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ProMotion Dance Interview with Brittany Hagan and Jessica Runnels

According to Brittany Hagan and Jessica Runnels, Co-Founders and Owners of ProMotion Dance, they help individuals and teams achieve their goal of reaching The Next Level. Whether through choreography, consultation, fitness guidance, audition attire or offering support, ProMotion is with their dancers every step of the way. Their passion is watching their dancers grow, learn and succeed in this industry. Success comes in many forms and as long as their dancers can walk away feeling like they’ve accomplished a goal, mastered a skill or feel prepared for that upcoming audition they feel they’ve made an impact along their journey.

They believe that there are many wonderful dance outlets, resources, and opportunities available for aspiring dancers but it is hard to find them all in the same place. At ProMotion Dance, they have compiled a combined 14 years of professional dance experience and created a product that provides nearly everything a dancer could want or need to be successful! Britanny and Jessica say they work hard for their dancers bringing them the latest and greatest to propel themselves to The Next Level because they know what it takes to be a part of this industry. Not only do they have a passion for dance but they have a passion for giving back. In their eyes, dance is a powerful art. It heals us, motivates us and allows us to express ourselves in ways words cannot. Through their partnership with Kolkata Sanved, they assist in providing a brighter future for human trafficking victims through dance and yoga therapy. They hope that through their company they can create a better world through achievement, growth, expression and love.

They love when their dancers are happy with their services. Receiving positive feedback is always a wonderful feeling. However, when a dancer achieves their goal whether that is nailing their interview, surpassing last year’s personal best or making the team, Brittany and Jessica are incredibly proud and humbled. They follow their dancers throughout their journey providing support through every phase. When their dancers achieve their personal success, they feel at their best!

In Jessica and Brittany’s opinion, the biggest mistake dancers make is in the preparation!! Too often dancers do not prepare enough. This is one of the easiest things to do but also one of the most forgotten about “To-Do’s” before an audition, clinic, competition, etc. ProMotion talks a lot about preparation in their Audition Blueprint. Taking the time to do your research really does set you apart from the competition.

ProMotion coaches a variety of dancers; professionals, recreational dancers, teams and aspiring professionals. They have had some great “success” stories. Four of their students have gone on to dance professionally for the NFL. They have also had a number of students reach personal goals, i.e. making it as a Finalist this year, with even more fire to keep going next year!

Brittany and Jessica say it is how they started ProMotion is actually a really funny story. They had just finished watching a local ballet company perform The Nutcracker. As they were leaving the performance, they started talking about their shared love for dance and how they always wanted to start up a dance business. They quickly planned a day and time to meet to discuss their dream. It did not take long for them to get things started. Their sole purpose for starting this company was to provide dancers a resource to achieve their goals because when they started their professional dance careers, they had no idea what they were doing. How do they wear their hair? What do they wear to auditions? What do they need to be prepared? What is going to be expected of them? These are only some of the questions they had. They were both a nervous wreck and just hoped they could work their way through the audition process in hopes of making the team. Thankfully, they did! But it was quite the process getting there and they learned A LOT! So, it is through their company that they hope to help calm nerves, provide guidance and support needed, and add a little personal touch through their consultations giving their dancers the inside scoop on the professional dance industry.

ProMotion will be launching a fitness guide this year! Being a professional dancer requires individuals to be fit, healthy and perform at their absolute max at all times. Their fitness guide will provide dancers with workouts and meal plans the pros use to get in their top physical shape.

Jessica just started her second season as an NFL Cheerleader and was named Captain.

Brittany recently moved across the country and has opened up a socially responsible boutique featuring a BOHO inspired wardrobe. Check it out: The Wandering Coast

If you would like more information about ProMotion Dance email them at ­­­­­  You can view their services on YouTube.

In their eyes, dance is a powerful art. It heals us, motivates us and allows us to express ourselves in ways words cannot.

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