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The Dance Studio of Fresno

We have not yet had the opportunity to interview The Dance Studio of Fresno, if you work at or go to The Dance Studio of Fresno please have someone from the studio email us at to set up an interview.

In the meantime here is some quick insights about this studio from their website.


The Dance Studio Of FresnoExplosive! When children realize the joy of movement and the reward of hard work, the result is a delightful explosion of emotion, a thrill in their accomplishment, and a hunger for the pursuit of excellence in all areas of their lives! We see it time after time in our students as they enjoy the study of dance.

The Dance Studio of Fresno was formed in 1982 with a vision to impart a variety of skills to our students. Along with the finest teaching of dance technique in Central California, we encourage dancers to experience the rainbow of emotions connected to this art form – from sweet playfulness,… to melancholy,… to simple joy… and beyond.

Whether dancing for recreation or for competition, our dancers learn goal setting, self discipline, and time management to accomplish whatever level of expertise they desire in this field. Our dancers learn to establish relationships with other dancers, and to honor the gifts and talents that reside in each of them.

Beginning with our youngest students, we inspire them to pursue their dreams and foster an environment for them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Many of our more experienced dancers discover their talent opens unexpected doors as they prepare for college, landing scholarships and special invitations to dance for colleges and universities – even when their declared major is in another field!

Yes! This is what dance should be about! Come and join in the discovery. Come and share the joy.  Come and share the vision.

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