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Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts Interview with Julie Oliver

Julie Oliver, the Owner and Director of Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts in Caspar, Wyoming, describes her studio as dedicated, fun, and a little bit crazy! Their dance team is called “Beautiful Feet” based on Isaiah 52:7 in the Bible, which says, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” According to Julie, they exist to bring the good news through dance that God sent us a Savior in Jesus Christ. “Let them praise His name with dancing . . .” Psalm 149:3a


Julie’s proudest moment as a dance coach is seeing their dancers be brave enough to stand on their convictions in the midst of extreme pressure.

In Julie’s opinion, all dancers have their own technique mistakes or “flubs,” but she believes that one of the most pervasive and common problems is simply allowing their nervousness to show. She believes that the dancers can look the judges and audience in the eye and really step out of their comfort zone to present and perform, that makes a HUGE difference and also tends to draw attention away from other technical mistakes.

Their student’s value to Beautiful Feet does not depend on his or her dancing skills (more…)

Dance Forever

Dance Forever in Clearwater, Florida, was founded in 2011 by its present owners, Troy Agresta and Cathy Nelson and just celebrated its 5th Anniversary in May. Troy and Cathy founded Dance Forever because they wanted to create a sense of community where staff and students felt welcome, valued and encouraged.

They describe themselves as the home of fair and open pricing, friendly people and a fun environment. They have been told that people can feel the difference when they walk through the door – a difference created by their warm and welcoming staff and students!

They believe that their studio is set apart from other dance studios because they help overcome obstacles and inspire their students to dream a bigger dream for themselves, to have patience and to persevere. Many adults have always dreamed of learning to dance with a partner and are apprehensive based on preconceived notions that they need something they do not already have and according to Dance Forever, the truth is it is never too late to get started becoming the dancer you want to be.

According to Dance Forever, many other studios use an old (and in our opinion outdated) business model with canned scripts and sales based tactics (more…)

Steppin’ Out Dance Company and The Next Step Dance Studio Interview with Darcey Sunken

Steppin’ Out Dance Company is Next Step Dance Studio’s competitive dance team and was created to develop a positive environment where serious dancers can grow as performers and technicians, as well as increase their self-esteem, self-discipline, and pride in their accomplishments. As members of Steppin’ Out, the dancers become more precise and enthusiastic, improve their dance technique, and learn how to be responsible team members. They value the process, not just the award at the end, and they encourage their dancers to appreciate all accomplishments, no matter how small. This process will help the dancers learn to respect others and themselves. It is also important to Steppin’ Out that their choreography and costumes are appropriate to each dancer’s age and technique level.

Darcey Sunken, is the Director and Head Coach of the Steppin’ Out Dance Company. Darcey grew up in a dance family and knew that she was meant to be a dance instructor by the time she was just thirteen years old. In 2010, Ms. Darcey followed her dreams and introduced The Next Step Dance Studio to Bloomington/Normal. Ms. Darcey was the owner of the Next Step until 2013, when she realized that her passion was annual studio showcases and the (more…)

Niantic Dance Center Interview with Jessica Megargle

Niantic Dance Center is the Arthur Murray Dance Center in Niantic, Connecticut. Arthur Murray Dance Centers are franchises and Jessica Megargle is the franchisee of this dance center.

Jessica describes their studio by the shore as a place to have fun, learn and socialize. They are like a big family there and all of their students, ranging in ages 5 to 75 years old, all support each other and share the same love and passion for dancing and the environment.

Jessica knows dancing has benefits in every school. But, she thinks what separates their dance studio from the rest are the teachers. They are unique because most of their staff started dancing in the school as students themselves. They all were inspired to teach because of how dancing improved their own lives personally and have chosen this as a career to pay it forward.

Her proudest moments coaching have been the less obvious ones involving staff. Often, staff tends to move on to open their own schools or manage schools in other states. Jessica loves that she is able to see them all still living out their passions and dancing and knowing she just touched them or helped to light the spark within them. (more…)

Gus Giordano Dance School Interview with Amy Giordano

According to Amy P. Giordano, Executive Director, Gus Giordano Dance School (aka GUS) in Chicago, Illinois, has been teaching the highest quality of dance instruction since 1953. Founded by Gus and Peg Giordano and is currently under the direction of Amy Giordano. This is a family run business that trains dancers age 2 to professionals in all styles: Giordano Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pointe, Ballroom and more.

In Amy’s opinion, one of the things that makes their dance studio distinctive is the fact that Gus Giordano Dance School has trained more dancers than any other institution in the Chicagoland area. Gus Giordano’s mission was to spread the gift of dance to all and provide the best quality training. The atmosphere at GUS is warm and inviting, which encourages all students to reach their potential. The present staff at Gus Giordano Dance School is honored to continue Gus’ legacy.

Amy’s proudest moment was when the street in front of the School was dedicated to her father as a tribute to him. The City of Chicago approved the Clark street dedication and their dancers performed a flag parade throughout the neighborhood as the community, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and several local Aldermen came together (more…)

DanceCenter Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio Interview with Anne McNinch

PerformanceAccording to Anne McNinch, Owner, DanceCenter Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a great community of dancers young and old. At the DanceCenter, they do it all. They teach a variety of dances from ballet to bachata.  Their instructors are experts in their field with years of experience.  You can learn at your own pace in private lessons or join some friends in a group class. In addition to dance classes, DanceCenter offers monthly parties offered for beginners through advanced levels, Master Classes, Showcases, and much more.

They also offer choreography for wedding dances.  As a Bride Certified Vendor, DanceCenter is the place to help you make your special day absolutely perfect. They can tailor your wedding dance especially for you! You may decide to surprise your friends and family with a choreographed extravaganza, or maybe you just need a little help feeling more comfortable on the dance floor. Whatever you desire, their experienced instructors will get you there. Their wedding packages are designed to make your life simple. Along with your instructor, you can choose what options best suit your needs.  DanceCenter specializes in private lessons and/or group lessons with your wedding party.  Dance . . . it’s what they do!

DanceCenter is dedicated (more…)

Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn Interview with Dave Serfling

ballroomUnlike most of the studios we spotlight, The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn in Renton, Washington, is an adult Social Dance Studio. They offer dance lessons in a variety of Ballroom, Country, Latin and Swing Dances as well as Line Dances. During the week there are lessons every night and some in the daytime. Friday nights provide a chance to have fun and dance. The night starts off with a dance lesson from 7 to 8 p.m. to get things warmed up. Then from 8 to 11 p.m., you can dance to a variety of music that works with all the types of dance taught during the week.

Dave Serfling. the Owner of the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, believes their studio is different from other studios because they teach dancing for fun, not competition or performance. Their dance lessons are mainly done in Group Classes. This keeps the dance lessons fun and social. Additionally, they do not use high pressure sales to sign anyone up for long term contracts. The classes run 6 weeks. Then they start new ones. Dave believes that if people have fun and enjoy the class, they will automatically sign up for more and there is no need to (more…)

Westbrook Dance Academy Interview with Julie Reed-Russo

getPartJulie Reed-Russo is the Owner, Director, Teacher, and Choreographer of Westbrook Dance Academy (WDA) in Westbrook, Connecticut. She describes their studio as a big family where everyone cares about each other and goes out of their way to support each other on and off the dance floor. Also, they do their best to help each student achieve their personal best and have a great dance experience. At the same time, they strive to provide age appropriate curriculum, choreography, costumes, and music.

In Julie’s opinion, WDA stands out from other studios because they pride themselves on giving all of their students a complete dance education, whether beginner or advanced, recreational or competition. This is done by stressing technique, terminology, and the mastering of steps in their fun, exciting, and challenging classes.

They offer a wide variety of classes for all ability levels from beginner to advanced, 2 years old to adult, recreational dancers and competition dancers, in Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Irish Step, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Boys Hip Hop, and Ballroom. They also offer Voice lessons and Technique Workshops.

Julie does not have a “proudest moment” in her coaching career. For her, every moment has been a proud moment for her. Watching the students perform (more…)

Beyond Dancing Interview with Rachel Uneberg

ballet picBeyond Dancing in Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota, Florida, is a one stop shop for any and all who want to learn how to dance, from children ages three to adults of all ages, beginners and advanced, recreation or competition dancers alike will find just what they are looking for when they walk through their doors. Beyond Dancing offers performance dances (preschool dance, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary), Latin dances (Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Bachatta, et al.) and ballroom (Waltz, Fox Trot, etc.).

Beyond Dancing’s curriculum, music, lyrics, choreography, and costumes are in keeping with good taste, and with their family friendly atmosphere. Beyond Dancing’s progressive teaching styles sets them apart from other studios. They strive to provide an environment rich of quality and competence all lending to a comfortable social atmosphere where learning how to dance is fun and enjoyable. Their dance classes include children’s play dance, ballet, tap, jazz, acro, hip hop, contemporary, Latin and ballroom dance.

Whether it is Ballroom, Latin or Performance Dance, one of the quickest ways to obtaining your dancing goals is through individual instruction. This one-on-one method will help you learn the skill of art of dance in one of the most efficient ways. For (more…)

B. Elite Dance Academy Interview with Tonya Reed-Simon

2015 B elite cover pageElite Dance Academy, aka Belleville Elite Dance Academy, is family-owned and operated right here in Belleville and Ofallon, Illinois. According to Tonya Reed-Simon, B. Elite has treated every customer like they were a part of their family from the day the opened their studio in 2005. Other companies may offer similar services, but B. Elite believes their services are the best and come with a personal touch.

Tonya was moved to open a studio because there was a need for someone to step up and help the kids in the community acquire their dance goals. She was asked if she could be that someone and she accepted the challenge. Their rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Their employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Tonya Reed-Simon uses discipline, fun, humor, counseling, bonding in teaching her students. B. Elite is a family and Tonya makes sure all the kids that dance for her treat each other like family. Their students are performance based and pre-professional taught. She teaches her students to be employable dancers.

Elite Dance Academy is a well-established and well-respected dance school located in southern St. Clair County. For more than ten years, B. (more…)