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Newport Dance Theater Interview with Kimberly Davis


Dancers need a loving place to grow into artists, and a safe place they can come to where they feel at home and where everyone shows respect and care for each other.

Newport Dance Theatre in Costa Mesa, California, is intertwined with, and located in the same facility as, Newport Dance and Fitness. They interviewed Kimberly Davis, the Owner and Director of Newport Dance Theater and Co-Owner, with Bristin Andreae, of Newport Dance and Fitness. unnamed

The dance studio was started by Kim’s mother in 2005 and is still family owned and operated. Most of their dance teachers have, or are in the process of receiving, college degrees in dance or have been teaching dance for over 15 years. Their studio offers classes for adults and children starting at 18 months old. Their wide variety of dance classes includes; ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, tumbling, lyrical, and contemporary. Their classes appeal to children of all ages and levels. Whether they are recreational dancers looking to take a weekly class for fun or more dance-focused and striving to be a part of their dance competition team, they have a place and a class for everyone.

Their focus is on teaching the highest level of dance technique, (more…)

July Dancer of the Month

Jamaica beachOur Dancer of the Month for the month of July is Celinne Lyons. Celinne is 17 years old and a senior in high school on Long Island, New York. Over the next few months, Celinne will be making a decision on where she will be headed after graduation. Obviously, this is a really big decision and will take a lot of thought. Celinne can be funny at times, a good friend and a good listener. She cares a lot about the people in her life and her family. She loves to travel and draw. Art is something she loves, too.

Celinne’s mom always wanted her to be an Irish dancer so she put Celine in Irish dance classes at the age of 3 1/2. Irish dancing is all she has ever known. It became her life, her passion and gave her a great base for many life skills.

According to Celinne, her proudest moment as a dancer occurred when she placed fourth 16th Bdayplace out of 78 girls at oireachtas in a traditional set competition.

Celinne also loves performing during St. Patrick’s Day (their March madness). She loves going to veterans’ homes, parades and all kinds of shows to show off her love of Irish (more…)

June Dancer of the Month

MelaniFun-loving and thoughtful is a good description of Malani Kersting, our Dancer of the Month for the month of June. Malani enjoys spending time with her friends and  family, and just loves everything Disney! She has a great family, including her parents and her younger brother, Brody.   Some of Malani’s favorite things to do at home are listening to music and playing with her dog, Kahlua! She is also excited to begin 7th Grade at Arroyo Seco!

Malani got started in dance when she was three years old.  It was so fun to dress up and be on stage!  She started dancing at The Dance Connection, in Santa Clarita, CA., when she was four years old, and danced there for seven years!  Miss Holly Diaz, Miss Jenn Basse, and Miss Natalie Cozzani were her mentors and inspirations to become a better dancer!

Her happiest moment as a dancer was being crowned National Dance Champion at Bdancewear CostumeSTARS Nationals in Las Vegas! The feeling of hearing her name announced and receiving the crown, was a moment she will never forget!

Malani has many goals for herself this coming year. As for dance, she will continue to work on improving her technique and overall ability in all genres. She will be (more…)

March Dancer of the Month

LillyOur March Dancer of the Month is a local girl! Lilly Firmin is 15 years old, a freshman at Valencia High School in Valencia, California, and has been dancing for 12 years. Although she is just a freshman, she is a part of the Valencia Varsity Dance Team! She trains in all genres of dance at Studio 1. Her favorite styles are lyrical and contemporary. When Lilly is not dancing, she loves to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, go to the beach, shop, and walk her Frenchies (French Bulldogs), Louie and Lola.
Lilly started dancing when she was 3 years old in a tap ballet class. She joined the class to meet new friends because they had just moved to the community from Agoura Hills. She loved it from the moment she began and has been dancing ever since. What started out as a fun hobby with friends has become something she cannot live without. According Lilly Dancingto Lilly, it is a way for her to show her emotions through movement and is a great outlet for her.
She says her happiest moment related to dance was making the high school dance team. It was something she had been working hard for through the years. She is so happy to be a part (more…)

January Dancer of the Month

Rosa CrockerAthletic, Creative, energetic, curious – those are words that describe our gorgeous January Dancer of the Month, Rosa Sagarin. Rosa discovered dance through an after-school class at her old elementary school in Tucson, Arizona. She had always been extremely active, and dance fit right into her life alongside track and field and aerial arts. By the age of ten, Rosa began focusing more on dance, and now dances ballet, jazz, and contemporary. According to Rosa, it’s hard to pick out her favorite things about dance because she loves it all, but she says, “When I dance, I feel like I’m flying,” and she explains that the best thing about being a dancer is working hard to get something right– and of course, the feeling of being in the air when she leaps.  Her goals for the year are to work harder at dance and continue competing in track and field. Eventually, she hopes to attend the University of Arizona. She says that she appreciates the plethora of colors and fabrics B Dancewear offers. We say, Rosa brings her own color to the world, and we are simply happy to match it!

Tapestry Folkdance Center Interview with Leslie MacKenzie

InternationalFolkdanceBannerTapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is very different from most studios or schools that we write about. First of all, it is not about the usual ballet, tap, contemporary dances that we write about. It is actually described as “a dance community” space where people of all ages and abilities can participate in the joys of folk dance and music from around the world. Folkdance is the catch-all word for dances that are meant to be danced by everyone in the community. Their steps are simple and do not require extreme physical contortions or strength. The simplicity of the steps allows everyone to focus on having fun, moving to the music and getting to know the other dancers. Tapestry programs, and its rental partner programs, offers dancers a variety of dance opportunities every week, ranging from international folk dancing to line dancing, ballroom dance to Scandinavian dance, contra dance and English country dance. Their classes are made available to people of varying abilities, they are accessible to people with disabilities and they are family friendly. Most of their dances are circle or line dances, so no partner is needed.

Beginners are welcome at all of their dances unless specified. They have (more…)

Molly Longchamps – Dancer of the Week

Lyrical DanceOur Dancer of the Week is Molly Longchamps. Molly describes herself as a dancer. She says that it is the only way she describe herself because if she did not dance, she would be a completely different person. She says, “Dance is in every breath I take.” Molly is very dedicated to what she does!

When she was about three years old, her mother signed her up for a ballet class. She has loved dancing ever since that time. Her favorite styles are Lyrical, Contemporary and Pointe Ballet.

Molly’s happiest moments related to dance has to be performing with her team mates. They are like her family andJazz Dance sharing special moments with them on stage is just unbelievable for her. She also likes to perform her solos at competitions as this allows her to give it all that she is. At the end, she knows that whatever the outcome, it is what she enjoys, what she loves most, to dance!

Molly has always wanted to have a professional dance photo shoot. It just seems so cool and the photos always turn out “so good.”

According to Molly, her experience with BDancewear has been very good. Her solo costume last year was an unusual violet/purple color. But, (more…)

December Dancer of the Month

BDancewear ShortsIvy Dugas is our Dancer of the Month for the December, 2015. She is 14 years old and dances at Katy Kress Dance Revolution. Ivy is also a member of Team Tempest (Katy Kress’ team) which competes at dance competitions.

Ivy started dancing at the age of three when her mother enrolled Ivy in a dance class. Her mother wanted Katy to have new experiences and to make new friends.

Her happiest moment related to dance is when she received a scholarship to JoffreyIvy Ballet School and winning first at Showstopper Nationals Dance Competition.

Ivy always wanted to become a Rockette at Radio City in New York City.

Her experience buying from BDancewear was very good. She says that the dancewear fits well and is very easy in which to dance.

Ivy’s goal for this year is to make the audition cut for the dance awards.

She hopes dance can take her to new experiences, jobs and scholarships to dancelines in college.

Professional Interview of Pamela Workman, Costume Designer

PamelaPamela Workman is the Resident Costume Designer for Gainesville Theatre Alliance (GTA) and the Assistant Professor of Theatre – Costumes for Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia. The Gainesville Theatre Alliance is a nationally acclaimed collaboration between the University of North Georgia, Brenau University, Theatre Professionals and the Northeast Georgia Community. GTA was rated the #1 underrated Theatre University of the Southeast.

She describes her profession as ever changing and always moving. Due to changing shows every couple of months, she never feels like she is performing the same tasks every day. Yes, she is at work at the same time every morning but the actual tasks change day to day. Even if she is working on a show she has worked on before, it is different because the production team is new, the design is new, her team is new, and the actors are new. She is never bored and she is always learning.

According to Pamela, Gainesville Theatre Alliance (GTA) is different from other costume departments because they are a blend of two University Theatre Departments – Brenau University and The University of North Georgia. They strive to educate and develop future professional theatre and film technicians, designers, and actors. Due to (more…)

October Dancer of the Month

Neon Green BdancewearOur October Dancer of the month is Keleison Eubanks. Keleison has a passion for dance and fashion and describes herself as an accessory enthusiast. She says that you will always find her “rocking” an extravagant hair piece. “What can I say…I’m a little crazy, and always cracking jokes.” Whether Keleison is training in a studio, or learning in a classroom, she always tries her best to do it with style and confidence. According to Keleison, she is very motivated and very determined.

Keleison’s family says she has always loved to perform, even in her diaper days. Her sister is a dancer and Keleison has always looked up to her. Watching her sister dance inspired Keleison to want to try it!

She believes her happiest moment related to dance is probably when she received a Die Hard Dancer Scholarship from Denise Wall at NUVO last season. She still considers this Silver Bdancewearto be one of her biggest accomplishments. It was very inspiring and motivated her even more!

Regarding her future, Keleison has two goals. First, as a dancer, Keleison has always wanted to win a national title. Next, in her words, she is “sorta quirky,” so maybe this sounds weird, but she has always wanted to open (more…)