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Keleison Eubanks – Dancer of the Week

Neon Green BdancewearOur Dancer of the Week is Keleison Eubanks. Keleison has a passion for dance and fashion and describes herself as an accessory enthusiast. She says that you will always find her “rocking” an extravagant hair piece. “What can I say…I’m a little crazy, and always cracking jokes.” Whether Keleison is training in a studio, or learning in a classroom, she always tries her best to do it with style and confidence. According to Keleison, she is very motivated and very determined.

Keleison’s family says she has always loved to perform, even in her diaper days. Her sister is a dancer and Keleison has always looked up to her. Watching her sister dance inspired Keleison to want to try it!

She believes her happiest moment related to dance is probably when she received a Die Hard Dancer Scholarship from Denise Wall at NUVO last season. She still considers this Silver Bdancewearto be one of her biggest accomplishments. It was very inspiring and motivated her even more!

Regarding her future, Keleison has two goals. First, as a dancer, Keleison has always wanted to win a national title. Next, in her words, she is “sorta quirky,” so maybe this sounds weird, but she has always wanted to open (more…)

June Dancer of the Month

DancerJailyn Montgomery has been named BDancewear’s Dancer of the Month for June. Jailyn describes herself as a blessed, passionate and hardworking dancer. She has loved to dance since she was nine years old. She also loves to sing and act. Before dance, she was in soccer and had a lot of school activities. Jailyn says that she absolutely loves her mom’s tacos, ice cream and animals and absolutely hates animal cruelty. She is a straight “A” student and works very hard to always do her best. Jailyn loves her family, friends and, most of all, she loves God. Her hobbies are doing art and going outdoors, but the activity she loves most is dancing everyday with her friends.

She has always been very athletic. Her love for dance was ignited by watching Dance Moms. Jailyn and her sister used to practice the techniques they saw on Dance Moms and they would try to perform the tricks they saw the girls on the show execute. Jailyn said her mom eventually put both Jailyn and her sister in dance classes and Jailyn found that dance came very natural to her. According to Jailyn, today she could never imagine not having dance in her life (more…)

Hannah Justice – Dancer of the Week

Hannah Justice has been chosen as our Dancer of the Week. Hannah is an 11 year old dancer on Hannah Performingthe Junior Elite Competitive Dance Team at Bourn Academy of Dance in Green, Ohio. She describes herself as a compassionate, humble and fun-loving person who enjoys having everyone as her friend! Hannah has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh! She is also passionate about her dancing. She is dedicated to making herself better each time she dances. Every time she looks in the mirror during dance practice, she sees her true competition – herself! She considers herself as her true competition! Hannah is determined to always give more than she thought was possible for her to give; to achieve one step higher than the goals she set for herself. Hannah has a quote that she would like to share: Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost.

Hannah started dancing when she was very little. She would dance around the house and perform for her family. Her favorite show was about a white mouse who loved dancing, Angelina Ballerina. Hannah wanted to be a ballerina just like Angelina so at 3 years of age Hannah began dancing at (more…)

Libby O’Toole – Dancer of the Week

Libby O’Toole, Dancer of the Week, describes herself as a dancer for LOVV the Dance Studio. She isLIbby Dancing 11 years old and in the fifth grade. Libby loves to dance, hang out with her friends, go to school and church, do creative projects and help with community service like Feed My Starving Children, Loaves and Fishes, etc. She is always willing to donate her time and heart towards others and help with anything anybody needs help with. She is a bubbly and energetic girl, with a kind heart and is always trying to do her best and excel in everything possible.

Libby got started in dancing when she was 5 years old. She had taken a ballet class when she was 3 but wasn’t very interested. Libby and her mom wanted to try dancing again. Her mom signed Libby up for a combo class of ballet and tap at a local studio and Libby fell in love with dance at that moment. Her mom says she smiled so much during her first recital that her mom knew dancing was Libby’s thing. Libby started doing competitive dance the next year when she was in first grade, and has been doing it ever since. (more…)

May Dancer of the Month

Emma PerformanceEmma Gunn, Bdancewear’s Dancer of the Month for May, is 15 years old and a high school student from Winter Garden, Florida. She dances at the Central Florida Dance Center. Emma’s life revolves around school, dance, family and friends. She says that she has known she wanted to have a career as a professional dancer since she was 5 years old. According to Emma, she has a crazy energetic personality and that is what keeps her going from 5 am until 11:30 pm everyday tackling school and dance simultaneously. Her schedule can be crazy and not many people understand why she is so busy all the time, but she says that she wouldn’t have her life any other way.

Emma got started in dance when her mom put her in dance when she was 3 years old because she was constantly running and jumping around the house. Her mom said she had too much energy so she enrolled me in ballet and a tap/jazz combo class. Emma loved it so much that she wanted to keep going to class every day even though she was only scheduled for twice a week.

Both Emma and her younger sister dance and they needed to find (more…)

April Dancer of the Month

April Dancer of the MonthAriel Faith Thomas has been chosen as our Dancer of the Month for April. Ariel is a girl that loves to smile and be happy. What makes her the happiest is spending time with her family, friends, and her fur babies. The other thing in her life that makes her happy and helps her define herself is dance. She loves all things dance whether she is dancing, helping a younger dancer to learn, or just being in the environment and soaking up the art. When she steps on a stage, she feels like she is laying it all out. She is laying out herself and all of her feelings for everyone to see. Sometimes it is hard for her to put how she feels in words but when the music comes on and she can dance, then she can express her feelings. Her story comes alive.

She was very young when she got started in dance. There was a dance studio next to her daycare where her older sister took gymnastics classes. Ariel would go with her sister but she would watch the dancers. She wanted to do that – she wanted to dance!! She was really too young to start dancing, (more…)

March Dancer of the Month

March Dancer of the MonthBDancewear’s Dancer of the Month for March, 2015, is Remy Thompson. Remy is 14 years old and has been dancing since she was three. Not only is she an accomplished dancer, she is also an Honor Roll Student. She has received all A’s in honors classes at Robert E. Lee High School!

Remy started dancing at the age of three in a recreational program and has been dancing ever since. For the last eight years she has been dancing competitively at Strictly Rhythm. Remy has won many first place, high scores and titles at competitions. Her recent “happiest moment” dancing was on March 14, 2015 when she won the title of Miss Teen Believe at the Believe competition.

IMarch Dancer of the Month Thropy

She found the booty shorts she bought from BDancewear to be very comfortable and pretty. She bought a pair of pink booty shorts and a pair of black booty shorts. She uses the pink booty shorts with one of her costumes and uses the black booty shorts for daily rehearsals at Strictly Rhythm. She says that “their customer service is beyond exemplary!!”

Remy’s goal for this year is to perform her absolute best whether she wins or not!!  She hopes to attend Pace University in New (more…)

February Dancer of the Month

February dancer of the monthOur choice for Dancer of the Month for February 2015 is Anna Powell. Anna is 12 years old and a sixth grader at Cloverdale Middle School in Cloverdale, Indiana, where she is a member of the student council. She spends four days a week dancing at Turning Pointe Academy of Dance in Indianapolis. Turning Point is an hour away from Anna’s home!!! When Anna is not dancing, she loves to spend time with her friends and family.

Anna credits her mom for igniting her love of dancing. Her mom was a dancer growing up and as a result of her dancing experience, she decided to put Anna in her first dance class at the age of 18 months old. Anna has been dancing ever since! Anna actually had her first performance at their County Fair when she was two years old and started competing at four years old.

Her happiest moment in dance occurred when she won the Junior Miss Showbiz last year. She also enjoyed being chosen to go to Pre-Pro at Talent on Parade. Anna says it was exciting to experience a mock audition, work in commercial workshops, and get a little taste of what professional dancers have to do intheir (more…)

Interview with Alexa Fung

Alexa Fung is a professional dancer from Los Angeles, California, and trains in a variety of dance Alexa Fungstyles ranging from hip hop, contemporary, and tap. She graduated from Cal State Northridge in May, 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Her mother was classically trained in ballet and Alexa got her start in dance by following in her mother’s footsteps when her mother placed her in ballet classes as a child. Alexa was later enrolled in tap and jazz. She took her first hip hop class in middle school, fell in love with it, and has pursued it ever since.

Her happiest moment related to dance was being able to perform on So You Think You Can Dance with Academy of Villains. Alexa says it was such a surreal experience to be able to perform on the same stage that she saw on TV every week.

Something Alexa always wanted to do is work on a movie. She is a bit of a movie junkie, so being able to work in that field of entertainment that she loves so much would definitely be amazing.

Alexa Fung with Hat

Alexa’s goals for this year are to train even harder, working more on her performance qualities and freestyle. In addition, (more…)

Interview with Madison Konorosky

Madison KonoroskyMadison Konorosky is pretty shy until she gets to know the people around her. Even so, she is very talkative! Madison is 16 years old, obsessed with dance, and also enjoys playing golf during her downtime. She is very athletic and loves staying fit and eating healthy!

She got started in dance when she was two years old and her parents enrolled her in dance. She also tried gymnastics and cheerleading but dance was her ultimate passion from the beginning and her love for dance continues to grow.

Madison has had so many happy moments in dance, but her all time favorite has been dancing with Shaping Sound, the Company. She admires every single dancer in the Company, especially Jaimie Goodwin, Travis Wall and Chantel Aguirre. Madison aspires to one day be as great and brilliant as they are. Madison believes it was an amazing opportunity to dance with the Company and experience what it’s like to be in a company.

Since she is a junior in high school, she is just starting to figure out what she wants to do after high school. Something she has always wanted to do is to attend The Julliard School in New York City and join a (more…)