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CC & Co. Dance Complex

We have not yet had the opportunity to interview CC & Co. Dance Complex, if you work at or go to CC & Co. Dance Complex please have someone from the studio email us at to set up an interview.

In the meantime here is some quick insights about this studio from their website.


CC & Co. Dance Complex

CC & Company offers the highest level of dance training for ages 2 to adult. Our dancers grow both on a technical and stylistic level from some of the leading choreographers and instructors in North Carolina and abroad.
CC & Company dancers develop leadership skills, learn teamwork, gain better time management, set and attain goals and build self esteem in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment whether dancing recreationally or seeking a professional career. Our goal is to unite all dancers in the Triangle through class, performance, and workshop opportunities to give a greater appreciation of dance to the Triangle area.

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  1. […] 11. CC & Co. Dance Complex – CC & Co. Dance Complex is a 10,000 sq. foot facility in the heart of North Raleigh.  In addition to the usual dance classes found at every studio, they have three performance/competition companies – The Core, Fusion and Micro Mini. The Core is their advanced dancer competition and performance company and is a jazz and tap company. These dancers are required to take anywhere from 5 to 12 hours of dance each week based on their Company. They attend several conventions and competitions and work with industry leading choreographers such as Travis Wall, Mandy Moore, Sonya Taveh, Jason Parsons, Joey Dowling, Lauren Adams, Misha Gabriel and more. Fusion Company is a recreational dance competition and performance company which is a Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop Company, these dancers are required to take anywhere from 2.5 to 7 hours of dance each week based on their company. Micro Mini Company is for their youngest dancers and part of their Fusion Company. It is a small company that along with their Ballet/Tap/Jazz program, is enrolled in an additional Jazz, Tap and Ballet Technique Class. They participate in two local competitions. CC & C has an unusual program where they are willing to work with home school co-ops and charter schools to accommodate their unusual schedules. They believe that dancing helps in developing gross and fine motor skills, fitness conditioning, strength, coordination, confidence and more! In the believe that their dance classes would enhance their home school or charter school experience, CC & C offers a convenient way for home schooled or charter school dancers to be part of their dance school. […]