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J.A.Z. Dance & More Interview with Joyce Zarcone

According to Joyce ZarcAcrobaticsone, Owner and Director of J.A.Z. Dance & More (“JAZ”) in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, they have a welcoming, fun atmosphere. J.A.Z. offers dance classes and dance instruction in: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Tumbling, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Combination, Competition, and Zumba. They have students ranging from 2 ½ years old to 18 years old that are recreational and/or competitive dancers. JAZ has been in business for 21 years. They strive for their dance classes to be fun but to grow technical, beautiful dancers.

In Joyce’s opinion, JAZ stands out from other dance studios because they have the ability to maintain a strong group of recreational dancers and also a strong group of competitive Five Ladiesdancers.

Joyce’s proudest moment coaching occurred when she took two of her dancers, “Jimmy & Jody,” to Star Search (a very popular TV show in its day) and they won week after week. They finished the season as the Jr. Dance Champs!

From Joyce’s experience, she believes the biggest mistakes she sees dancers make have to do with form – feet not pointed, knees not straight, raised shoulders, no feeling in the expression, lack of technique in transitions, too much focus on tricks. All of these problems can be fixed with (more…)

Broadway Bound Dance Center Interview with Kim Helfrich

Kim HelfrichBroadway Bound Dance Center (BBDC) has been in operation in Lebanon, Hunterdon County, New Jersey for 19 years. They offer instruction for ages 2 through adult in all areas of dance beginner thru advanced; recreational dance classes and a competition dance team called “The Force” for the more experienced dancer. They provide a friendly atmosphere, and their students get a sense of accomplishment when they are dancing.

BBDC provides dance training for students of all ages.  Their objective is to develop technical training with an emphasis on creativity, musicality, artistry, flexibility, quality of movement and performance.  They offer classes for all levels – from beginning students to dancers who hope to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Broadway Bound is dedicated to finding and exceeding each student’s goals and potential in dance. Whether the student is taking a single class for fun and/or exercise, or trying to get into the college dance program of their dreams, Broadway Bound is there to support them. BBDC is considered a large studio because they run over 100 classes a week. Consequently, there is something for everyone. Membership in Intensive, Core and Team programs are by audition only. It is BBDC’s goal to place students in (more…)

East Stroudsburg University Dance Program Interview with Elizabeth Gibbons , Ph. D

According to Elizabeth Gibbons, Ph. D, who is the Dance Program Director of the East Stroudsburg Dancing PearlsUniversity Dance Program in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, their dance program includes several aspects of dance:

●  The Dance Minor includes 21 credits of academic classes including ballet and modern dance technique, performance, pedagogy, improvisation and choreography.  This minor may be pursued by students in any major.

● The University Dance Company (UDC) is a select group of 20-30 students, chosen by audition, who produce a dance performance each semester with choreography by faculty, guest artists, and students.  Auditions for this Company are held at the beginning of the fall semester.

● The ESU Contemporary Dancers (CD) is the student organization open to all students regardless of background or past experience.  This group meets weekly to increase everyone’s knowledge and enjoyment of dance.

● The Dance Team (DT) performs high-energy hip-hop and jazz dance during sports events.  Auditions for this team are at the beginning of the fall semester.

All of these opportunities are open to students in any major. Often students arrive at East Stroudsburg University, having danced daily for most of their lives, and they don’t want to stop! They may be majoring in elementary education, or biology, or (more…)

Sally Gould Dance Center Interview with Debbi Gould

Debbi Gould is the Director, Teacher and a Dancer at the Sally Gould Dance Center in Billerica, FlexibleMassachusetts. Debbi describes Sally Gould Dance Center as committed, passionate, vibrant and edgy with a fun family atmosphere.

She believes that they are recognized for their unique choreography and style and, in her opinion, that is what separates them from other studios. They are very committed to all of their dancers and their growth whether they are taking classes for fun, or a serious dancer taking up to 15-20 hours of instruction a week. Because they are surrounded by a loving environment on their dance journey to reach their potentials and goals, most of their Pre-School dancers continue with them until they leave for college.

They have many competitive dancers that have danced professionally or stayed at the Sally Gould Dance Center to become faculty members, as well as students who have moved and opened their own successful dance studios in the New England area. What Debbi thinks what separates them from other dance studios is the fact that they have many older college students and adults taking multiple classes and styles. This is not typical in the suburbs.

Debbi says her proudest moment coaching is watching (more…)

In the Groove Studios Interview with Daniel Kang

Dance TutorialsDaniel Kang is the owner and operator of In the Groove Studios in Oakland, California. In the Groove is the Bay Area’s center of hip hop dance classes and instruction.
Daniel truly believes that what separates them from other dance studios is that what they have is something unique and strictly exclusive.  Their instructors all have their own amazing styles which stems from their true passion for dancing.  Even though not everyone is technically trained or has degrees in dance, what they all do have to offer is their heart and true passion for teaching and dancing. Nothing is more sacred than that and that keeps everyone coming back for more.

His proudest moment coaching is when he has students come to take his class for the first time and they tell him how much they enjoy the class and that they want to come back. That is his proudest moment. Even if it is just one person, he knows he has made one person believe in his passion for this art.

In Daniel’s opinion, the biggest mistakes he sees dancers make is not letting go, being too shy and Dance Warm Upskeeping themselves from learning to their fullest potential.  People do not realize that when (more…)