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The Greater Boston School of Dance Interview with Kerrin Michaels

Kerrin Michaels is Owner and Director of the Greater Boston School of Dance (GBSD) in Boston, Massachusetts. The studio prides itself on is being a place for students that want to take their dancing to a new level. The staff is dedicated to making students stand out from the crowd. They are passionate about teaching proper technique, but even more passionate about good sportsmanship, kindness and while at competitions appreciation and support of other studios!

Having a strong musical theatre background, Kerrin knows how important it is for dancers to be “triple threats.” Every year, the dancers have to sing in at least one routine. This year they competed with a Musical Theatre Tap routine to “Anything Goes” where they had a lead singer and the team sang chorus. GBSD tries to push their dancers out of their comfort zone and do something that will make them better, stronger dancers in the long run.

Kerrin’s proudest moments as a coach occurred during their competitions this year. Not only did their team take home multiple first place trophies locally and nationally, but their studio was awarded “kindness” and “backstage awards” at several competitions this season. It was those awards that they celebrated the most. (more…)

Amy’s All Star Dance Studio Interview with Andi Thompson

Amy’s All Star Dance Studio, in Schertz, Texas, is a Christian based dance studio owned by Amy Mucha, better known as “Ms. Amy.” Their office manager, Andi Thompson, describes their dance studio as a family based, people friendly school where everyone is welcome no matter what their dance abilities are. It doesn’t matter if they are an extremely qualified student or just beginning at the age of 12 or 13. They will help any dancer.

This year, they started a dance class for special needs children up to, and including, wheelchairs and leg braces which, in Andi’s opinion, is one of the things that separates their dance studio from other studios in the area. Andi’s younger daughter and Amy’s younger sister, Amanda, graduated from the University of Incarnate Word and was on the UIW dance squad. Her goal was to ultimately work in dance therapy with a focus on special needs children! Conse1quently, after waiting two years until Amanda graduated from college, Amy’s All Stars started this special needs class which Amanda teaches. As far as they know, they are the only studio in the area with special needs classes. Andi believes another reason they stand out is the fact that they (more…)

The Dance Zone

The Dance Zone in Henderson, Nevada, is a dynamic environment where children ages 2 to 18 years old come to be nurtured and to learn in the art of dance. They offer programs to their youngest dancers designed to engage and develop their love of movement.  They continue the growth and development of their dancers through the use of a curriculum that allows them to provide consistency and progress in the classroom.  They share that progress with their students’ parents several times a year through their “Parent Watch Weeks,” and encourage open communication between teachers and parents.  Above all, they cherish their students as people and love watching them grow into amazing people.

In the opinion of Jami Artiga and Kaydee Francis, Owners, what separates their dance studio from other studios is “inclusion.” At The Dance Zone, they truly feel that they have developed programs that give every dancer an opportunity to feel amazing about themselves.  They take great pride in the fact that their faculty and staff provide the same level of service and teaching whether the student dances once a week in a recital class, twice a week on a beginning level team or 5 to 6 days a week (more…)

Dance Impressions Interview with Kandee Allen

Dance Impressions with studios in both Bountiful and Farmington, Utah, just celebrated their 25th year. Kandee Allen and her mom, Vivian Colobella, started the dance studio together in a small 900 square foot space and they have now grown to two locations with nine classrooms. It is now under the direction of Kandee and Mallorie Johns. They offer classes to dancers of all ages and abilities. They believe that anyone can dance and everyone should. They offer a wide variety of dance classes including jazz, contemporary, classical ballet, tap, acro, hip hop and more.  Their mission is “To teach dancers the values of dedication, discipline, and hard work while instilling a love for the art of dance.”

They have a large competitive program but also have a wonderful artistic performing company offering professional level training to all dancers.  They also have over 50 recreational classes each week.  They have experienced, professional instructors which include a large number of their alumni.

Dance Impressions’ alumni have gone on to perform on Broadway, The West End, College, NFL,  and NBA dance teams and cheerleaders, Television, Olympic opening ceremonies, Disney, Movies, Internationally, with music artists, and many who have opened studios of their own and more.

In Kandee’s opinion, their dance studio (more…)

Gainesville Dance Center Interview with Patricia Bray

At the Gainesville Dance Center (GDC) in Gainesville, Virginia, they believe that a student should leave his or her class with a strong sense of accomplishment. Instruction at Gainesville takes place in a nurturing environment. The discipline and commitment to be one’s full “self” is taught in their classes and they want that knowledge to stay with their students for a lifetime. The artistic facility at GDC places children, teens, and adults in classes appropriate to each individual’s level of ability and strength. Each class placement is determined by the age of the student and the number of years in training the student has acquired. Students are continuously monitored and moved to higher levels as the student’s progress permits.

Gainesville is a second generation, family-owned dance studio located in Northern Virginia. Their professional staff of instructors is accredited with numerous International and American Associations including such as Royal Academy of Dance, Checchetti Council of America, Vaganova, Dance Masters of America Dance Educators of America, and Professional Dance Teachers Association. They also feature Master Classes throughout the season that are taught by “special guests” that are always a pleasant surprise to all area dancers!

Gainesville is very excited to be celebrating their 15th Year Anniversary! Their dance program is geared to the recreational student as well as (more…)

Boucher School of Dance Interview with Karin McCarthy

A great place to grow up! This is one description provided for Boucher School of Dance (BSD) in Oxford, Massachusetts. BSD focuses on creating beautiful, well-rounded young people who are able to achieve their goals with confidence and grace. A fun family environment where dancers are encouraged to explore who they are and be confident in their selves!!

Karin McCarthy, Owner and Director, believes that her dance studio stands apart amongst other studios because they are a fierce studio where each dancer is successful in the world not just the dance community.  Additionally, the Director, Faculty, Parents, and Dancers work together to make each season a success for each dancer.

Karin has had many proud moments as a couch but her proudest is that moment when you are in class and you see the “light bulb” moment on a dancer’s face that says “I can do this. I am worthy, this is my passion and I can do this!  This is more than the steps I am being taught. This is my very breath, my home, my solace.” That moment is priceless. It is worth more than all the titles, trophies, dancers performing or in colleges all over the Nation. Okay, Karin has (more…)

Elite Dance Studio Interview with Dyan Lopez-Fiamengo

Elite Dance StudioDynamic, inspirational, motivational, impressive, nurturing, educational, technical, family feel, inviting, quaint, one on one training, personable, and energetic feel – that is how Elite Dance Studio Rolling Hills Estates, California is described.

Their instructors have worked with top industry professionals and artists! They bring a fresh perspective and top technique to every student; Whether it is the student’s first dance class or they are a seasoned young professional, everyone receives an elite education in dance and movement.

According to Dyan Lopez-Fiamengo,  Owner and Director, they are a hands-on studio. They use muscle memory techniques, resistance training, core training, and have a strong technical foundation in all of their training.  They offer instruction in a small class setting focusing on quality, not quantity, getting the maximum results in a short period of time. Dancers come to us with little or no training and in one year they are competing against the top studios in the State beating most of them.

Dyan has several proud moments like watching her students dance on Broadway, dance and choreograph for Britney Spears, Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rockettes, start their own dance teams at the local high schools, choreograph for Dancing With the Stars, Hough brother Sister team, etc. But (more…)

Studio 19 Dance Company Interview with Erin O’Hara

Stage PerformanceThe award winning Studio 19 Dance Company, in Rochester, New York, is a team, a family and is fondly referred to as a “second home” by many of their studio families. According to Erin O’Hara, Co-Owner and Co-Director, Studio 19 Dance Company instills a passion for dance! (Miranda Martin is Erin’s Co-Director and Co-Owner.) They offer classes for 2 year olds through adult students in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical, acro, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, poise, confidence, discipline, anatomy, nutrition and more. They also offer creative movement classes specifically designed for children with special needs.

In Erin’s opinion, what makes them stand out from other studios is the fact that as a “family” they develop strong relationships with their studio families.  They cry, laugh, work and celebrate together.  But another aspect they pride themselves in is the fact that they are educating over choreographing.  They really jam as much knowledge as they can into their students – from anatomy to physics to history and what’s happening now in the dance world.  They care far more about respect for their art than a trophy any day!

Erin says that she could never pick just one “proudest” moment in her coaching career, because they happen just about every (more…)

Moore Than Dance Interview with Angela Mannella-Hoffman

Special StarsMoore Than Dance (MTD) in Fridley, Minnesota, offers triple threat training for the whole performer. They offer classes in singing, dancing and acting for students ranging from those with special needs through professional dancers. It is More Than Dance’s mission is to provide exceptional training for all of their students, from those with special needs to professionals.  By focusing on the dignity of each person, MTD’s nurturing environment will allow students to reach beyond their known potential.

Angela Mannella-Hoffman, Owner and Artistic Director, believes their studio stands out from other studios in part because they offer classes in all of the performing arts, not just dance, in an effort to train their students to be working artists. Also, they are very conscious of age-appropriateness and modesty with all of their costuming and song selection. MTD is unique in the fact that they will find a way for anyone to dance, even those in wheelchairs. This award winning studio was named the Readers’ Choice for Best Dance Studio and again for Best Place for a Children’s Party by Sun Focus readers.

Another way they stand out is they are now an official certified studio of Acrobatic Arts!  Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is (more…)

The Dance Warehouse, LLC Interview with Dr. Cheryl L. Sington

Team PhotoAccording to Dr. Cheryl L. Sington, the Owner and Executive Director of The Dance Warehouse, LLC (TDW) in Fort Meyers, Florida, their studio is Lee County’s Premier Performing Arts Training Facility. They provide Pre Professional Training in all genres of the Performing Arts for students starting at the age of 18 months old. They are a family friendly, student focused studio with a 12 to 1 teacher student ratio. They offer over 6,000+ square feet of space, with a comfortable, oversized lobby, dressing rooms, vocal studios, boutique, and personalized service for all!

From Cheryl’s point of view, their dance studio stands out from other studios by the teaching they offer. Not only does their studio bring a family friendly feel to the environment, they are also able to offer multiple teachers so that students can train with various teachers in all genres. They also offer Master Classes each month so that their students are consistently exposed to dance beyond their studio and the industry of commercial dance, dance programs, artists as well as history and the legends that have paved the way for the world of dance today!

Cheryl says her proudest moment coaching was making the decision to separate from a partner (more…)