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How to Rhinestone a Blue and White Sports Bra

Hello, I am Cyndi from In this video, I am going to you how to rhinestone that Blue and White Sports Bra that we made in a previous video. If you remember, it was so easy to take a sports bra and add some piping to it. Now, we are going to rhinestone it. You are going to be shocked and amazed by how easy it is to do, especially if you have never rhinestoned before, I am sure you know how easy it is. So, if you just watch this video, we will show you how we rhinestoned the sports bra using this pattern. It is really easy. Enjoy! I cannot wait to see your projects that you make.

1. Blue and White Sports Bra
2. Rhinestones
3. E6000 Glue
4. Toothpicks
5. Paper Plate
6. Slips over paper

1. Choosing Your Materials
Obviously, the only materials to be chosen will be the top and the rhinestones. Although we used the Blue and White Sports Bra that we created in a previous video, you could, of course, use this technique on any Sports Bra. You could also create a Sports Bra like the one we created in the previous video but in other colors. As far as the rhinestones, your choices will include both size and colors.
2. Rhinestoning Your Sports Bra
When you are rhinestoning, you want to think about where you want the rhinestones. Do you want them all over? Do you want them just on the white strips? You also want to determine the size of the rhinestones, how many will fit across, or if you want to follow a pattern.
I have already put a little bit of E6000 on the paper plate. Then, I dipped the end of a toothpick into that glue and then used the toothpick to pick up the first rhinestone. I can then transfer that first rhinestone to the spot on the Sports Bra I decided I wanted it to go I am going to use the bigger rhinestone for the center so I am going to start with that one. I am starting with the white vertical strip in the middle of the Sports Bra and going to place the larger rhinestone in the center of and at the top of that vertical white strip. I will then create a little row of three rhinestones across that center, vertical white strip. That first row will consist of a large rhinestone in the middle and a small one to the right and to the left of that first rhinestone. The next thing to do is to create a row of two rhinestones just below that first row. Make sure that the row of two rhinestones in the little niche just below that first row. You may want to slide those rhinestones around a little to make sure that second row looks nice and even and that they are touching each other.
I will then continue with that pattern of a row of three rhinestones, then a row of two rhinestones and a row of three rhinestones down that vertical, white strip. You do not need to follow my pattern. You can fill the strip in with more rhinestones if you like.
It is important that you have enough E6000 glue to make sure they stay attached to this vertical strip but not so much that the glue eases from under the rhinestones. Then I am going to put the one to the right and left of it and just keep going like that. Let’s go do the row of two. I know some people prefer the other glues. It gives them a chance to move the rhinestones a little if needed. If the E6000 dries too fast for you, try one of the other glues available. You can get the E6000 and others like it at a fabric or craft store.
Just keep the pattern going down the vertical strip before the glue totally dries. Just remember that you do not need to follow my pattern. You could fill that whole strip with rhinestones. The decision to use a pattern like this or fill the strip in completely is strictly up to you. It is a matter of personal taste.
Now looking at it, I think I like the idea of a row of three rhinestones, then a row of four rhinestones, a row of three rhinestones and so on down of the vertical, center strip. You might want to lay the Sports Bra down on a table and then place the rhinestones in various patterns without using any glue just so you can decide which look you prefer. That way you can create a pattern that appeals to you and is totally your creation.
Now then on this top part here, I am going to take the smaller size rhinestones and just scatter them. It will give a lot of shine when the light hits the rhinestones. I am going to scatter them in a zigzag pattern because I believe you do not need to require as many when they are in a zigzag pattern in a place like this. You will always need to remember, though, that if you put rhinestones on a part of a garment that has to stretch that you need to be careful. This band does not have to stretch but this next part does. So, if you apply rhinestones on that part and have them tight across the area you could run into a problem.
I am going to use this toothpick here to guide this rhinestone over just a smidge so that will keep it even. So, I can use this end for the glue and that end to determine where to put the rhinestone down. You can use any little tool to keep the rhinestones placed evenly. For instance, you could take a little piece of paper to create a guide by marking the paper with lines to guide you or putting little notches in the paper. So, I am going to do that and then I will eyeball it eyeball it to make certain that the spaces between the rhinestones remain consistent and equidistant around the neckline. You can also continue this pattern on the straps down the back. Whenever I get to a spot like this where there is a big break, I always like to put a rhinestone or something there so it just looks a little different. We can put a bigger rhinestone there and then continue that other pattern here so it will cover up that spot and distract from it at least. Then we could just finish this pattern with the bigger stones and then just continue to check those spots so that the pattern would continue all the way down.
It is really that easy. Have fun with it. Enjoy making it your own. I cannot wait to see pictures of what you have created. Thank you for watching this video.
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