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Blue Lapis Light Aerial Dance Interview with Sally Jacques

Blue Lapis Light in Austin, Texas, is a site-specific aerial dance company founded by Artistic Director Sally Jacques in 2005. Her earlier works encompassed social, political, and spiritual themes. These performances have evolved to delve into movement through the air – extending limits, defying boundaries, and suspending graceful athleticism for the danger of igniting fleeting beauty.

According to their websight, “Blue Lapis Light seeks to transform urban environments into inspired works of art, creating beauty that transcends space in their expansiveness, connecting us to a sense of wonder, possibility, and hope. The company’s name draws from Ghandi’s description of a meditation practice, wherein the soul merges with Eternal consciousness taking the form of blue light.”

Sally reports their studios are situated on nearly three acres of land where they have two 27′ aerial dance studios with sprung wood floors and 20′ mirrors.  This provides a peaceful and tranquil environment for students attending their classes.  Company members are the instructors and provide an atmosphere of encouragement, support and inspiration.  Each of them is highly skilled in aerial arts as well as a number of them in ground dance techniques. They teach classes in aerial silks, harness instruction, as well as modern, ballet and yoga.

Her proudest moment coaching occurs during the process of collaborating with dancers on site and witnessing what unfolds.

When asked about the biggest mistakes she sees dancers make, she replied, “Mistake is not a word I would use.” She believes that dancers are always improving on their technique and part of that process is practice and repetition. The artistry comes when the dancers engage from within, with breath and emotion, communicating the story.

According to Sally, they are a site-specific aerial dance company.  They were there for six years before buying the property they have now. As they work on high buildings, safety is important.  Having a studio provides a space for understand and knowing the equipment you are working with and practicing how to dance with it before you descend from a 300’ building.

Blue Lapis’ vision is to create transcendent works of beauty that are offered, without religious denomination, as prayers for the planet. Using aerial techniques informed by classical, interpretive and modern dance.  Blue Lapis Light is committed to challenging physical limitations and inspiring our audiences with a sense of wonder.

If you would like more information about Blue Lapis Light Aerial Dance Studio, visit their website at, email them at or call them at 512-280-6688. You can also “Like” them on Facebook, view them on Vimeo, watch them on YouTube.

Anyone who has danced at Blue Lapis Light or with Sally Jacques is invited to comment on our blog.

“. . . dancers are always improving on their technique and part of that process is practice and repetition.”

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