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March Dancer of the Month

March Dancer of the MonthBDancewear’s Dancer of the Month for March, 2015, is Remy Thompson. Remy is 14 years old and has been dancing since she was three. Not only is she an accomplished dancer, she is also an Honor Roll Student. She has received all A’s in honors classes at Robert E. Lee High School!

Remy started dancing at the age of three in a recreational program and has been dancing ever since. For the last eight years she has been dancing competitively at Strictly Rhythm. Remy has won many first place, high scores and titles at competitions. Her recent “happiest moment” dancing was on March 14, 2015 when she won the title of Miss Teen Believe at the Believe competition.

IMarch Dancer of the Month Thropy

She found the booty shorts she bought from BDancewear to be very comfortable and pretty. She bought a pair of pink booty shorts and a pair of black booty shorts. She uses the pink booty shorts with one of her costumes and uses the black booty shorts for daily rehearsals at Strictly Rhythm. She says that “their customer service is beyond exemplary!!”

Remy’s goal for this year is to perform her absolute best whether she wins or not!!  She hopes to attend Pace University in New (more…)

7 Ways to DIY Your Dance Costume

In this video/article we are going to show you 7 tips you can use to make your own dance costume, saving you money and giving you a unique look that no one else will have.  DIYing your own dance costume is not only fun, but with just a few simple techniques you can make costumes that look like it should cost you hundreds of dollars and it will cost you almost nothing.  You can either watch the video or read the article below, but make sure you read/watch it all the way through because these techniques work really well together.

1. Adding a Broach

Adding a broach is a simple way to add some flair to your costume.  Adding a broach allows you to do a number of different things, such as pinching in parts of your costume, hiking up one side of a skirt and of course adding a beautiful broach to your already awesome costume.   When you do use a broach you will want to make sure that you add some glue to it or clamp it down, to make sure that it doesn’t fall off.  For the full video on all the ways you can Add a Broach click here.

2.  (more…)