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South River High School Dance Department Interview with Mattie Fenton

Full Dance CompanyMattie Fenton  is the Dance Director of the Dance Department at South River High School (SRHS) in Edgewater, Maryland. Mattie says that Dance in Anne Arundel County Public Schools started with only one or two high schools (South River being one of the first) and then through the vision and hard work of Judi Fey (Dance Consultant for AACPS) the program drastically increased over the years and now the county offers dance education at every grade level. Their program is now part of a nationally recognized K-12 Fine Arts Program.

SRHS has a range of students from 9th to 12th grade that can choose from five different courses: Dance I, Dance II-IV, Dance for Athletes, Junior Dance Company (by audition) and Honors Dance Company (audition only). Their Honors Senior Dance Company class is part of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts and the students must maintain a 3.5 GPA and participate in several county and state wide fine arts events. They also have two after school Dance Companies that rehearse three-four days a week.

There are no prerequisites for any of the dance classes except Dance Company. All students  enrolled in Dance are required to perform in a mandatory concert at the (more…)

Mt. Carmel High School Dance Troupe Interview with Laurel Iannuzzi


Frank Anthony Photography

Laurel Iannuzzi is the Dance Troupe Director and Coach of the Mt. Carmel Dance Troupe (MCDT) is the performance and competition team at the high school. They are a group of talented dancers who represent their school year-round through the art of dance. As with any sport on campus, it is an honor to be a member of MCDT and dancers must strive to work their hardest at all times. The troupe will perform at all home football and most basketball games, pep rallies, and community events.

In their 2015 season, Troupe continued to raise the bar for MCHS by qualifying all routines in the Championship division, showcasing high scoring soloists, and taking home 1st places in their divisions. Dancers on Troupe will audition to compete. Those on Troupe are encouraged to never settle with what feels comfortable, as they will continue to push themselves in their training. From the time their dedication begins in May, the team will focus on expanding their knowledge of the dance world by staying committed to their training, taking master classes, working with professional choreographers, and committing to their team mates, all while representing MCHS in a positive manner.

RehearsalLaurel believes (more…)

The Eudora High School Dance Team Interview with Robyn Kelso and Jessica Vogt

CoachThe Eudora High School Dance Team in Eudora, Kansas is coached by Jessica Vogt and Robyn Kelso. Jessica Vogt has a Bachelors of Arts in dance from the University of Kansas and has been one the dance coach at Eudora High School for eight years. Robyn Kelso has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Animal Science from Kansas State University with teaching hours at Ottawa University and a Masters of Arts from Baker University. She has been a coach for 16 years.

They describe their dance team as a “family” that has each other’s back and that looks out for fellow team members and fights for their dance program. According to them, their older members learn faster and smile more with each performance. Both coaches say that they look out for each other both off and on the field.

In their opinion, their team is separated from other dance teams by their sense of family. Veterans look out for rookies and alumni look out for the program. Their alumni are Happyvery supportive of Eudora’s dance program and often come back to help out in a variety of ways – from judging tryouts to helping run Eudora High School’s festival. The dance team is also very (more…)

Father Gabriel Richard High School Fighting Irish Dance Team Interview with Kimberly Doman

Kimberly Doman is the Head Varsity Coach for the Father Gabriel Richard High School Fighting Irish Dance Team aka RDT (Richard Dance Team). Father Gabriel Richard High School is Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fighting Irish Dance TeamThe varsity dance team is the only sport at the school that is a two season competitive sport. According to Kimberly, her team is made up of 19 girls including freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors with a love of dance. She says the girls work very hard during their season to prepare for their sidelines, half time performances and competitive routines. The team performs at the Varsity Boy’s Home Football and Basketball games and competes with selected routines against other school dance teams across the state of Michigan. The girls learn and perfect multiple routines in the styles of jazz, hip hop, lyrical/modern and pom Tryouts take place in June and the season runs from July until the beginning of March.

In Kimberly’s opinion, the most unique thing about their team is that they not only support and love each other, but they are able to share in their faith with every accomplishment that they make, which is pretty empowering. Kimberly says the team is the girls’ second family. They push (more…)

Sterling Stars Dance Team and Sterling JV Sapphires Dance Team Interview with Jamie Lumpkin

The Sterling Stars Dance Team and the newly formed Sterling JV Sapphires Dance Team make their Lumpkinhome at Ross S. Sterling High School in Baytown, Texas, under the direction of Jamie Lumpkin and Anasheh Partiai. According to Jamie, the Sterling Stars have the most dedicated, hard-working and passionate group of girls who are willing to do anything for their team. She says they have overcome so much adversity and are always ready to leave all of the sweat, tears and love on the dance floor. They now have two teams – the Varsity team and the newly formed JV Sapphires Dance Team.

In Jamie’s opinion, the Sterling Stars Dance Team and Sterling JV Sapphires Dance Team are different from other dance programs because of the incredible work ethic of her dancers. She says they are willing to work as long and as hard as they need to accomplish goals. They are constantly encouraging each other to do their best and get better every day. Also, she says they have outstanding support from their community and their parents. Additionally, they have a great traditional foundation for the program that sets them apart and gives them motivation to stay within their roots.

Jamie’s proudest moments (more…)

Eisenhower High School Interview with Rachelle Kiehle

Eisenhower High School Dance TeamEisenhower High School in Shelby Township, Michigan is a Blue Ribbon Exemplary School and their varsity dance team is a UDA State and Regional Champion in Hip Hop and Jazz and a UDA National Champion in Hip Hop and National Runner Up in Jazz. Their JV Dance team’s last season was an undefeated season. They were the UDA State and Regional Champions and the UDA National Champions in Poms and 3rd in Jazz.

According to Rachelle Kiehle, the Varsity Dance Coach at Eisenhower High School, their Dance Team is hard working, talented, and coachable. They want to learn more and never settle.

In her opinion, her dance team is different from other dance programs because her team is a “family.” She believes the team is full of hard working, talented young women.

Rachelle says that her proudest moment while being a part of this dance program is continuing to watch these young women grow – not only as dancers but what being a “team” has taught them outside of

The Brebeuf Prep High School Dance Team Interview with Ann Coan

The Brebeuf Jesuit High School is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their Girls Varsity Dance Team Brebeuf Dance Teamfinished 1st Place in the Indiana High School Dance Team Association State Championships. The team closed out their highly successful season as State Champions in the AA Jazz division and State Runner Ups in the AA Hip Hop division! Also, this was the third State Championship for the Brebeuf Dance Team, winning previously in 2010 and 2012. Additionally, one of their soloists finished 4th in State Senior Solos and two of their younger soloists finished 3rd and 5th in the State Junior Solos.

Ann Coan, the Head Coach of the Brebeuf Dance Team, describes their team as a diverse group of talent and technical backgrounds. All 22 dancers work for the benefit of the team, which has produced multiple State Championships. The team has been described as “outside the box of typical high school dance teams”, “mature”, and “exploring new territory in choreography and performance.”

In Ann’s opinion what separates their dance team from other dance programs is the culture of the Brebeuf Dance Team which is one of hard work, mutual respect, and openness to growth. The girls lift up and empower each other for the benefit (more…)

21 Top High School Dance Teams

This list is meant to highlight some of the awesome high school dance teams throughout the United States and in no way is meant to be a comprehensive list.  We here at think that all dance teams are doing something amazing and deserve recognition!  This is a small list of some of the studios that we think are going above and beyond.  However if your dance team isn’t on this list and you think it should be feel free to leave a comment or email and we would love to write an article about your dance team.


1. Westmoore High School

Westmoore High School in Moore, Oklahoma, is the home of the defending 10-time in a row National Champions!!!!! Their Varsity Pom Squad won in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, two in 2014, and two in 2015. Westmoore’s Pom Dance Team (Jaguars) was awarded the national titles for 2014 and 2015 in both small varsity jazz and small varsity hip hop. That makes back-to-back double national titles!!!! They also won several state championships.

2. Murrieta Valley High School

The Murrieta Valley High School Dance Team in Murietta, California, is a competitive high school dance team (Nighthawks) which includes Varsity and Junior Varsity dancers. Dancers (more…)

Hofstra University Dance Team Interview with Kelly Olsen-Leon

The Hofstra University Dance Team in Hempstead, New York, is an exciting and competitive Coachcollegiate dance team that performs at University athletic events as well as other events held on and off campus. The members of the team support the Hofstra athletic programs and promote general school spirit. They are a group of dedicated individuals that are determined to improve in their abilities and entertain audiences with their exhilarating routines.

Kelly Olsen-Leon is the Head Coach of the Hofstra University Dance Team. She was a member and captain of the Hofstra University Dance Team from 1999-2003, became the assistant coach from 2004-2006, and then became the Head Coach in 2006. Kelly is the oldest of four sisters and each of her three younger sisters danced for the Hofstra University Dance Team also! They are truly a family!

Kelly is highly qualified for her position as head coach. She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and Mathematics, and an M.A. in Math, Science, and Technology all of which she earned at Hofstra University. She was a high school mathematics teacher, a four year member and former captain of the Hofstra University Dance Team and coached several high school and college dance teams, before she (more…)

Westlake Hyline, Star Steppers and Dance Department Interview with Lindsay Joe

According to Lindsay Joe, the Director of the Westlake Hyline, Star Steppers and Dance Department Lindsay Joeof the Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, the Westlake Hylines work hard but also play hard. They love and care for one another deeply. The Hylines have established a standard and try to reach above it every year, but first and foremost they are a family.

In Lindsay’s opinion, the Westlake Hyline is different from other dance programs because they are a dance team that is authentically themselves. She believes that they achieve their level of success by using encouragement as their number one motivator.

Lindsay says that as the director, she loves watching the girls grow into beautiful Hyline members. DancerThey start out not knowing much about the organization but then become remarkable young women that make her proud daily, on and off the dance floor.

She believes the one thing that the seniors tend to know about dance that the younger dancers still have not learned yet is to soak up every moment because it goes by way too fast.

Her goals for the team this year are to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be, to look back and not have any (more…)