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January Dancer of the Month

Rosa CrockerAthletic, Creative, energetic, curious – those are words that describe our gorgeous January Dancer of the Month, Rosa Sagarin. Rosa discovered dance through an after-school class at her old elementary school in Tucson, Arizona. She had always been extremely active, and dance fit right into her life alongside track and field and aerial arts. By the age of ten, Rosa began focusing more on dance, and now dances ballet, jazz, and contemporary. According to Rosa, it’s hard to pick out her favorite things about dance because she loves it all, but she says, “When I dance, I feel like I’m flying,” and she explains that the best thing about being a dancer is working hard to get something right– and of course, the feeling of being in the air when she leaps.  Her goals for the year are to work harder at dance and continue competing in track and field. Eventually, she hopes to attend the University of Arizona. She says that she appreciates the plethora of colors and fabrics B Dancewear offers. We say, Rosa brings her own color to the world, and we are simply happy to match it!

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