Broadway or to a professional ballet career.  She lives by the motto, “Dream Big because dreams come true.”

December Dancer of the Month – Ellie Badrock

Our Dancer of the Month for the Month of December is Ellie Badrock and she is very excited to have been chosen. She describes herself as driven, determined, caring, and having a big heart. She is in fifth grade.
Ellie is a dancer who started dancing at the age of three years old when her mother signed her up for dance lessons.
Her happiest moment related to dance was meeting Ricky Ubeda this past summer. She always wanted to go on pointe and describes the moment she was able to go on pointe as one of her happiest moments, also.
According to Ellie, their experience buying from B Dancewear was “Wonderful!” She says that all of their fabric came quickly and is excellent quality. Everyone was very helpful with her questions as well.
Ellie’s goal for this year is to be better expressing her emotions when she is dancing. She hopes her dancing will take her to being a professional ballerina.

November Dancer of the Month – Christine Kern

If you read our blog on a regular basis, you will notice that Christine Kern from Erie, Pennsylvania, is not one of our typical dancers of the month. She is a 50-year-old freelance writer, editor, and educator as well as being a musician and a dancer. She spent almost 20 years teaching history in higher education before turning to freelancing. She also works as a legal assistant part-time. She is married and they have a clouder of cats (5 in all), so they call their home The Menagerie. She says that she has a wicked but subtle wit. Christine is also an empath and healer. She says her life, like dance, is full of complexity and expression.

Christine has always loved to dance, and when she was a child of 4, all she wanted to be in life was a dancer, figure skater, or gymnast. At 6 years old, she took her first formal dance class – a ballet class – with a roomful of nasty, wealthy girls who body shamed her so badly that she never returned to dance as a child. Though she continued to dance at weddings and parties and clubs, she was convinced that she did not have (more…)

DIY Overnight Bag


DIY Overnight Bag

Hi, I am Cyndi Marziani from In this demonstration, I will show you how to make a reversible bag that can be used for many purposes including as an overnight bag. I like to put presents in here for my favorite little dancers or even big dancers, a bag they can use later for other purposes. I also made one as a gift for my adult sister-in-law. It is reversible. It is beautiful. It fits tons of stuff inside. I often use them myself for carrying presents or other articles.

If you are looking for a quick bag to use for wrapping a gift, this is the perfect thing. You could use colors or patterns that reflect the holiday, special occasion or interests of the recipient. If you want a smaller bag, just cut the pieces in sizes to make a bag in the size for you want. Then, bunch it up at the top and tie a ribbon around it. It could still be used over and over after the gift has been “unwrapped.”


  1. Several pieces of material in coordinating
    or complementary fabrics and patterns
  2. Matching thread
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Pins
  5. Scissors
  6. Fabric marker, tailor’s chalk or small piece of (more…)

The Starella Sisters Interview with Sanjna Varela

The Starella Sisters from Portland, Oregon, is a vintage dance troupe that specializes in dance styles harking back to the Golden Era of Hollywood and beyond. We interviewed Sanjna Varela, one of the founding members of the group, for this article. If there’s anything Sanjna misses, it is the glitz and glamour of those “good old days.” Imagine going back in time and seeing a full production with a big band, singers, and last, but not least, dancers! The Starella Sisters are here to bring you a glimmer of that glorious past.

 The Starella Sisters are actually not sisters, although they may as well be. They sure know how to laugh, cry, love, and have the occasional disagreement, just like sisters. The name Starella is a combination of Pearl’s and Sanjna last names, Stokes and Varela

This is a fairly new group that originally had only two dancers, Pearl and Sanjna . They first performed with the Jenny Finn Orchestra at the Secret Society Ballroom.  Pearl and Sanjna had just created their own duet after having previously been involved with other vintage dance troupes. They were excited to collaborate and express their own shared ideas and vision.

Sanjna Varela believes that their dance group is different from other dance troupes because (more…)

Inspire Dance Complex Interview with Brianna Alvarez

Brianna Alvarez, the Competition Team Director for Inspire Dance Complex in Corona, California, tells us that the Inspire Dance Complex is a positive and accepting environment where young dancers develop both dance technique and life skills such as, relationship building, perseverance, and thinking outside of the box.

According to Brianna, Inspire Dance Complex, IDC for short, is a fairly “young” studio, so it has been fun to watch how the studio culture has developed. She believes that what set’s them apart is that their students are “tight-knit” and encourage each other to be the best they can be.

Brianna says that her proudest moment coaching, thus far, was at this year’s (2017) recital. Her heart was so full after receiving post-show hugs from her dancers and it was then that she realized that she is making a positive impact on their lives.

In Brianna’s opinion, the biggest mistake she sees dancers make is a mistake that a lot of her dancers make which “is getting in their own heads.” She constantly reminds them that training is a head game. If they tell themselves that they cannot land three pirouettes or jump as high as another dancer, then they definitely will not accomplish those moves. (more…)

Chloe Hagerman- Dancer of the Month for September

Chloe Hagerman, our Dancer of the Month for September 2017, describes herself as a “very hard working and enthusiastic dancer who is outgoing, compassionate, and fun-loving with a great sense of humor.” Chloe got started in dance about four years ago when she was invited to a “bring a friend week” at their studio and, as they say, the rest is history.

According to Chloe, she did not have one “happiest dance related moment,” she had several moments that occurred when she won the 1st Place Overall Award at all of her regional competitions during her first year as a competitive dancer.!

Something that Chloe has always wanted to do was take a class from Mia Michaels. She has followed Mia and her choreography for several years. She loves Mia’s passion, style, and the stories that Mia tells through her dance.

Chloe found buying from BDancewear a great experience. She says they made designing her first solo costume a breeze!! The fact that they offer so many choices in colors and fabrics and are so helpful really assisted her in that effort. Plus, she has won several costume awards with her Bdancewear!

Her goals for this year have to do with improving her dancing. She (more…)

Interview with Marlin Million, Choreographer

Marlin Million describes himself as being Rich in life. In addition to being inspirational, he says that he is brilliant and a star! According to Marlin, he just started dancing as a kid basically learning by watching music videos of his favorite artists. He was self-taught with no formal training. Once he saw that he had the ability to teach himself, he realized that he could teach other people. He started out teaching the youth and moving on to cheer and dance teams. He then realized that dance and choreographing came naturally for him.

He moved to Los Angeles with $25 and a dream. He stayed with a few friends and auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance and made it all the way through. That experience convinced him that even though he only had $25, he needed to take the chance. So, he stayed in Los Angeles.

Marlin wants dancers or consumers to feel the music and dance in their bodies and souls when he teaches them. He believes that dancing does not come naturally for everyone so he wants them to let go and just feel like they can do his moves.

Marlin organized a Flashmob at the grand opening of Drakes (more…)

DIY Overnight Bag


Hello, I am Cyndi from In this video, I am going to show you how to create a unique looking skirt. We did it by using one of our circle skirts. We wanted it a little shorter and sassier with a nice, thick band on the top and then we ruched it in the front. It is a really simple change up and if you have a skirt with a damaged waistband you can rescue it by doing something like this. It gives a nice kind of sporty feel to it so it is great for cheer competition or something like that. When you want to stand out from the crowd, this just might be the perfect skirt for you. So, check it out.


  1. Circle Skirt
  2. Lycra or other stretchy material
  3. Matching Thread
  4. Measuring Tape, optional
  5. Straight edge, piece of plastic or other measuring tool
  6. Pins
  7. Scissors
  8. Sewing Machine


  1. Choosing Your Materials

The first choice, of course, is the circle skirt. It works best if the skirt is a smaller size because if you cut the skirt shorter from the top, the waist becomes bigger. The second choice would be the material that you want to use. Obviously, if you have (more…)