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The Southern Strutt

We have not yet had the opportunity to interview The Southern Strutt, if you work at or go to The Southern Strutt please have someone from the studio email us at to set up an interview.

In the meantime here is some quick insights about this studio from their website.


The Southern StruttSouthern Strutt was established in 1982 by Nancy Giles, a renowned dancer, to bring excellence in dance instruction and performance to the Midlands. Her dream was to help young people and adults realize their potential by celebrating the joy of life through dance.

“Our mission is to build individuals’ self-confidence, help them learn discipline and team work, and to realize their own abilities to achieve their life dreams,” Nancy says.

“We believe dance at Southern Strutt helps individuals learn life lessons–whether they ever dance again or not. It’s what people do with what they learn that matters,” she says.

“To pursue a profession in dance is not everyone’s goal,” Nancy says. “The lessons our students learn about themselves through dance are monumental for whatever they pursue in life. I get as much joy from the alumni stay-at-home mom as I do from a former student who calls me from Broadway on her opening night.”

Southern Strutt has produced not only professional dancers, but doctors, lawyers, school teachers, stay-at-home moms (who now bring their own children to the studio) and many others in a number of fields.

Our talented faculty bring years of professional experience from the national stage, television, film, and many other productions to the studios of Southern Strutt.



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