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Steppin’ Out Dance Company and The Next Step Dance Studio Interview with Darcey Sunken

Steppin’ Out Dance Company is Next Step Dance Studio’s competitive dance team and was created to develop a positive environment where serious dancers can grow as performers and technicians, as well as increase their self-esteem, self-discipline, and pride in their accomplishments. As members of Steppin’ Out, the dancers become more precise and enthusiastic, improve their dance technique, and learn how to be responsible team members. They value the process, not just the award at the end, and they encourage their dancers to appreciate all accomplishments, no matter how small. This process will help the dancers learn to respect others and themselves. It is also important to Steppin’ Out that their choreography and costumes are appropriate to each dancer’s age and technique level.

Darcey Sunken, is the Director and Head Coach of the Steppin’ Out Dance Company. Darcey grew up in a dance family and knew that she was meant to be a dance instructor by the time she was just thirteen years old. In 2010, Ms. Darcey followed her dreams and introduced The Next Step Dance Studio to Bloomington/Normal. Ms. Darcey was the owner of the Next Step until 2013, when she realized that her passion was annual studio showcases and the (more…)

Footlights Dance Studio Interview with Amy Parsons

Footlights Dance Studio is a Christian dance studio with both a competitive track or performance only classes in Flower Mound, Texas.  Their focus is on growing and developing strong dance technique and performance ability in a more conservative, positive environment.  In order to keep their dance routines wholesome, they are careful with song lyrics, choreography and costuming.  Their instructors are highly qualified and great role models both inside and outside the studio space.  They have strong results at competitions and do multiple community performances as well as offering opportunities for conventions, master classes and trips!

According to Amy Parsons, Owner and Director, in addition to their careful selection of music, costumes and choreography, they want their students to still be able to be kids and participate in other activities where possible.  They believe very much that the joy of dance should be able to be shared by all, not just those dedicating ten hours a week to dance.  If a student wants to take a couple dance classes for fun and exercise, that’s okay! They also offer optional worship dance opportunities and devotionals at various times throughout the year.

Amy believes there are three main qualities that make Footlights unique. They are: 1) (more…)

Dance Image Interview with Debbi D. Miller

Debbi D. Miller is the Owner and Artistic Director, of Dance Image in Whittier, California. Dance Image has been in business for over 23 years and offers quality dance for all ages and levels – “walking” to adult, ​Beginner through Advanced Levels. They have a family atmosphere that encourages students to do their best and gain self confidence is one where students can learn to be the best dancer they can be. Their classes are for both the serious dancer and the recreational dancer.

Many of their Teaching Staff are alumni of Dance Image. These amazing teachers are continually striving to challenge the students.  Debbi, herself, has been teaching dance for over 33 years. They are very proud of their incredible staff, many of which began their careers at Dance Image.  Instructors are chosen based on the right combination of training, personality and teaching skills.  Instructors are constantly taking class and working in the business to provide the most current styles and techniques possible.

​In Debbi’s opinion, the main thing that sets her dance studio apart from other dance studios is the fact that they teach the Cecchetti Method of Ballet, one of the most common styles of training in Classical Ballet. The Cecchetti Method of (more…)

Dance Impressions Interview with Kandee Allen

Dance Impressions with studios in both Bountiful and Farmington, Utah, just celebrated their 25th year. Kandee Allen and her mom, Vivian Colobella, started the dance studio together in a small 900 square foot space and they have now grown to two locations with nine classrooms. It is now under the direction of Kandee and Mallorie Johns. They offer classes to dancers of all ages and abilities. They believe that anyone can dance and everyone should. They offer a wide variety of dance classes including jazz, contemporary, classical ballet, tap, acro, hip hop and more.  Their mission is “To teach dancers the values of dedication, discipline, and hard work while instilling a love for the art of dance.”

They have a large competitive program but also have a wonderful artistic performing company offering professional level training to all dancers.  They also have over 50 recreational classes each week.  They have experienced, professional instructors which include a large number of their alumni.

Dance Impressions’ alumni have gone on to perform on Broadway, The West End, College, NFL,  and NBA dance teams and cheerleaders, Television, Olympic opening ceremonies, Disney, Movies, Internationally, with music artists, and many who have opened studios of their own and more.

In Kandee’s opinion, their dance studio (more…)

East Bay Dance Center Interview with Bonnie Sita

East Bay Dance Center (EBDC) in Oakland, California, creates more confident kids through dance. East Bay encourages their students to cross train in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, African Dance and tumbling.  They emphasize individual accomplishment, team work and a non-competitive supportive atmosphere.

In the opinion of Bonnie Sita, Executive Director, their dance studio stands out among other dance studios because they believe in teaching the “whole child” and enhancing confidence and life skills through dance. They do this by recognizing that every child is uniquely talented and feel it is their honor to support them in taking this talent to its ultimate expression.  Everyone is a star in their studio!  They also partner with the parents to provide what they really want and need – a supportive, safe and fun activity for their child that is making them stronger, smarter and more confident. In 2003, East Bay was named “Best Dance Studio in East Bay” by Oakland Tribune and in 2014, Parents’ Press named them “Best of the East Bay.”

Bonnie’s proudest moments coaching is\ when she watches the kids that she taught grow up in the studio and then come back and work for her during the summer as teenagers and young (more…)

July Dancer of the Month

Jamaica beachOur Dancer of the Month for the month of July is Celinne Lyons. Celinne is 17 years old and a senior in high school on Long Island, New York. Over the next few months, Celinne will be making a decision on where she will be headed after graduation. Obviously, this is a really big decision and will take a lot of thought. Celinne can be funny at times, a good friend and a good listener. She cares a lot about the people in her life and her family. She loves to travel and draw. Art is something she loves, too.

Celinne’s mom always wanted her to be an Irish dancer so she put Celine in Irish dance classes at the age of 3 1/2. Irish dancing is all she has ever known. It became her life, her passion and gave her a great base for many life skills.

According to Celinne, her proudest moment as a dancer occurred when she placed fourth 16th Bdayplace out of 78 girls at oireachtas in a traditional set competition.

Celinne also loves performing during St. Patrick’s Day (their March madness). She loves going to veterans’ homes, parades and all kinds of shows to show off her love of Irish (more…)

ProDance Academy Interview with Katrina Prodan

kidsKatrina Prodan, co-owner of ProDance in Linwood, New Jersey, describes their studio as New, Innovative with a strong emphasis on ballet technique.

In Katrina’s opinion what separates them from other dance studios is their true love for dance. It is more than just a business for them. It is about giving their students the opportunity to learn the art form and passing on their passion for the sport.

Their proudest moment was in their third year at their annual recital. One of their parents captured the moment of the entire company on stage. Watching from the wings, they had not realized how they had grown as a studio and succeeded in passing on their passion for dance to so many young students.

One of the biggest mistakes they see dancers make is focusing on tricks instead of basic technique and movement quality.  Dancers need to realize their own individual strengths and strive to be their very best – not everyone else’s best. Make sure you learn at your own pace and remember that ballet is the base of all dance forms.

Their goals for this year are to expand their business, add more styles of dance to their curriculum, and more master classes for their (more…)

Intempo Dance Interview with Rocio Braggiato

Team PhotoIntempo Dance in Katy (West Houston area), Texas, offfers dance styles like Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and more. When Rocio Braggiato, Owner and Artistic Director, opened the studio about 4 years ago they wanted it to not only be a legacy, but be a family business and for their customers to not only feel at home but to feel like part of the family. They want their students to enjoy coming to dance class every day no matter what kind of dance it is.

Continuing a prestigious legacy that started in 1963 at the “Estudio de Danza Paloma Bernal” in Mexico City, Intempo Dance is proud to bring fine dance instruction to the West Houston/Katy area. The founders of Intempo have been involved in the Ballet and Dance Arts world for over 40 years with literally thousands of students. Their school is based on and accredited by the world renown Royal Academy of Dance located in London, England . They offer dance classes of all levels from classes for beginners to classes that prepare dancers for professional careers. At Intempo Dance their goal is to help students achieve their goals in dance and to give them the self-confidence to become (more…)

Idaho Rhythm School of Dance and Music Interview with Robbie Walker

team photoIdaho Rhythm School of Dance and Music in Nampa, Idaho, is not just in the business of teaching dance moves and music theory.  They are passionate about inspiring people to go for their dreams; to feel confident and valued as they work to improve their talents by setting and achieving goals, working consistently towards their better self.  They recognize that most families are not aiming for professional experiences on Broadway.  The families are looking for a loving and safe environment where their kids are free to explore and discover their unique abilities.  Idaho Rhythm is honored to assist in that process.

Robbie Walker, Director of Idaho Rhythm, believes that their studio is different from other studios because not only is it their mission to be More Than Just Great Dancing™, their dance moves, music, and costumes are extremely family friendly.  You will never see their dancers in sports bras and booty shorts on the stage dancing provocatively to music with a negative message.  All of what they do seek to support, lift and create confidence of the dancer while grandma and grandpa are able to enjoy the show.

Another way they are different is that they save families time and extra money by (more…)

Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn Interview with Dave Serfling

ballroomUnlike most of the studios we spotlight, The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn in Renton, Washington, is an adult Social Dance Studio. They offer dance lessons in a variety of Ballroom, Country, Latin and Swing Dances as well as Line Dances. During the week there are lessons every night and some in the daytime. Friday nights provide a chance to have fun and dance. The night starts off with a dance lesson from 7 to 8 p.m. to get things warmed up. Then from 8 to 11 p.m., you can dance to a variety of music that works with all the types of dance taught during the week.

Dave Serfling. the Owner of the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, believes their studio is different from other studios because they teach dancing for fun, not competition or performance. Their dance lessons are mainly done in Group Classes. This keeps the dance lessons fun and social. Additionally, they do not use high pressure sales to sign anyone up for long term contracts. The classes run 6 weeks. Then they start new ones. Dave believes that if people have fun and enjoy the class, they will automatically sign up for more and there is no need to (more…)