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4 Tips on Buying Jazz Pants

Jazz pants are an integral part of any dancer’s wardrobe, and picking the right pair for your performance or practice is an important decision.  After spending hundreds of hours practicing your routine, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than spectacular when it comes to the clothing you will be wearing on stage.  In this article we are going to outline how to pick out the perfect dancewear for your performance, and what makes a great pair of Jazz Pants.

  1. The Perfect Cut
When you select any item of clothing how the item is cut, and how it fits the body is a crucial part.  Snug in the thighs and waist, jazz pants flair out from the knee down, giving a look of balance and insuring comfort.  Jazz pants help to give a look of symmetry, by balancing out the body.  These pants are also usually tight fitting so the audience or your dance teacher can properly see what both your hips and legs are doing throughout the dance.  
  1. The Perfect Fabric
Jazz pants usually come in either cotton or lycra, but like any piece of dancewear they can come in a number of different fabrics.  Cotton is a fairly typically used fabric and (more…)