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Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts Interview with Julie Oliver

Julie Oliver, the Owner and Director of Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts in Caspar, Wyoming, describes her studio as dedicated, fun, and a little bit crazy! Their dance team is called “Beautiful Feet” based on Isaiah 52:7 in the Bible, which says, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.” According to Julie, they exist to bring the good news through dance that God sent us a Savior in Jesus Christ. “Let them praise His name with dancing . . .” Psalm 149:3a


Julie’s proudest moment as a dance coach is seeing their dancers be brave enough to stand on their convictions in the midst of extreme pressure.

In Julie’s opinion, all dancers have their own technique mistakes or “flubs,” but she believes that one of the most pervasive and common problems is simply allowing their nervousness to show. She believes that the dancers can look the judges and audience in the eye and really step out of their comfort zone to present and perform, that makes a HUGE difference and also tends to draw attention away from other technical mistakes.

Their student’s value to Beautiful Feet does not depend on his or her dancing skills (more…)

Steppin’ Out Dance Company and The Next Step Dance Studio Interview with Darcey Sunken

Steppin’ Out Dance Company is Next Step Dance Studio’s competitive dance team and was created to develop a positive environment where serious dancers can grow as performers and technicians, as well as increase their self-esteem, self-discipline, and pride in their accomplishments. As members of Steppin’ Out, the dancers become more precise and enthusiastic, improve their dance technique, and learn how to be responsible team members. They value the process, not just the award at the end, and they encourage their dancers to appreciate all accomplishments, no matter how small. This process will help the dancers learn to respect others and themselves. It is also important to Steppin’ Out that their choreography and costumes are appropriate to each dancer’s age and technique level.

Darcey Sunken, is the Director and Head Coach of the Steppin’ Out Dance Company. Darcey grew up in a dance family and knew that she was meant to be a dance instructor by the time she was just thirteen years old. In 2010, Ms. Darcey followed her dreams and introduced The Next Step Dance Studio to Bloomington/Normal. Ms. Darcey was the owner of the Next Step until 2013, when she realized that her passion was annual studio showcases and the (more…)

Gainesville Dance Center Interview with Patricia Bray

At the Gainesville Dance Center (GDC) in Gainesville, Virginia, they believe that a student should leave his or her class with a strong sense of accomplishment. Instruction at Gainesville takes place in a nurturing environment. The discipline and commitment to be one’s full “self” is taught in their classes and they want that knowledge to stay with their students for a lifetime. The artistic facility at GDC places children, teens, and adults in classes appropriate to each individual’s level of ability and strength. Each class placement is determined by the age of the student and the number of years in training the student has acquired. Students are continuously monitored and moved to higher levels as the student’s progress permits.

Gainesville is a second generation, family-owned dance studio located in Northern Virginia. Their professional staff of instructors is accredited with numerous International and American Associations including such as Royal Academy of Dance, Checchetti Council of America, Vaganova, Dance Masters of America Dance Educators of America, and Professional Dance Teachers Association. They also feature Master Classes throughout the season that are taught by “special guests” that are always a pleasant surprise to all area dancers!

Gainesville is very excited to be celebrating their 15th Year Anniversary! Their dance program is geared to the recreational student as well as (more…)

In Motion Training Center Interview with Lona Smith

In Motion Training Center (IMTC) in Hemet, California, offers a high degree of dance training, technical skills, proper tumbling technique, fresh choreography, and fun events throughout the year for all their students, recreational and competitive. According to Lona Smith, Office Manager and Instructor, the owners are ethical and highly qualified. They offer their services in a bully-free, equitable environment, where all students interact harmoniously and encourage and congratulate each other.

Four very important items that sets IMTC apart from other dance studios are: (1) Lifelong skills that are instilled in them at IMTC, which go beyond their dance and tumbling skill set are confidence, integrity, teamwork, respect, humility, good sportsmanship, camaraderie, and of course, seeking the upper echelon of any given activities they pursue in life; (2) By negating cliques and controlling bullying, the students are “unleashed” to perform at their very best, and subsequently excel at a much faster pace; (3) Professionalism with compassion: Every student matters at IMTC. At IMTC they take each student and guide them so that the student progresses to the next level; and (4) IMTC’s annual recital, Imagine, is a production of unparalleled pageantry for their students, families, friends, and local residents. The student’s pleasure and (more…)

Dance Concepts Interview with Erica Ethington

Dance Concepts (DC) in Sandy, Utah, is home to some of the most amazing, talented, kind, bright young people in Utah.  According to Erica Ethington, Director, they train well rounded dancers and care about who they are (and are becoming) as much as they care about the height of their grand jetes.  Dance Concepts is a fun, family friendly dance studio in Sandy, Utah, offering classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Stretch and Conditioning, and Tumbling For Dancers. They also offer many classes including classes for the younger set such as Dance With Me (often called a “Mommy and Me” class), First Steps, Petite Performers, and Rising Stars.  Their Summer Dance Classes include Dance With Me (Ages 2 to 3), Ballet Cinema  (Ages 4 to 7 ), Dance Technique, Conditioning For Dancers, Ballet With Erica, Contemporary Movement, Hip Hop, Flexibility Focus.

DC has competition teams that have been dancing with them for years and they are very proud of them. They also have a lot of dancers that just come in once a week for their single class. What really makes them different than a lot of studios is they believe that the once a week classes deserve the same awesome (more…)

East Bay Dance Center Interview with Bonnie Sita

East Bay Dance Center (EBDC) in Oakland, California, creates more confident kids through dance. East Bay encourages their students to cross train in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, African Dance and tumbling.  They emphasize individual accomplishment, team work and a non-competitive supportive atmosphere.

In the opinion of Bonnie Sita, Executive Director, their dance studio stands out among other dance studios because they believe in teaching the “whole child” and enhancing confidence and life skills through dance. They do this by recognizing that every child is uniquely talented and feel it is their honor to support them in taking this talent to its ultimate expression.  Everyone is a star in their studio!  They also partner with the parents to provide what they really want and need – a supportive, safe and fun activity for their child that is making them stronger, smarter and more confident. In 2003, East Bay was named “Best Dance Studio in East Bay” by Oakland Tribune and in 2014, Parents’ Press named them “Best of the East Bay.”

Bonnie’s proudest moments coaching is\ when she watches the kids that she taught grow up in the studio and then come back and work for her during the summer as teenagers and young (more…)

EMPAC Interview with Eva Moore

2261969According to Eva Moore, Owner of Eva Moore’s Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, their studio aims to provide children a fun and safe environment where they can develop healthy bodies, creative minds, and strong spirits. Their studio is home to a recreational program, a community performance company, and a competitive company. They provide quality training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Lyrical, and Cheer/Poms.

In Eva’s opinion, what separates their dance studio from other dance studios is the fact that they believe it is important to show their students that there is always more to learn. Owner Eva Moore holds a degree in dance from Oklahoma City University (OCU). All of their instructors are eager to continue their dance education through workshops and conventions. They believe it is important to show their students that there is always more to learn.

Eva tells us that her proudest moment coaching occurred during their very first dance recital. She had put together a large closing number that involved a ton of students from their studio. These dancers ranged from 5 to 18 years old and all possessed their own skill level. Eva remembers watching this dance take stage and feeling completely overwhelmed (more…)

Newport Dance Theater Interview with Kimberly Davis


Dancers need a loving place to grow into artists, and a safe place they can come to where they feel at home and where everyone shows respect and care for each other.

Newport Dance Theatre in Costa Mesa, California, is intertwined with, and located in the same facility as, Newport Dance and Fitness. They interviewed Kimberly Davis, the Owner and Director of Newport Dance Theater and Co-Owner, with Bristin Andreae, of Newport Dance and Fitness. unnamed

The dance studio was started by Kim’s mother in 2005 and is still family owned and operated. Most of their dance teachers have, or are in the process of receiving, college degrees in dance or have been teaching dance for over 15 years. Their studio offers classes for adults and children starting at 18 months old. Their wide variety of dance classes includes; ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, tumbling, lyrical, and contemporary. Their classes appeal to children of all ages and levels. Whether they are recreational dancers looking to take a weekly class for fun or more dance-focused and striving to be a part of their dance competition team, they have a place and a class for everyone.

Their focus is on teaching the highest level of dance technique, (more…)

Moore Than Dance Interview with Angela Mannella-Hoffman

Special StarsMoore Than Dance (MTD) in Fridley, Minnesota, offers triple threat training for the whole performer. They offer classes in singing, dancing and acting for students ranging from those with special needs through professional dancers. It is More Than Dance’s mission is to provide exceptional training for all of their students, from those with special needs to professionals.  By focusing on the dignity of each person, MTD’s nurturing environment will allow students to reach beyond their known potential.

Angela Mannella-Hoffman, Owner and Artistic Director, believes their studio stands out from other studios in part because they offer classes in all of the performing arts, not just dance, in an effort to train their students to be working artists. Also, they are very conscious of age-appropriateness and modesty with all of their costuming and song selection. MTD is unique in the fact that they will find a way for anyone to dance, even those in wheelchairs. This award winning studio was named the Readers’ Choice for Best Dance Studio and again for Best Place for a Children’s Party by Sun Focus readers.

Another way they stand out is they are now an official certified studio of Acrobatic Arts!  Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is (more…)

The Dance Warehouse, LLC Interview with Dr. Cheryl L. Sington

Team PhotoAccording to Dr. Cheryl L. Sington, the Owner and Executive Director of The Dance Warehouse, LLC (TDW) in Fort Meyers, Florida, their studio is Lee County’s Premier Performing Arts Training Facility. They provide Pre Professional Training in all genres of the Performing Arts for students starting at the age of 18 months old. They are a family friendly, student focused studio with a 12 to 1 teacher student ratio. They offer over 6,000+ square feet of space, with a comfortable, oversized lobby, dressing rooms, vocal studios, boutique, and personalized service for all!

From Cheryl’s point of view, their dance studio stands out from other studios by the teaching they offer. Not only does their studio bring a family friendly feel to the environment, they are also able to offer multiple teachers so that students can train with various teachers in all genres. They also offer Master Classes each month so that their students are consistently exposed to dance beyond their studio and the industry of commercial dance, dance programs, artists as well as history and the legends that have paved the way for the world of dance today!

Cheryl says her proudest moment coaching was making the decision to separate from a partner (more…)