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How to make your Dance Studio Number 1 on Google

How to make your Dance Studio Number 1 on Google

                Marketing has changed forever, just putting your studio in the phone book and being a good teacher is no longer enough, if you want to stay in business you need to take internet advertising seriously, and luckily we made it extremely simple for you. Following the steps below will just about gurantee your studio will be successful at getting new clients.  Oh, I know you think you don’t have time to do all this but the truth is you can’t afford not to do this.  I have a story of one of my friends who was a dance studio owner, and naturally since marketing is what I do I came to them and told them everything they need to do to properly market on the internet.  They told me they were to busy to be marketing, 6 months later they didn’t have to worry about that pesky problem of marketing because they were out of business.  Don’t let this happen to you, watch the videos or read this article and follow the steps that I describe and I gurantee your dance studios new student enrollment will double if not triple.

I have put all this information into a easy and informative video you can watch here, or of course you can read this article.


I have outlined 6 major steps to make your studio number one on google, and I will explain exactly why each one is so very important.  These steps are broken down to the following

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yelp
  3. All Social Media
  4. Youtube
  5. Onpage SEO
  6. Secrect Technique (Extremely powerful technique that if your serious you need to use)

Google Maps

Done are the days of getting out the map to figure out where that address lies, even map quest is on the down slope, now a days google maps is the king.  However, its not just for people looking for a specific address that it is important, it is actually a tool for finding new places.  Don’t believe me just type Dance studio into google and look at what you see tk, right there at the top is a list of dance studios close to you.  This is amazingly helpful!  But how do you get on this list, well you need to be on google maps to be there.  In fact being on google maps is a great start but to really stand out you need to do two things, add a profile picture, and get people you know (and preferably that like your studio) to review you.  You want to get your studio to the top of google, literally just follow this first step and you will be on the top of google.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been looking for a place, but because they weren’t on google maps I just end up going somewhere else because my phone knew how to get there.  If you can’t find the time to do this, or to get one of your employees to do this you might just have amount of free time as my friend in 6 months.


                We trust what other people have to say, weirdly enough we trust what other people have to say even when we have never met them before.  Now a days before we eat we check our phone to see what restruants people like, and if it doesn’t at least have 4 stars there is no way were going there.  This is doubly true for a dance studio where we are making at least a year commitment, probably much longer then that.  Yelp and getting your friends to add positive reviews to your yelp, helps perspective people that are looking for a dance studio know that your studio is worth checking out.  Not just that but yelp often comes up number one on google if you for instance type in a city name and then dance studio such as “Santa Clarita Dance Studio”.  So once again if you want to be number one in google, you better be on yelp.  On top of this adding a yelp account will provide a link to your studios website letting google know that this website is pretty important.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google plus are all free websites that you can add your studios profile to, not only getting free links but free advertising.  Each of these are extremely powerful for their own reasons, but if Google sees that a profile on each of these sites links to your dance studios website you better believe Google will take it a little more serious and raise its rank.  However it is not enough just to sign up and forget about it, you need to get followers and likes.  You also need to post on them somewhat regularly and keep them active.


YouTube is something few studios use on their website or at all, which is insane.  Once again Google loves Google, and Google owns YouTube, which means you need to get a YouTube channel.  It is a great way to build up links to your website and a great way to get content out there.

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is on the more technical side but in the video I break it down for you.  There are a couple extremely important things that you need to look at and most notably you need to understand the idea of keywords.  A keyword is what you want to rank highly on google for, so if you want to be on the top when someone types in “Santa Clarita dance studio” that is one of your highly targeted keywords.  To do this you need to include that phrase in your H1 header tags, which are like titles for pages, and in your meta tag and meta title data.  The meta tag and meta title are what people will actually see on google, so you want to not only make sure it contains your keywords but also that it is appealing and something that people will want to click on.

Secrect Technique

If you want to see this secret technique you need to watch the video, if you have problems watching the video you email

This technique will not only raise your rank on Google, but it will double if not triple that amount of people that go to your website and actually end up coming in to your studio.  This is almost common sense but yet no one does it!  I gurantee if you do this it will be a game changer with your studio, and you will wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.

Thank you for reading, and on our blog we write blog posts about dance studios, which means free advertisng for you and of course a shinny link from our blog to your studios page, which of course google loves and will rank you higher for.  If you want free advertings and a free link to your dance studios webpage just email and we will get you started.

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