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ProMotion Dance Interview with Brittany Hagan and Jessica Runnels

According to Brittany Hagan and Jessica Runnels, Co-Founders and Owners of ProMotion Dance, they help individuals and teams achieve their goal of reaching The Next Level. Whether through choreography, consultation, fitness guidance, audition attire or offering support, ProMotion is with their dancers every step of the way. Their passion is watching their dancers grow, learn and succeed in this industry. Success comes in many forms and as long as their dancers can walk away feeling like they’ve accomplished a goal, mastered a skill or feel prepared for that upcoming audition they feel they’ve made an impact along their journey.

They believe that there are many wonderful dance outlets, resources, and opportunities available for aspiring dancers but it is hard to find them all in the same place. At ProMotion Dance, they have compiled a combined 14 years of professional dance experience and created a product that provides nearly everything a dancer could want or need to be successful! Britanny and Jessica say they work hard for their dancers bringing them the latest and greatest to propel themselves to The Next Level because they know what it takes to be a part of this industry. Not only do they have a passion for (more…)

Tennessee Arts Conservatory Interview with Jennifer Harwell

Tennessee Arts Conservatory in Franklin, Tennessee, is classically focused, with pre professional and competition training.  They engage their dancers artistically and athletically and part of that is teaching injury prevention and nutrition.  For pointe, ballet, and choreography they focus on private coaching.  Additionally, they engage the students at a young age with choreography and one of the ways they do that is by letting them enter their choreography into competitions. The students have regular evaluations and ballet exams, and when they graduate, they are ready for a college program or a professional company.

Tennessee Arts Conservatory is owned by Jennifer Harwell where she is also the Artistic Director. Nashville in Motion, their Professional Dance Company, began as a unique artistic endeavor to bring audiences contemporary dance in collaboration with musical talent.

In Jennifer’s opinion, there are a number of things that set them apart from other dance studios in their area. One of those things is the number of guest teachers and Master Classes they offer. In addition, they offer a guidance program for dance as the next step for students entering their junior or senior year of high school. Tennessee Arts also offers Visual Art and Homeschool classes.  Last, they are developing a (more…)

Twisted Bodies Interview with Carissa Laitinen-Kniss and Khristen Pahler

According to Carissa Laitinen-Kniss and Khristen Pahler, Co-Owners, Twisted Bodies in Denton, Texas, is not just a studio. “Twisted Bodies” is a home to a growing team of passionate caring people, who provide intelligent training to individuals of all backgrounds and ages. From dance, to aerial arts, yoga and Pilates, Twisted Bodies is dedicated to giving recreational classes and training to professionals. In addition to on-going classes, Twisted Bodies is also a teacher training center for yoga, aerial yoga, aerial Pilates, and more. Additionally, they host on-going performances and house a professional aerial dance company that performs throughout the United States.

They believe that Twisted Bodies stands out among other dance studios because it is more than just a dance studio. They begin everyone with Pilates training to condition their bodies for higher level performance. In addition, their professional track students go on to learn a variety of circus arts from aerial silks to Lyra hoop.

They are the proudest when they see the triumph and success in their student’s eyes from age 6 to 75!

They believe that the biggest mistakes dancers make is when they focus on technique and performance all the time which is wonderful. However, not enough emphasis is placed on conditioning (more…)

Gainesville Dance Center Interview with Patricia Bray

At the Gainesville Dance Center (GDC) in Gainesville, Virginia, they believe that a student should leave his or her class with a strong sense of accomplishment. Instruction at Gainesville takes place in a nurturing environment. The discipline and commitment to be one’s full “self” is taught in their classes and they want that knowledge to stay with their students for a lifetime. The artistic facility at GDC places children, teens, and adults in classes appropriate to each individual’s level of ability and strength. Each class placement is determined by the age of the student and the number of years in training the student has acquired. Students are continuously monitored and moved to higher levels as the student’s progress permits.

Gainesville is a second generation, family-owned dance studio located in Northern Virginia. Their professional staff of instructors is accredited with numerous International and American Associations including such as Royal Academy of Dance, Checchetti Council of America, Vaganova, Dance Masters of America Dance Educators of America, and Professional Dance Teachers Association. They also feature Master Classes throughout the season that are taught by “special guests” that are always a pleasant surprise to all area dancers!

Gainesville is very excited to be celebrating their 15th Year Anniversary! Their dance program is geared to the recreational student as well as (more…)

Winter Dance Company Interview with Winter D. McCray

winter d mccrayWinter D. McCray, Artistic Director of Winter Dance Company (WDC) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they provide quality and affordable dance instruction for students three years old to adult. Their goal is for each dancer to experience the elements of dance including creativity, performance quality, style, and musicality in a positive and fun-filled atmosphere. Their trained staff focuses on the overall improvement of the dancer through training, dance education, and performance opportunities.

Winter Dance Company instills positive self-esteem, motivation, discipline, and commitment. Students will have a positive influence within the community through participation and performance opportunities with non-profit and community-based programs and organizations. Whether a student is dancing for fun or recreation, or to enter dance on a professional level, Winter Dance Company is a great foundation and guide along the way.

winter dance companyWinter Dance Company is dedicated to bringing the fun and challenge of dancing to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas at an affordable cost. They offer private and group instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, liturgical, mime, cheernastics, lyrical, and fitness. WDC also provide a place for dancers to utilize and showcase their skills through an annual dance recital, community programs events, productions, and performances. Additionally, WDC offers its students a variety of (more…)

Newport Dance Theater Interview with Kimberly Davis


Dancers need a loving place to grow into artists, and a safe place they can come to where they feel at home and where everyone shows respect and care for each other.

Newport Dance Theatre in Costa Mesa, California, is intertwined with, and located in the same facility as, Newport Dance and Fitness. They interviewed Kimberly Davis, the Owner and Director of Newport Dance Theater and Co-Owner, with Bristin Andreae, of Newport Dance and Fitness. unnamed

The dance studio was started by Kim’s mother in 2005 and is still family owned and operated. Most of their dance teachers have, or are in the process of receiving, college degrees in dance or have been teaching dance for over 15 years. Their studio offers classes for adults and children starting at 18 months old. Their wide variety of dance classes includes; ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, tumbling, lyrical, and contemporary. Their classes appeal to children of all ages and levels. Whether they are recreational dancers looking to take a weekly class for fun or more dance-focused and striving to be a part of their dance competition team, they have a place and a class for everyone.

Their focus is on teaching the highest level of dance technique, (more…)

DanceCenter Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio Interview with Anne McNinch

PerformanceAccording to Anne McNinch, Owner, DanceCenter Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a great community of dancers young and old. At the DanceCenter, they do it all. They teach a variety of dances from ballet to bachata.  Their instructors are experts in their field with years of experience.  You can learn at your own pace in private lessons or join some friends in a group class. In addition to dance classes, DanceCenter offers monthly parties offered for beginners through advanced levels, Master Classes, Showcases, and much more.

They also offer choreography for wedding dances.  As a Bride Certified Vendor, DanceCenter is the place to help you make your special day absolutely perfect. They can tailor your wedding dance especially for you! You may decide to surprise your friends and family with a choreographed extravaganza, or maybe you just need a little help feeling more comfortable on the dance floor. Whatever you desire, their experienced instructors will get you there. Their wedding packages are designed to make your life simple. Along with your instructor, you can choose what options best suit your needs.  DanceCenter specializes in private lessons and/or group lessons with your wedding party.  Dance . . . it’s what they do!

DanceCenter is dedicated (more…)

Tap Fever Studios Interview with Larisa Hall

soloAccording to Larisa Hall, Executive Director, Tap Fever Studios in San Diego, California, provides accessible dance opportunities to people of all ages, with and without disabilities. They empower students to achieve their goals through the performing arts.

Larisa believes that their dance studio is different from others because they try their best to remove the obstacles that may prevent someone from dancing by offering dance scholarships for those with financial hardship due to family expenses, medical expenses, or educational expenses, and by making accommodations for people with disabilities.

Tap Fever Studios is a non-profit dance school that has something for everyone! With an array of classes that complement their focus on tap dance, people from all walks of life learn how to mobilize the rhythm from their hearts. Students are offered a strong foundation through fun and dynamic classes that accelerate basic skills into fantastic moves. All the major disciplines are represented: tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and partner dancing. Their programs provide accessible classes for people with disabilities, scholarships, and leadership mentoring for teens! In addition to dance classes, they also offer dance-styled (Zumba-inspired) Cardio Tap fitness classes. They offer dance classes for all, starting at age 2 and have dance classes (more…)

Belly Motions, Inc. Interview with Luisa Molina

Belly DancingSpecializing in World Dances in a class format designed for adult women who want to start dancing at a later age, they offer authentic Middle Eastern, Indian, African, Hip Hop, Zumba and other specialty dance and fitness classes, Belly Motions, Inc., located in South Miami, Florida, is driven by a selective team of professionals dedicated to their students and the performing arts. Portia Lange, Founder and CEO, founded Belly Motions in 2005 in order to empower women of all ages through dances that celebrate differences in body shapes and sizes. For this article, we interviewed Luisa Molina, their Director of Business Development. Not only is Luisa the Director of both the KIDS Programs and Business Development, she is also a Belly Dance instructor and performer.

The staff has experienced many proud moments as Belly Motions’ instructors, but their favorites tend to be when they celebrate their students’ birthdays during their dance class!  This is a sure reminder not only that their students enjoy Belly Motion’s studio, but that they LOVE and want to be here to share their gratitude on their special days.

In Portia’s experience, she has found that women tend to be very competitive with each other.   At Belly Motions, they (more…)

Moore Than Dance Interview with Angela Mannella-Hoffman

Special StarsMoore Than Dance (MTD) in Fridley, Minnesota, offers triple threat training for the whole performer. They offer classes in singing, dancing and acting for students ranging from those with special needs through professional dancers. It is More Than Dance’s mission is to provide exceptional training for all of their students, from those with special needs to professionals.  By focusing on the dignity of each person, MTD’s nurturing environment will allow students to reach beyond their known potential.

Angela Mannella-Hoffman, Owner and Artistic Director, believes their studio stands out from other studios in part because they offer classes in all of the performing arts, not just dance, in an effort to train their students to be working artists. Also, they are very conscious of age-appropriateness and modesty with all of their costuming and song selection. MTD is unique in the fact that they will find a way for anyone to dance, even those in wheelchairs. This award winning studio was named the Readers’ Choice for Best Dance Studio and again for Best Place for a Children’s Party by Sun Focus readers.

Another way they stand out is they are now an official certified studio of Acrobatic Arts!  Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is (more…)