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September Dancer of The Month

Professional dancer Larsen Thompson loves life and loves God. She is full of energy and has a passion fo78c10170e5e7d0b970f93301cf549a0er dance and fashion. Larsen loves spending time with family and friends. She advises that you just be you and not worry about what others think of you.

Larsen started dancing at the age of three. She just danced for fun and loved getting dressed up in costumes. At the age of nine, Larsen began to take dancing more seriously and has not looked back since.

Larsen’s happiest moment dancing is when she received the honor of being an Elite Protégé for The Pulse on Tour convention. It was one of the earlier goals that she had set and one that she trained very hard for. On another note, she just finished dancing with the fashion larsen-1icon Betsey Johnson for an upcoming commercial and that was a very special/happy moment for her, too!

She advises that technique is very important for a professional dancer. Therefore, dance students should take lots of ballet as it is the foundation for all of dance. Additionally, they should explore all types of dance and just do not limit themselves as there is so much to learn from dancing tap, contemporary, and all other styles of dance. Also, they need to train hard and practice practice, practice . . ., and find good mentors/choreographers to learn from. Las
tly, they should never allow anyone to tell them that they cannot do something and set goals for themselves.

Larsen’s goal would be to walk the runway in NYC, London, or Paris when she turns 16! She also hopes tumblr_nixr99cbpc1u8j5lao1_540to continue working for amazing fashion brands and to book a role in a feature film!

She says that dance has been a platform for her modeling and acting career so she is very grateful. She will continue to train and audition for dance related work as well as to further her career.

Additional advice that she has for young dancers is to just be you, believe in yourself, train hard, and dream big because anything is possible!

Larsen can be found on Instagram at https://www.insta


Quote:  “. . . to just be you, believe in yourself, train hard, and dream big because anything is possible!”

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