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How to Create Two Tone Shorts for Cheer as Seen In ProMotion Dance Website


Hello, I am Cyndi from I am doing a little tutorial on how to create that special cheer short or dance short that is just a little bit different and super easy. I am going to show you how to make two tone shorts just by taking the waistband off and replacing it. These are actually a pair of our high waisted shorts and I brought them down to a lower waist line. I like these shorts because the band keeps your bottom covered for dance but you might want to try it with a pair of booty shorts because they have a little less coverage and you can just cut off the elastic and create the same type of band.

I was watching and looking at some of their tutorials on how dancers or cheerleaders are seen by coaches or judges and how you could stand out from others. They gave little tips and tricks that you could use to get that professional dance or cheer job. Jessica and Brittany are professionals and watching them really made me think about that little piece, that little change that you could make, that little something that causes you to stand out (more…)

How To Shorten Straps

Today I am going to show you how to shorten straps on a sports bra or a tank top. Something you may want to think about is not just shortening them but possibly turning them into a halter or a different design like crossing the straps in the back.


  1. Sports Bra or Tank Top
  2. Thread to Match Garment
  3. Pins
  4. Scissors
  5. Sewing Machine


  1. Choosing Your Materials

This step does not really apply because you are really going to go looking for a Sports Bra or Tank Top with straps that are too long. It just happens that the garment you want happens to have long straps.

  1. Cutting the Straps

Once you see that the straps are too long, it is really important to be very careful cutting the straps away from the back of the sports bra or tank top. You want cut the straps as close to the top of the back of the sports bra or tank top as possible. However, you need to be careful to not cut the garment itself otherwise you are going to have to deal with a hole in the garment. Take your scissors and just slice right through the straps. Using very sharp scissors, clean up (more…)

How to Make Fringe From Lycra

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create fringe from Lycra. It is a great thing if you want a different look, a fun look. It is something you can add to a current bathing suit to make it a fun, flirty bathing suit that you see all over the place. The fringe could also be used on T-shirts, blouses, jackets, and pants. The use of this fringe is only limited by your imagination.

The fringe could be added to any garment you want. It could be used at the neck (rounded or V-neck), the bottom of a T-shirt or blouse. It would also work placed across the chest or the end of sleeves. It could even be used on a pair of pants. Really, the uses are limited only to your imagination. You could use it on any fabric that would go with the Lycra but does not run. The fringe could match or coordinate with whatever article of clothing you want to use.


  1. Lycra
  2. Bra, top or other garment
  3. Pins
  4. Scissors
  5. Ruler or straight edge
  6. Tailor’s Chalk or bar of soap


  1. Choosing Your Materials

First, you need to choose the garment that you want to put the (more…)

DIY Skirt That is Draped in the Front and Flows in Back

I was recently asked how to create a draped front while keeping the back long. This is a great look if you want to show the long length of your legs. It is still soft and pretty and yet really dramatic. This is really simple to do, really easy and really elegant out on the dance floor.


  1. Skirt – style of your choice
  2. Thread to match skirt
  3. Pins
  4. Sewing needle
  5. Scissors


  1. Choosing Your Materials

There are several skirt styles to choose from. If you use a High-Low Skirt, it is longer in the back than in the front. It will give you a nice drape in the front without a lot of excess material in the front and a beautiful long skirt in the back. It is a very pretty, elegant and dramatic look. If you want a shorter skirt that still has a drape in front,  you could choose a circle skirt. A circle skirt would make the back part shorter. However, if you do not want as much flow and as much drape, you could use an angle skirt.  Choosing the skirt you want to use will depend totally on the look you want to achieve.

  1. Pinning the pleats

I am (more…)

DIY Dance Costume FAQ’s

In this section, we are going to answer a few questions that we have been frequently asked.

  1. The first question we are going to share is, “Can you use a hot glue gun on rhinestones.”

Answer: I would not recommend it because you really do not have a lot of control over the glue and you only need a very small amount of glue for gluing crystals. My personal favorite glue is E6000. But definitely use it in a well ventilated room. If you have kids gluing the crystals, you may not want to use the E6000 glue because the fumes are pretty strong. There are some glues out there that are made flexible for fabric and gluing rhinestones. The key to that is you will want the put glue on the back of the crystal, flip the crystal over and place it where you want.

  1. Another question we have been asked was, “If I am putting rhinestones on lace material, what color should you use.”

Answer: It is really all a matter of personal preference. The best thing I can suggest is that you go to a store where they are sell rhinestones whether you are going to purchase from them or (more…)

How To Create Your Own Lace Trim

In this video I’m going to show you how to take that lace that you cut from yardage of laced that you purchased and where you cut that scallop edge off. I’m going to show you how to either sew it on to veil or sew it on to the edge of your dress creating a special hemline that’s really unique and just for you. It’s really easy to do, so if you are just looking to give it an extra flair, this is the video for you!


1. Lace
2. Tulle
3. Pins
4. Scissors


1. Cut Off the Edge of the Lace Trim

Once you have the piece of lace that you would like to use, lay the material down on a flat surface. You will then take a pair of scissors and cut along the edge. You are going to get small strips, and get the length of each side and cut that off.
2. Stitch or Zig Zag Into Place

Next pin the pieces into place, you can either stitch it or zig-zag it from here. You want to look and watch where the pattern goes so you can cut along the pattern. I have taken the lace and pinned it onto the tulle that (more…)

DIY Poodle Skirt

This section will show you how to make the iconic poodle skirt from the 1950’s, including how to make the poodle appliqué. The original poodle skirt was a wide, circular felt skirt- the wider the better – with a poodle design which was also made of felt. The technique used to make the poodle appliqué can also be used for other designs. Although the poodle design is the most recognized design, they often used flamingoes, flowers or hot rods in addition to the poodle design.


  1. Circle skirt
  2. Material for poodle
  3. Thread
  4. Printed picture of poodle – cartoonish
    in nature or like in a coloring book
  5. Black fabric paint
  6. Scissors
  7. Pins
  8. Rhinestones
  9. String of white pearls for collar and leash (optional)


  1. Choosing Skirt

Although the original poodle skirt from the 1950’s was made of felt, you could use other materials of your choice. Choose a circle skirt that reaches your knees unless you are looking for a sassy look and then you could pick a short skirt in which case you could pick a shorter one. If you can sew, you could make an easy circle skirt. We have other videos that show how to make a pattern for a circle skirt and how (more…)

Diy Poision Ivy Costume

We are going to show you how to make a Poison Ivy Costume. You also can use this technique to create a fairy or a mythical forest creature. It is an easy, fun filled costume to make. You do not even need any sewing skills!


  1. Green Leotard
  2. Green Lycra in three different colors
    – with one hopefully matching the
    leotard    or    start with light color and
    use dye to achieve other colors
  3. Dark green fabric paint
  4. Scissors
  5. Pins
  6. Tailor’s chalk or a small piece of soap


  1. Choosing Your Materials

The first item, of course, is the Leotard. Green leotards are kind of hard to find. You can try to dye a white one or it would probably be easier to purchase a green one on a website or from us at

Next, you need to purchase Lycra in three different green colors. Hopefully, one will be the same color as the leotard or at least close to it.

Last, you need to find a very dark green fabric paint.

  1. Prepare Leotard

First, have the girl who will wear the costume put on the leotard. Find the spot under her bust where the bust begins and mark the leotard a couple of inches below that spot with Tailor’s (more…)

Diy Mummy Costume

This costume is lots of fun, very easy and you do not even have to know how to sew to be able to create it.


  1. Bra
  2. Jazz pants
  3. Stretchy white material
  4. Textured white material
  5. Scissors
  6. Straight Pins
  7. Safety Pins
  8. Tailor’s chalk or a small piece of soap


  1. Choosing Your Materials

We used stretchy material for our demonstration to make it more comfortable but it is not necessary. If you are using this as a dance costume, you will definitely want the material to be stretchy. You may not be able to get textured material that stretches.

Choose a bra that is comfortable and has removable straps. The best choice would be a bra that was solid white with no decorations.

  1. Cutting Material

First, you will want to cut a number of strips – some thinner and some thicker.

You will need a couple of very thick strips (i.e., to cover the bra) and several thick strips and thin strips.

Cutting the Thick Strips

To cut larger strips of fabric, match the ends and then fold it in half, then fold it in half again, and then again. At this point, start cutting thick strips that are perpendicular to the length of the fabric. They will not be (more…)

How to add a Ruched Piece to a Sports Bra

Hi! I’m Cyndi from and I am going to show you how to take a top, like a sports bra, that you already have and add some mesh or other fabric onto it giving it just a little bit of a different, unique look. There are so many looks that could be obtained with just a little piece of material. Our cover costume is two-toned which is made just by using a different color. But, there are many other looks you could create. You could use a matching color that would simply create a change in texture. A difference in material can also make a big difference. You could use mesh, Lycra, or even lace. This technique is super simple and super fun! If you are looking for something to kind of jazz up that top a little bit, this video might be just the one for you!

The way to get this look is to gather up, or some call it ruche, the material that is sewn over one side of the sports bra. It does not matter whether you call it gathering or ruching. It only matters that you know the look you are trying to achieve. It is (more…)