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How To Create Your Own Lace Trim

In this video I’m going to show you how to take that lace that you cut from yardage of laced that you purchased and where you cut that scallop edge off. I’m going to show you how to either sew it on to veil or sew it on to the edge of your dress creating a special hemline that’s really unique and just for you. It’s really easy to do, so if you are just looking to give it an extra flair, this is the video for you!


1. Lace
2. Tulle
3. Pins
4. Scissors


1. Cut Off the Edge of the Lace Trim

Once you have the piece of lace that you would like to use, lay the material down on a flat surface. You will then take a pair of scissors and cut along the edge. You are going to get small strips, and get the length of each side and cut that off.
2. Stitch or Zig Zag Into Place

Next pin the pieces into place, you can either stitch it or zig-zag it from here. You want to look and watch where the pattern goes so you can cut along the pattern. I have taken the lace and pinned it onto the tulle that i chose. There is a lot of different ones you can use but it would be best to use something soft, and finer. They have ones with a big mesh but that’s a very specific look. They have french tulle that is very soft as well. So where it is pinned into place and where the tulle is, along the edge you are going to zig-zag. I’m doing a wide one, and in the video using a different color thread so you can see it. You want to move it with the edge of the lace, and if you have the same color it blends in perfectly. You just continue all around the tulle until you get until exactly where you want.

And then you have your veil or dress with a lace trim!

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