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Dance Forever

Dance Forever in Clearwater, Florida, was founded in 2011 by its present owners, Troy Agresta and Cathy Nelson and just celebrated its 5th Anniversary in May. Troy and Cathy founded Dance Forever because they wanted to create a sense of community where staff and students felt welcome, valued and encouraged.

They describe themselves as the home of fair and open pricing, friendly people and a fun environment. They have been told that people can feel the difference when they walk through the door – a difference created by their warm and welcoming staff and students!

They believe that their studio is set apart from other dance studios because they help overcome obstacles and inspire their students to dream a bigger dream for themselves, to have patience and to persevere. Many adults have always dreamed of learning to dance with a partner and are apprehensive based on preconceived notions that they need something they do not already have and according to Dance Forever, the truth is it is never too late to get started becoming the dancer you want to be.

According to Dance Forever, many other studios use an old (and in our opinion outdated) business model with canned scripts and sales based tactics (more…)

Dance Connection in New Rochelle Interview with Linda Andrews

According to Linda Andrews, Owner of and teacher at The Dance Connection in New Rochelle, New York, (DC-NR) their studio has been open for 16 years and offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and ballroom dancing for children and adults.  (We recently wrote an article about a Dance Connection in Derby, New York. To differentiate between the two studios, we will refer to this studio as Dance Connection in New Rochelle or DC-NR.) The Dance Connection in New Rochelle is the winner of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Best of New Rochelle Award for the best dance studio!

The Dance Connection has been a downtown New Rochelle “go to dance” destination for over fifteen years. It is in a very cool building filled with artists – painters, sculptors, jewelry makers and musicians. It is the perfect atmosphere for a dance studio. Adults, teens and children flock to the award winning studio to take dance lessons from Tap to Ballet and Hip Hop to Jazz plus Ballroom. When they say ballroom, they mean everything from the Swing to Salsa, Tango to Waltz and Hustle to Bolero. DC-NR offers both private and group lessons. Additionally, they offer their popular Saturday Ballroom Dance (more…)

DanceCenter Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio Interview with Anne McNinch

PerformanceAccording to Anne McNinch, Owner, DanceCenter Latin & Ballroom Dance Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a great community of dancers young and old. At the DanceCenter, they do it all. They teach a variety of dances from ballet to bachata.  Their instructors are experts in their field with years of experience.  You can learn at your own pace in private lessons or join some friends in a group class. In addition to dance classes, DanceCenter offers monthly parties offered for beginners through advanced levels, Master Classes, Showcases, and much more.

They also offer choreography for wedding dances.  As a Bride Certified Vendor, DanceCenter is the place to help you make your special day absolutely perfect. They can tailor your wedding dance especially for you! You may decide to surprise your friends and family with a choreographed extravaganza, or maybe you just need a little help feeling more comfortable on the dance floor. Whatever you desire, their experienced instructors will get you there. Their wedding packages are designed to make your life simple. Along with your instructor, you can choose what options best suit your needs.  DanceCenter specializes in private lessons and/or group lessons with your wedding party.  Dance . . . it’s what they do!

DanceCenter is dedicated (more…)

Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn Interview with Dave Serfling

ballroomUnlike most of the studios we spotlight, The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn in Renton, Washington, is an adult Social Dance Studio. They offer dance lessons in a variety of Ballroom, Country, Latin and Swing Dances as well as Line Dances. During the week there are lessons every night and some in the daytime. Friday nights provide a chance to have fun and dance. The night starts off with a dance lesson from 7 to 8 p.m. to get things warmed up. Then from 8 to 11 p.m., you can dance to a variety of music that works with all the types of dance taught during the week.

Dave Serfling. the Owner of the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, believes their studio is different from other studios because they teach dancing for fun, not competition or performance. Their dance lessons are mainly done in Group Classes. This keeps the dance lessons fun and social. Additionally, they do not use high pressure sales to sign anyone up for long term contracts. The classes run 6 weeks. Then they start new ones. Dave believes that if people have fun and enjoy the class, they will automatically sign up for more and there is no need to (more…)

The Kennedy Dancers, Inc. Interview with Diane Dragone

Red Dress for BD DancewearThe Kennedy Dancers (TKD) is a non-profit professional, American dance company based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The company was founded by Artistic Director Diane Dragone in 1976, in an effort to bring high quality dance training and professional performances to the New York – New Jersey Metro area.  Since its inception, the company has grown to respond to the community’s special needs serving low income, at risk, incarcerated teens, and senior citizens through diverse dance classes offering fun, fitness, and performance opportunities.

TKD has grown to include a community dance school, dance programs in local public school systems, including programming designed specifically for the physically challenged, learning disabled and urban youth, dance programs for the elderly, and Dance Vista, a cable television program that focuses on emerging dance artists.

Their professional dance company dances a regular season each year in and around Jersey City. Each year the company’s public performances reach 6,500, and their touring performances reach an additional 2,000. The Kennedy Dancers tours have ranged the mid-Atlantic coast, from Washington, D.C. to New England. The company’s video has also been shown in international venues in France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Malta. Additionally, the Kennedy Dancers’ presentation of Artistic Director Diane Dragone’s (more…)

Tapestry Folkdance Center Interview with Leslie MacKenzie

InternationalFolkdanceBannerTapestry Folkdance Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is very different from most studios or schools that we write about. First of all, it is not about the usual ballet, tap, contemporary dances that we write about. It is actually described as “a dance community” space where people of all ages and abilities can participate in the joys of folk dance and music from around the world. Folkdance is the catch-all word for dances that are meant to be danced by everyone in the community. Their steps are simple and do not require extreme physical contortions or strength. The simplicity of the steps allows everyone to focus on having fun, moving to the music and getting to know the other dancers. Tapestry programs, and its rental partner programs, offers dancers a variety of dance opportunities every week, ranging from international folk dancing to line dancing, ballroom dance to Scandinavian dance, contra dance and English country dance. Their classes are made available to people of varying abilities, they are accessible to people with disabilities and they are family friendly. Most of their dances are circle or line dances, so no partner is needed.

Beginners are welcome at all of their dances unless specified. They have (more…)

Beyond Dancing Interview with Rachel Uneberg

ballet picBeyond Dancing in Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota, Florida, is a one stop shop for any and all who want to learn how to dance, from children ages three to adults of all ages, beginners and advanced, recreation or competition dancers alike will find just what they are looking for when they walk through their doors. Beyond Dancing offers performance dances (preschool dance, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary), Latin dances (Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Bachatta, et al.) and ballroom (Waltz, Fox Trot, etc.).

Beyond Dancing’s curriculum, music, lyrics, choreography, and costumes are in keeping with good taste, and with their family friendly atmosphere. Beyond Dancing’s progressive teaching styles sets them apart from other studios. They strive to provide an environment rich of quality and competence all lending to a comfortable social atmosphere where learning how to dance is fun and enjoyable. Their dance classes include children’s play dance, ballet, tap, jazz, acro, hip hop, contemporary, Latin and ballroom dance.

Whether it is Ballroom, Latin or Performance Dance, one of the quickest ways to obtaining your dancing goals is through individual instruction. This one-on-one method will help you learn the skill of art of dance in one of the most efficient ways. For (more…)

May I Have This Dance, Inc. Interview with Nino DiGiulio

Dance May I Have DanceAccording to Nino DiGiulio, the Owner and Executive Director of May I Have This Dance, Inc.® (“MayI”), in Chicago, Illinois, their studio is very different than the typical ballroom dance studio. They focus on the social aspect of dance. Seventy-five percent of their business is group classes where people do not need to bring a partner because they rotate. Everyone dances with everyone!

May I Have This Dance was created by master dance instructor Nino DiGiulio, who continues to serve as Executive Director and Lead Instructor. In 1993, Nino hit the Chicagoland social dance community by storm with his inspiring dance ability and engaging and thorough teaching style. Within three years his popularity made him the most sought after social dance instructor throughout Chicagoland, as well as nationally. This allowed him to share his passion for social dancing, etiquette, and music with thousands of people at a time.

In 1999, Nino welcomed other professional instructors and trainees to create a larger outreach with a unified vision and commitment to quality under the May I Have This Dance brand. With talent and integrity, this group had a huge impact on the local social dance scene, creating and offering innovative dance classes, private lessons, workshops, (more…)

AMNA Dance Interview With Amna Mazin

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­AMNA Dance where they “Dance to Inspire”, has a number of studios in Southern California.  The Amna Mazinstudios were founded by Amna Mazin, owner and Regional Director of Dance in Orange County and Riverside, and Co-Director of Inspire Performance Group.

Amna said they teach with the intention to instill creative minds in their dancers.  They steer away from competing with others and instead focus on competing only with themselves in order to test their limits and yet work as one amongst themselves.  Inspiration through strong values and character is as important to them as is the art form of dancing and technique.

They also offer a unique program where their curriculum combines Bollywood, Hip Hop, Jazz and Latin dance styles into one class. Students are exposed to all four styles in one year and develop in their technique and movements in all four styles throughout the years.

Amna’s has two mantras, “NEVER GIVE UP!” and “If it hurts or if it is hard, that means I am getting stronger.”   She motivates her students by celebrating their weaknesses and strengths.  She tries her best to steer away from favoritism and make sure her number one rule is having fun!

Amna’s proudest moment happened when she was having (more…)