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Archive for High School Teams

Creekview High School Chevals Interview with Trudie Jopson

The Chevals (French for Horse[s]) are an award winning Dance Team from Creekview High School pom dancerslocated in Carrollton, Texas. Their Director is Trudie Jopson Williams. Since Creekview High School opened in 1998, the Chevals have worked to make their community proud, both on the field supporting their athletic teams as well as off the field in the world of competitive dance. The Chevals have performed in many competitions, during the Dallas Mavericks half-time shows, in New York City, Disney World, Hollywood and more. The Chevals proudly play the role of ambassadors, not only for the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, but these strong southern ladies also represent their city and state with pride, respect and class.

Trudie Jopson Williams is in her sixteenth year as the director of the Creekview High School Cheval Drill Team. Under Trudie’s direction,the Chevals have been recognized with national titles from competitions in New York, Florida, Texas and California. In ’05, ’10, ’11 the Chevals were named Grand Champions for their performance at a Texas Regional Competition.

Trudie has 25 years of experience in dance. She received her Associates Degree from Trinity Valley Community College where she was the Captain of the TVCC Cardettes.  She then attended Stephen (more…)

Marcus High School Marquettes Varsity Drill Team Interview with Alice Dack

Marcus High School in Flower Mound, Texas, is very proud of their varsity dance team known as Director Alicethe Marquettes. Alice Dack has been the director of the Marcus High School Marquettes Varsity Drill Team for ten years and Lauren Murry has been the assistant director of the Marquettes for five years. As the director, Alice oversees the drill team program and the dance department at Marcus High School. During this time, the program has grown from 37 members to 80 members on Varsity. She also created the Junior Varsity program called the Silver Stars which has 25 members and is under the direction of Lauren Murry. The Marquettes and their JV counterpart, Silver Stars, are extremely lucky to have these two ladies to lead and mentor them.

Alice graduated from Friendswood High School where she was a 2-year officer of the National Championship Wranglerettes. After high school, she became a “World Famous” Kilgore College Rangerette and the Head Swingster. With the Rangerettes, Alice performed at the Cotton Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl Parade, and traveled to Singapore to appear in the traditional Chinese New Year’s festivities. She finished her education at the University of North Texas. While at UNT, Alice was selected to perform (more…)

University of Delaware Dance Team Interview with Nicole Daliessio-Zehnder

The University of Delaware Dance Team is a group of Nationally-ranked, technically trained

Dancersdancers and student-athletes who have versatility in all styles of dance. The 15 to 18 member team competes annually at the UCA/UDA National Championships in Walt Disney World and performs regularly at home football and basketball games, travels to post-season play with the basketball teams, and also performs at other sporting events as available. In addition, the team also performs at various university and community events such as Homecoming, Parents’ Weekend, variety shows and charity events.

The Dance Team performs jazz, hip hop, and pom style routines with skill and technique attained through years of dance studio experience. The team practices three to four times a week for two to three hours each practice, as well as participation in morning workout sessions two to three times a week in order to maintain optimal fitness.

PerformanceThe Head Dance Team Coach for the University of Delaware Dance Team, Nicole Daliessio-Zehnder, is an alumnus of both the University of Delaware and its Dance Team. She has had years of experience in coaching, consulting and judging in both cheer and dance. As a member of the team, she was both captain and choreographer and competed (more…)

Carolina Girls Dance Team Interview with Lindsay Sprague

Lindsay Sprague is in her eighth season as the head coach of the dance team of the University of Coach LindsaySouth Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. She has been the head coach of The Carolina Girls Dance Team since the Athletics Department initiated it in the fall of 2007. In their very first season, Lindsay led the team to a 10th place finish in Dance Division 1A at the National Dance Alliance’s Collegiate Championship. The team has since placed as high as 4th in Dance Division 1A (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014) and 2nd in Division 1A Hip-Hop (2012).

While attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, she was on the Golddusters Dance Team for four years and helped the team win one second-place, one third-place, and two fourth-place finishes in Division 1 at NDA’s Collegiate Championship.

She was on staff for the National Dance Alliance for three years serving as an instructor for high school and college dance teams, as well as a choreographer for NDA summer camp curriculum. She has choreographed award-winning routines for multiple dance studios along the east coast, in addition to many competitive dance teams on both the high school and (more…)

Texas Tech University Interview with Erin Harold

Erin Harold, Coach of the Pom Squad (Official Dance Team of Texas Tech) and an Adjunct instructorErin of Dance at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, tells us that their team is comprised of up to twenty technically trained dancers who are mentally tough and willing to push themselves every day to become the best versions of themselves that they possibly can. They are incredible ambassadors for their University doing over 150 appearances/athletic events throughout the year while maintaining a 3.46 average GPA.

Erin is in her third year as the Pom Squad coach. During her first year at Texas Tech, she led the Texas Tech Pom Squad to a national’s third place in Open Dance, the highest in program history. Originally from Wheeling, W.Va., Harold is a graduate of WVU with a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and also is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer. She was a two-year member of the WVU Dance Team, coached for three years and earned two consecutive National Dance Alliance (NDA) collegiate national championships. Harold also is on staff with the NDA as an instructor, choreographer and adjudicator

Harold has been a highly sought-after teacher and choreographer in the tri-state area of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and (more…)

Morton High School Maverick Belles Dance Team Interview with April Hunt

According to April Hunt, the director of the Morton Ranch High School Maverick Belles in Katy, Texas, Dance Performancethe Maverick Belles are hardworking and committed to their team. Although they have all levels of dancers, most come to the Maverick Belles with no previous training. They work together and strive to be the best technicians and performers they can be.

Morton Ranch High School first opened its doors in 2004. The Maverick Belles Dance Team became the first organization at Morton Ranch High School when they held tryouts in December, 2003 to form the first dance team. Eighteen charter members were selected and the traditions began! The Maverick Belles have been under the direction of the founding director, Kandy Lankford, and current director April Hunt. Over the past eleven years the Maverick Belles Dance Team has worked hard to establish traditions while leaving behind a legacy of discipline and success. Community involvement, team building, discipline and school spirit are all aspects of the Maverick Belles Dance Team. The Maverick Belles perform at football games, pep rallies, basketball games, fundraisers, and their annual spring. On the 24th and 25th of April, 2015, the Maverick Belles will perform in their Spring Show at the Morton (more…)

Brighton High School Varsity Dance/Pom Team Interview with Head Coach Angela Prieur

Angela Prieur, the head coach of the Varsity Dance/Pom Team at Brighton High School in Brighton, Michigan, believes their dance team is special because they have “crazy energy,” have a huge drive to improve every year and a desire to make the last seniors proud.  One of their sayings is “continue the legacy, and continue to grow.”  Their team tends to make their arrival known wherever they go because they are “constantly having fun and living the moment.”  She also stated that the team sincerely considers themselves a “family” and “really love and support one another.”  Angela wants every girl to feel valued no matter what their level of dance ability and encourages them to not have a “dog eat dog mentality” where they are in a constant battle for the top spot.  Her goal for the girls is to know that they are always a part of the Dance/Pom family even after they have graduated and that the school “will always be PROUD” of their team.  As it stands, past members join them at camp and
competitions every year to support the team even when they don’t know anyone on the present team.
Angela wrote a mission statement at the beginning of (more…)

Northwest High School Dance Interview with Team Coach Meagan Meyer

Meagan Meyer, the Dance Coach at Northwest High School in Kansas believes their team is different than other teams because they act like a huge family.  The girls all hang out with each other, fight with each other, and perform for each other. It’s amazing, she said.
Since high school dance and cheer teams are not allowed to compete in Kansas, her girls dance for the passion for dance and performing. They have a couple of sayings “fake it till you make it” and “be fierce ladies” and they live by those sayings.

Meagan says that the girls make her “very proud as a coach with their motivation for something the state doesn’t recognize as a ‘real sport.’”  Her proudest moment was last year when the team worked extremely hard on a dance style that is not their own.  They then went out and performed it flawlessly.  The entire team looked like one dancer because they were so in sync. She said, “It’s hard to bring me to tears but with that dance they did it!”


Northwest High does not compete, but Meagan has taught competing teams and believes that most of the time they let winning come before having fun.  Meagan feels (more…)

VHHS Rebelettes Dance Team

Faith Lenhart, the Dance/Fine Arts Department Chair at VHHS in Alabama, believes that their teams provide more than just the traditional dance team activities.  The teams realize that it takes everyone to make a successful team and they work hard to allow all of the dancers and teachers to have input.  In fact, VHHS strives to encourage student choreography and a large percentage of their performances include that student choreography.  While most programs end when the dance team season is over, VHHS goes into “dance class mode” and everyone prepares their own work for their spring show.  The JV and Varsity teams perform two dances together per year.  In reality, they dance from August to May. 

Things tend to get a bit stressful when they are getting close to their state or national competition.  To keep the girls motivated, Faith tries to include some fun activities, Yoga and the parents bring special snacks.  Also, the captains do their part to motivate the team  They share motivational quotes on posters, text messages and email.  Faith said, “I really enjoy watching the dancers take the initiative to motivate each other.  They keep their eye on the prize, but realize that the experience and (more…)

Avon High School dance Interview with Team Coach Jennifer Hinshaw

Recently had the opportunity to communicate with Jennifer Hinshaw, the dance teacher at Avon High School in Avon, Indiana.  Jennifer told me that she believes that Avon is extremely privileged to have dance as a part of their curriculum.  She feels that Avon offers more than a dance team.  They offer a full course load of dance classes including: Dance I, through Dance IV, Advanced Technique, and Dance Company.  All members of their JV and Varsity teams are required to take one of these classes.  Their dancers are exposed to a variety of genres, not just the competitive styles.  As a result, they are able to not only gain knowledge about the origin of their favorite styles but also prepare them  to pick up details and qualities at a faster rate resulting in more well-rounded dancers.  In addition, the dancers are required to partake in choreography projects, principals, and studies.  Jennifer feels that this not only allows their dancers a better understanding of the dance elements but also gives them a deeper respect for their choreographers.  In addition, she strongly encourages their dancers to take additional classes outside of school including studio technique classes, conventions, master classes, etc. <br /> To (more…)