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Center Stage Dance Studio Interview with Mary Pilalis, Director

Center Stage Dance Studio, in Bloomingdale, Illinois, is described by Mary Pilalis, their Director, as a great studio with a family environment that includes the nationally renowned Aspire Dance Company, the Center Stage Dance Studio Performing Troupe which performs at community events, and their 30 weekly recital classes. This year they are excited to add a tumbling program.
For Excellence in dance, Center Stage has been serving suburban Chicagoland for over 15 years. They pride themselves on not only being the biggest dance studio in the area but also the best! Center Stage is a family owned and operated business based in Bloomingdale. They offer Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Dance Poms and Tumbling. In addition, they offer technique classes or recital classes and classes for both boys and girls. Whatever you think you are looking for, we have the perfect class to suit your needs.
Center Stage has been named by the Federation of Dance Competitions as one of the top 10 dance studios in the United States, by Dancer Magazine as one of the top 25 dance studios in North America and by the Daily Herald as the best place to dance in (more…)

Kemper Dance Academy Interview with Jeni Kemper

Kemper Dance Academy (KDA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, strives to provide quality and professional instruction in all types of dances to all types of dancers in a positive and friendly atmosphere. Whether their dancers are training to be professionals or just dancing for their enjoyment, the benefits are endless. They endeavor to create not only well-rounded dancers, but well-rounded people with poise, confidence, discipline, and, of course, physical strength and endurance. They offer training in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop and much, much more. They have classes available for dancers from 18 months old to Adult.

Jeni Kemper, Kemper’s Studio Owner and Director, believes that what separates their dance studio from other dance studios is that KDA offers classes no one else offers in Colorado Springs. In addition to bringing in top choreographers and performers from Los Angeles, New York and Chicago plus making sure the dancers have the correct direction to colleges or any other future goals they may have, KDA offers their JEDI program which is dedicated for dancers with disabilities. This program happens on Tuesday evenings and it is one of Jeni’s favorite classes to teach. Jeni says they keep her young, active and remind her that life (more…)

The New Ballet School Interview with Dalia Rawson

The New Ballet School (NBS) in San Jose, California, is an American Ballet Theatre Certified School, and provides expert ballet training with a focus on dancer’s health. Additionally, child development classes are available for toddlers of the pre-professionals and drop-in adults featuring live music in the classroom. Providing unparalleled training for serious pre-professional ballet students, The New Ballet School is proud to feature the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum.

In the opinion of Dalia Rawson, the Executive Director, what separates their dance studio from other dance studios is their focus on training the “whole dancer.” Keeping in mind each student’s physical, emotional, and psychological health equips their students for success in whatever career path they choose and sets NBS apart from other rigorous classical ballet training programs.

Training at the New Ballet School focuses on developmentally appropriate instruction and dancer health for each student. Their certified teaching staff has many years experience bringing high quality artistic training to students ranging from 18 months to 22 years old.  The majority of their staff has danced professionally and understands firsthand the elements required for an artist’s development.

Dalia’s proudest moment coaching is when they see their students succeed, both with placements in professional companies and (more…)

Studio of The Month – Broadway Training Center

Broadway Training Center (BTC)   in Hastings on Hudson, New York is celebrating their 25th season this year. Located in a historic landmark building, BTC has a small town feel with big time professionals. They have comprehensive training in dance techniques at every level plus acting, voice, and Musical Theater departments for Kindergarten through 12th graders and adults! They offer classes 6 days a week throughout the school year and summer performing arts programs Kindergarten students through Adults. Their classes include various levels and combinations of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Lyrical, Voice, Music, Improv, Hip Hop, Drama, Acting, Musical Theater, Broadway Jazz, Vocal Performance Cabaret, and Storyteller Theatre.

Their mission is to inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, educate and empower artists and audiences. BTC is a not for profit 501c3 organization run by a board of directors and a small administrative team.

Broadway Training Center of Westchester, under the artistic direction of Jason Brantman and Fiona Santos, was recently awarded Best Theatre Classes in Southern Westchester by Westchester Magazine.  This premier performing arts school provides children, teens, and adults with Broadway oriented performing arts training focusing on the joy of accomplishment and the enrichment of personal expression through classroom and performance work.

At BTC, (more…)

Dance Concepts Interview with Erica Ethington

Dance Concepts (DC) in Sandy, Utah, is home to some of the most amazing, talented, kind, bright young people in Utah.  According to Erica Ethington, Director, they train well rounded dancers and care about who they are (and are becoming) as much as they care about the height of their grand jetes.  Dance Concepts is a fun, family friendly dance studio in Sandy, Utah, offering classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Stretch and Conditioning, and Tumbling For Dancers. They also offer many classes including classes for the younger set such as Dance With Me (often called a “Mommy and Me” class), First Steps, Petite Performers, and Rising Stars.  Their Summer Dance Classes include Dance With Me (Ages 2 to 3), Ballet Cinema  (Ages 4 to 7 ), Dance Technique, Conditioning For Dancers, Ballet With Erica, Contemporary Movement, Hip Hop, Flexibility Focus.

DC has competition teams that have been dancing with them for years and they are very proud of them. They also have a lot of dancers that just come in once a week for their single class. What really makes them different than a lot of studios is they believe that the once a week classes deserve the same awesome (more…)

Boucher School of Dance Interview with Karin McCarthy

A great place to grow up! This is one description provided for Boucher School of Dance (BSD) in Oxford, Massachusetts. BSD focuses on creating beautiful, well-rounded young people who are able to achieve their goals with confidence and grace. A fun family environment where dancers are encouraged to explore who they are and be confident in their selves!!

Karin McCarthy, Owner and Director, believes that her dance studio stands apart amongst other studios because they are a fierce studio where each dancer is successful in the world not just the dance community.  Additionally, the Director, Faculty, Parents, and Dancers work together to make each season a success for each dancer.

Karin has had many proud moments as a couch but her proudest is that moment when you are in class and you see the “light bulb” moment on a dancer’s face that says “I can do this. I am worthy, this is my passion and I can do this!  This is more than the steps I am being taught. This is my very breath, my home, my solace.” That moment is priceless. It is worth more than all the titles, trophies, dancers performing or in colleges all over the Nation. Okay, Karin has (more…)

Elite Dance Studio Interview with Dyan Lopez-Fiamengo

Elite Dance StudioDynamic, inspirational, motivational, impressive, nurturing, educational, technical, family feel, inviting, quaint, one on one training, personable, and energetic feel – that is how Elite Dance Studio Rolling Hills Estates, California is described.

Their instructors have worked with top industry professionals and artists! They bring a fresh perspective and top technique to every student; Whether it is the student’s first dance class or they are a seasoned young professional, everyone receives an elite education in dance and movement.

According to Dyan Lopez-Fiamengo,  Owner and Director, they are a hands-on studio. They use muscle memory techniques, resistance training, core training, and have a strong technical foundation in all of their training.  They offer instruction in a small class setting focusing on quality, not quantity, getting the maximum results in a short period of time. Dancers come to us with little or no training and in one year they are competing against the top studios in the State beating most of them.

Dyan has several proud moments like watching her students dance on Broadway, dance and choreograph for Britney Spears, Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rockettes, start their own dance teams at the local high schools, choreograph for Dancing With the Stars, Hough brother Sister team, etc. But (more…)

Intempo Dance Interview with Rocio Braggiato

Team PhotoIntempo Dance in Katy (West Houston area), Texas, offfers dance styles like Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and more. When Rocio Braggiato, Owner and Artistic Director, opened the studio about 4 years ago they wanted it to not only be a legacy, but be a family business and for their customers to not only feel at home but to feel like part of the family. They want their students to enjoy coming to dance class every day no matter what kind of dance it is.

Continuing a prestigious legacy that started in 1963 at the “Estudio de Danza Paloma Bernal” in Mexico City, Intempo Dance is proud to bring fine dance instruction to the West Houston/Katy area. The founders of Intempo have been involved in the Ballet and Dance Arts world for over 40 years with literally thousands of students. Their school is based on and accredited by the world renown Royal Academy of Dance located in London, England . They offer dance classes of all levels from classes for beginners to classes that prepare dancers for professional careers. At Intempo Dance their goal is to help students achieve their goals in dance and to give them the self-confidence to become (more…)

Idaho Rhythm School of Dance and Music Interview with Robbie Walker

team photoIdaho Rhythm School of Dance and Music in Nampa, Idaho, is not just in the business of teaching dance moves and music theory.  They are passionate about inspiring people to go for their dreams; to feel confident and valued as they work to improve their talents by setting and achieving goals, working consistently towards their better self.  They recognize that most families are not aiming for professional experiences on Broadway.  The families are looking for a loving and safe environment where their kids are free to explore and discover their unique abilities.  Idaho Rhythm is honored to assist in that process.

Robbie Walker, Director of Idaho Rhythm, believes that their studio is different from other studios because not only is it their mission to be More Than Just Great Dancing™, their dance moves, music, and costumes are extremely family friendly.  You will never see their dancers in sports bras and booty shorts on the stage dancing provocatively to music with a negative message.  All of what they do seek to support, lift and create confidence of the dancer while grandma and grandpa are able to enjoy the show.

Another way they are different is that they save families time and extra money by (more…)

DanceCenter Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio Interview with Anne McNinch

PerformanceAccording to Anne McNinch, Owner, DanceCenter Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a great community of dancers young and old. At the DanceCenter, they do it all. They teach a variety of dances from ballet to bachata.  Their instructors are experts in their field with years of experience.  You can learn at your own pace in private lessons or join some friends in a group class. In addition to dance classes, DanceCenter offers monthly parties offered for beginners through advanced levels, Master Classes, Showcases, and much more.

They also offer choreography for wedding dances.  As a Bride Certified Vendor, DanceCenter is the place to help you make your special day absolutely perfect. They can tailor your wedding dance especially for you! You may decide to surprise your friends and family with a choreographed extravaganza, or maybe you just need a little help feeling more comfortable on the dance floor. Whatever you desire, their experienced instructors will get you there. Their wedding packages are designed to make your life simple. Along with your instructor, you can choose what options best suit your needs.  DanceCenter specializes in private lessons and/or group lessons with your wedding party.  Dance . . . it’s what they do!

DanceCenter is dedicated (more…)