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How to Make a Strappy Back Strap Bra

Hello, I am Cyndi from In this video I am going to show you how to make a Strappy Back Sports Bra. You can either use a halter bra or a sports bra. All you need is the base spaghetti straps. The straps are super easy to make. That is not a problem. However, if you prefer you can usually buy premade straps at fabric stores. You can use straps that are the same color or a contrasting color. As mentioned previously, spaghetti straps are very easy to make if you cannot find what you are looking for at the store.

In our video, we are using a sports bra and cut the straps at the shoulder seam and attach straps.  We are going to show you how to do that today.


  1. Halter or Sports Bra
  2. Spaghetti Straps (or the material to make them)
  3. Matching Thread
  4. Measuring Tape
  5. Pins (Safety pins if you are pinning it on the dancer)
  6. Scissors
  7. Sewing Machine


  1. Choosing Your Materials

Your first step is to choose the bra. Do you want a sports bra or a halter bra? If you use a sports bra, you will need to cut the back of the bra to create a lower profile but with a halter bra it is already cut down.

Second, you need to make or buy spaghetti straps. They can be the same color, or a contrasting color, as the bra.

  1. Preparing the Bra to Accommodate Spaghetti Straps

The first step is to cut the straps from the back of the bra about an inch from the back of the shoulder which will allow enough length to fold the strap at the top of the shoulder so that it overlaps about an inch. It is important to cut the straps on both the left and right side of the bra so that they are equal. You will also have to cut the back of the sports bra down to accommodate the straps in the back if you are using a sports bra. A halter top is already lower in the back.

  1. Creating Loops in Bra Strap

Once they are cut, fold them both over at the shoulder. I am going to use a contrasting color thread to make it easier for you to see but you will want to use a matching thread so it does not show. As usual, make sure to backstitch at the beginning and the end of the seam to ensure the seam does not come unraveled. Using a zigzag stitch, sew a seam about ¾ of an inch below the fold which will create a loop at the top of the strap. (To determine the stitch line, slip your pinkie or some other item through what will be the “loop” to make sure it leaves enough room.)  Cut any extra fabric away from the strap. As you can see, I can slip the end of a pair of scissors through that “loop.” Do the same on both straps.

  1. Threading the Spaghetti Straps Through Loops

The next step is to thread the spaghetti straps through these loops. I am going to use just one spaghetti strap to make it easier for you to see. I have slipped one long spaghetti strap through the loop and matched up the ends and will then do the same on the other strap.

  1. Pinning Spaghetti Straps to Back of Bra

At this point, you will need to have the girl try the bra on so that you can pin the ends of the spaghetti straps to the back of the bra where you want them to meet the bra. It is important that it is comfortable but also tight enough to support the bra. I have placed it back on the mannequin so that you can see the back of the bra. You will see that by pinning both ends of the spaghetti straps to the back, it creates the look of two straps in both directions. When you pin these spaghetti straps to the back of the bra, it is important that the straps are placed equidistant from the center. You want to make sure that the center straps are the same distance from the center of the back and that the distance between the two ends on the right strap and the distance between the two ends on the left strap are the same. Often, I will use my fingers to measure the distance between the straps. In this case, I am using the width of two fingers to measure the distance. By placing two fingers between the straps, I can make sure they are equidistant. Sometimes I cut a piece of cardboard to use as a guide or, you could just use a little ruler.

In addition to the placement of the ends of the spaghetti straps on the back of the bra, you will want to consider how you want the straps to lay in relation to the others as they come down the dancer’s back. Do you want both of them from the right to be on top and both of the spaghetti straps from the left on top? Do you want them to be staggered so one of the right straps is under and one is over or do you want them to have a weaved look. If you opt for the “weave” look, you want to take into consideration that it is a little trickier getting the bra on when the spaghetti straps are weaved, especially when there are a lot of them.

Again, you want to ensure that the spaghetti straps are placed so that they hold the bra up comfortably.

As you can see, I only used one long spaghetti strap on each side which when folded in half creates the look of two straps from each shoulder. I chose to just use one on each side because visually, it is easier for you to see. However, depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you will probably want to use more spaghetti straps. Just remember that the same rules about the straps being equidistant from each other apply and it is important for the dancer to try the bra on before you sew the ends down.

  1. Sewing Spaghetti Straps and Back of Bra

Once you have all of the straps positioned the way you want them, use a zigzag stitch to sew each one to the back of the bra. If you use a sports bra and need to cut the back down, this is where you will turn the cut edge over to give it a finished look.

This project is just that easy. No matter how many spaghetti straps you use or how you place them, have fun creating your own unique look.

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