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August Dancer of the Month – Cayleigh O’Hare

Our Dancer of the Month, Cayleigh O’Hare describes herself as a joyful person, a dedicated dancer, a serious 7th grade student, but also a sincere friend. In her free time, she likes reading and the excitement of learning new things. For example, she taught herself how to play piano, is challenging herself to take high school Honors Latin for the second year. Additionally, she has been working on Mandarin Chinese since she was 6 years old with a friend of the family. Cayleigh’s primary passion and #1 sport is Irish Dancer and she likes rising to new heights with new choreography.
Cayleigh started out in a gymnastics class. Her Mom just happened to talk to another Mom there who was an Irish dance teacher. Neither Cayleigh nor her Mom had heard of kindergarteners doing Irish dance and her Mom thought it sounded “cute.” Consequently, she signed Cayleigh up for a little kid’s beginner class. Neither one of them had any idea what they were getting into. They did not even know there was competition involved. That was- 8.5 years ago and she has been dancing since then.
She says that her happiest moment related to dance has to be the very first time (more…)

How to Add a Lace Piece to a Skirt

Hi, I am Cyndi from and in this video, I am going to show you a costume I made as a result of collaboration with Stephanie. You are going to get links and information on how to see what she does with the costume and the dance that she performs. So, we got together and she gave me ideas, sketches, and pictures of things that she liked. We then worked together to create the costume that she wanted for the dance. You will notice that her costume is a little different than ours. Her costume has the dusty rose on one side and then the gray on the other side.

We took a convertible bra and then we covered half of it in lace that matches the lace bottom on the skirt which we created from one of our high-low skirts. The wonderful thing about the high-low skirt is when you turn or move across the floor, there is a flow to it, a movement to it that is higher in the front, which allows you to show your legs, and then is longer in the back. So, it gives the skirt a little bit of a dramatic flow to it. (more…)

Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts Interview with Julie Oliver

Julie Oliver, the Owner and Director of Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts in Caspar, Wyoming, describes her studio as dedicated, fun, and a little bit crazy! Their dance team is called “Beautiful Feet” based on Isaiah 52:7 in the Bible, which says, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” According to Julie, they exist to bring the good news through dance that God sent us a Savior in Jesus Christ. “Let them praise His name with dancing . . .” Psalm 149:3a


Julie’s proudest moment as a dance coach is seeing their dancers be brave enough to stand on their convictions in the midst of extreme pressure.

In Julie’s opinion, all dancers have their own technique mistakes or “flubs,” but she believes that one of the most pervasive and common problems is simply allowing their nervousness to show. She believes that the dancers can look the judges and audience in the eye and really step out of their comfort zone to present and perform, that makes a HUGE difference and also tends to draw attention away from other technical mistakes.

Their student’s value to Beautiful Feet does not depend on his or her dancing skills (more…)

How to Make a Half Lace Top

Hello, I am Cyndi from In this video, I am going to show you a cute little top that I made for Stephanie. We are going to collaboration together and you will see Stephanie performing a dance in a costume that we made her. The difference in the sewing is that I have actually used one of our new colors. This is an antique pink, dusty rose is what we call it. I have covered one side of this sports bra in a gray lace which is something that we are now carrying but is not on the website yet. If you are interested in this lace, just give us a call and we can get you straight to it.
We created this top to match one of our skirts. To create this look I covered one-half of a sports bra with the lace. Then I pinched the sports bra down in the center of the bra and covered it with a little appliqué. It is a beautiful costume. You can create different looks in the back by manipulating the strap. So, if you do not want just your typical sports bra, but you want to kick it up a notch, (more…)

How to Rhinestone a Blue and White Sports Bra

Hello, I am Cyndi from In this video, I am going to you how to rhinestone that Blue and White Sports Bra that we made in a previous video. If you remember, it was so easy to take a sports bra and add some piping to it. Now, we are going to rhinestone it. You are going to be shocked and amazed by how easy it is to do, especially if you have never rhinestoned before, I am sure you know how easy it is. So, if you just watch this video, we will show you how we rhinestoned the sports bra using this pattern. It is really easy. Enjoy! I cannot wait to see your projects that you make.

1. Blue and White Sports Bra
2. Rhinestones
3. E6000 Glue
4. Toothpicks
5. Paper Plate
6. Slips over paper

1. Choosing Your Materials
Obviously, the only materials to be chosen will be the top and the rhinestones. Although we used the Blue and White Sports Bra that we created in a previous video, you could, of course, use this technique on any Sports Bra. You could also create a Sports Bra like the one we created in the previous video but in other colors. As far as (more…)

Our Dancer of the Month for June– Wil Robertson-

Wil Robertson, our Dancer of the Month for the Month of June, considers himself just a “regular 12-year-old kid with a secret life of Irish Dance.” He believes that no one outside of the world of Irish dance would probably even know anything about Irish Dance. Wil will be attending middle school next year. He has one sister and two cats. Wil enjoys music, video games, jokes and riddles, reading, computers, technology and learning about the latest inventions. Not only does he enjoy dancing, he also sings in the school choir and plays both the viola and trumpet. He is obviously a very busy and talented young man.




When Wil was just 4 years old, he saw Irish dancers in the Columbus St. Patrick’s Day Parade. He decided that he would like to try that. He saw them again the next year and felt the same way. At the end of that year when He was 6 ½ years old, both Wil and his sister began taking lessons together at The Academy Irish Dance Company.

Wil says his happiest dance moment was winning the competition at Oireachtas. He was just 9 years old at the time and it was first time competing there. (more…)

How to Make a Blue and White Sports Bra

Hello, I am Cyndi from We are common in the video. In this video, I am going to show you how to make a blue and white sports bra. I was inspired by the girls over at ProMotion ( The two ladies over there, Brittany and Jessica, were both NFL and NBA cheer leaders for years. They are now creating tutorials to assist you if you want to be a professional dancer or cheerleader. They are going to show you how to use the tips and tricks of people in the trade, your little niche for getting in. Everybody nowadays is competing for these big spots so you need that special edge and the gals over at ProMotion Dance are going to tell you how to get it. They will give you creative ways on getting yourself a little further ahead than the other girls so that people notice you and recognize you without you being obnoxious or outrageous. They have been in the profession. They have tried these things out and they know when you are going too far – what you can do that people like and what you should not to do.

I decided to go over to (more…)

How to Create Two Tone Shorts for Cheer as Seen In ProMotion Dance Website


Hello, I am Cyndi from I am doing a little tutorial on how to create that special cheer short or dance short that is just a little bit different and super easy. I am going to show you how to make two tone shorts just by taking the waistband off and replacing it. These are actually a pair of our high waisted shorts and I brought them down to a lower waist line. I like these shorts because the band keeps your bottom covered for dance but you might want to try it with a pair of booty shorts because they have a little less coverage and you can just cut off the elastic and create the same type of band.

I was watching and looking at some of their tutorials on how dancers or cheerleaders are seen by coaches or judges and how you could stand out from others. They gave little tips and tricks that you could use to get that professional dance or cheer job. Jessica and Brittany are professionals and watching them really made me think about that little piece, that little change that you could make, that little something that causes you to stand out (more…)

May Dancer of the Month – Dylan Itzstein

Our Dancer of the Month for June is Dylan Itzstein. He is 10 years old and trains at Dance Express Mackay in Australia. He is learning all styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, acro and musical theater, but his favorite style of dance is ballet. Dylan loves his dance studio because he has lots of friends there, the teachers are great, and they are like a big family. He absolutely loves dancing on stage and entertaining people.




When Dylan was born, he was very ill with heart and lung problems.  Even though he recovered, it led to asthma and various problems with his gross and fine motor skills. Plus, he was an extremely shy child. Consequently, his mother chooses to enroll him in dancing at the age of four to help him overcome some of these issues.




His happiest moment related to dancing was last year when he auditioned and was accepted into the Brisbane City Youth Ballet’s production of The Faraway Tree.  This year, he wants to audition and perform in their production of The Nutcracker.  Dylan would really love to dance at Disneyland or on a cruise ship, because he thinks that would be very fun and exciting.




Dylan reports he and his mother had a great (more…)

ProMotion Dance Interview with Brittany Hagan and Jessica Runnels

According to Brittany Hagan and Jessica Runnels, Co-Founders and Owners of ProMotion Dance, they help individuals and teams achieve their goal of reaching The Next Level. Whether through choreography, consultation, fitness guidance, audition attire or offering support, ProMotion is with their dancers every step of the way. Their passion is watching their dancers grow, learn and succeed in this industry. Success comes in many forms and as long as their dancers can walk away feeling like they’ve accomplished a goal, mastered a skill or feel prepared for that upcoming audition they feel they’ve made an impact along their journey.

They believe that there are many wonderful dance outlets, resources, and opportunities available for aspiring dancers but it is hard to find them all in the same place. At ProMotion Dance, they have compiled a combined 14 years of professional dance experience and created a product that provides nearly everything a dancer could want or need to be successful! Britanny and Jessica say they work hard for their dancers bringing them the latest and greatest to propel themselves to The Next Level because they know what it takes to be a part of this industry. Not only do they have a passion for (more…)