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Top 50 Dance Studios in the USA to Watch in 2015 (11-20)

20. Dancers Edge – Dancers Edge (“DE”) enables children to experience the magic and inspiration of dance. Marie Barlow and Tyler Grant opened Dancers Edge in 1996 to provide the community of Visalia with a fun and safe dance environment for students of all ages. In 2004, their second facility, Dancers Edge II, opened in Hanford to extend the quality instruction and fine technical artistry to students in Kings County. Together with nearly 20 years of dance experience, Marie and Tyler have enabled many young dancers to achieve their individual goals within the varying forms of dance. Students have the opportunity to perform as well as compete throughout the community, which instills a strong passion for dance as a form of art and entertainment in today’s society. Dancers at the studio are able to excel in the areas of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern and Tot-A-Lot through weekly classes geared towards correct technical placement and expression. It involves commitment, dedication, passion, hard work, eagerness to learn and a lot of extra effort. What your child will gain from the experience in DE Dance Company is priceless – as both a dancer and an individual. For more than nineteen years, DE has competed among some of the nation’s best dance studios, performed for top choreographers, learned from acclaimed dance instructors, and have seen their dancers live out their dreams in college, on stage and TV. “There is no limit to what their members can experience, learn and accomplish as part of their company if they set their minds to it. After many successful years of great classes, nationally ranked competitive teams and highly acclaimed recitals, they have become the “Trendsetters” in the dancer industry. Rated #8 in America by the Federation Dance Cup Organization in 2011!

19. Strictly Rhythm Dance – Strictly Rhythm Dance Center (“SRDC”) is a dance academy offering dance classes to all ages – toddlers to adults.SRDC opened its doors in the fall of 1997 with 75 students and two dance rooms. With a current enrollment of over 400 students and five state of the art dance rooms, SRDC has one of the largest Early Childhood Dance programs in the area, and also houses a nationally ranked competitive dance team. The goal at SRDC is to produce well-rounded dancers, who are proficient in all forms of dance – tap, jazz, ballet/pointe, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, and hip hop. SRDC’s competition team is recognized as one of the top teams in the nation. They were voted as one of the “Top 50 Dance Studios in the USA” by Dance Spirit Magazine, received the Starpower’s National Competition’s Victory Cup, and have won several of the Junior and Senior National Champions. They won the coveted FDC Pinnacle Cup, presented to the top studio in the country, for three years in a row. They have won many of the overall top awards, including Studio Excellence, Starpower’s Victory Cup, Showbiz’ Icon Award, and Starquest’s Odyssey Award. Solo performers from SRDC hold numerous national titles and have been awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships. This summer, at the Starpower National Finals, SRDC had six national title winners.

18. Tawn Marie’s Dance Center – Their goal is to challenge all students, regardless of level of expertise, to achieve their personal best while experiencing the joy of dance. Tawn Mari runs their studio like a family – their students seem to never want to leave! Sometimes it is hard to get them to go home each night. They routinely participate in community events and shows (i.e., they dance at Disney World every other year) so their dancers get the entire experience. Since they opened in 1996, they have earned numerous awards such as Best Studio in 2011- 2014 by The U.S. Tournament of Dance, being voted top 50 dance school in the U.S. by Dance Spirit Magazine,  named as one of the top 50 studios by Dance Teacher Magazine, consistently being voted top dance studio in their town of Syracuse, New York, winning the top small business award by SBA and for the past few years, they have won the Top Studio honors at every competition they have entered. They believe they win these awards because their dancers are well trained, well rehearsed and very well mannered. The Centre runs their business very professionally and has a stellar reputation. As a result, they have been highlighted on TV shows and several magazine articles. Nationally, they have won the Access Broadway-Broadway Cup and won the Diamond Award from the United States Tournament of Dance. Their students have received many scholarships both locally and nationally.

17. New England Dance Center – Thirty-four years ago there was a dream. So, New England Dance and Gymnastics Centers (“NEDC”) was born.  Now they strive to make the dreams of their students come true. Their staff unites in the goal of providing skilled instruction for all levels of dance and gymnastics in an entertaining setting. Loree Cloud, Studio Owner and Director of NEDC, has earned numerous accolades including “Dance Teacher of the Year and first ever Miss Acrobat of the US.  She studied at Boston Conservatory of Music and performed professionally. The studio has earned many honors including being named one of the Top 50 Studios. Paula Abdul personally invited co-directors Loree and Hayley to discuss dance competitions and workshops held across the country. NEDC offers competitive dance classes for dancers who want the thrill of the competition. Their company dance teams are National Dance Champions year after year, winning major titles and thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards. The courses will include dance for musical theater, vocal and acting instruction. Those enrolled in the Musical Theater Department will be featured in their own cabaret style performance with a chance to display their talents in a classic theatrical setting. Their two new facilities are designed specifically for dance. They offer spacious wood floor dance rooms along with cheerful and comfortable waiting rooms for parents. Giant floor to ceiling windows let in lots of natural light and we have large viewing windows into every dance room that will be open during all classes. You can’t help but want to dance here! Their waiting rooms have large viewing windows into our dance rooms that will always be open for parents to observe all of our classes.

16. San Diego Dance Centre – In 1974, Sharon Keller established the San Diego Dance Centre (“SDDC”) in El Cajon, California. Starting with just 35 students, SDDC soon grew to more than 800 students with a branch in Rancho Bernardo. After 33 years, Sharon sold the San Diego Dance Centre to her longtime student and dance instructor, Kristen Hibbs. Because of its increasing popularity and rapid growth in enrollment, the studio moved to nearby Carmel Mountain Ranch in 2007. In August 2011, they outgrew their facility and relocated again to Poway into a spacious two-story, 9,000 square foot facility! SDDC offers instruction from beginning to advanced levels in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop. Combo classes and tiny tot programs are also available. Their studio attributes much of its success to high expectations, dedication and commitment, in combination with amazing instructors and dance families, working together to help their dancers grow as young artists and to become a positive force in their community. They offer a 9,000 square foot air-conditioned facility including: two super-sized group dance rooms, three additional dance rooms, Marley floors, ballet barres, full length mirrors, privacy blinds, lobby/wait area, student-only homework/break lounge, with easy access parking. The San Diego Dance Centre offers a culture that builds camaraderie, character and confidence with every step they teach. They offer classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced dance for ages 3 to 18 years old. SDDC combines superior techniques with a warm, welcoming environment. Their goal is to teach the love of dance

15. Temecula Dance Company – Temecula Dance School (“TDC”) is the largest dance studio in the County of Riverside, California with over 2,500 students. They have three locations with 23 dance rooms and a total of over 35,000 square feet. They attribute their success to high expectations, dedication and commitment in combination with amazing instructors and dance families, working together to help their dancers grow as young artists and to become a positive force in their community. TDC attends five regional competitions, one national competition per year and 15 recitals each year.  They emphasize dance as an art form with the goal to move their audience by their performance. He tells his students to be better – better students, better people, better dancers from the last time they performed. As far as being better people, TDC encourages their staff and students to make a difference in their community. To facilitate that, they provide many opportunities for the staff and students to be involved. Lani Morel, founder of TDC, is also one of the founders of The Make a Difference Foundation which serves those in need, young and old, both locally and nationally. Additionally, their teachers and dancers feed the homeless, provide Christmas for families in need, run for breast cancer, perform at Senior Center Centers and teach kindergarten and elementary students at their schools. As you can see, TDC really walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk.

14. Bunker Las Vegas – Bunker Dance Center believes in developing the well-rounded dancer and believes that dance is a motivating, vibrant visual art that is best realized when a dancer is inspired and trained in numerous dance disciplines. Their philosophy is to bring joy to the lives of young people by exposing them to the exciting world of dance! BDC operates a year-round program running from August to July. A fun-filled Registration Celebration is always held at the studio in August with face painting, Disney princesses, free mini-classes to try out, sucker pulls for registration/ tuition discounts, and more. Fall classes begin in September and dancers participate in a family-fun Bunker Trunk-or-Treat event in October. It is loads of fun with parents decorating cars for the “trunk-or-treating.” The facilities at BDC offers 9,000 sq feet of space with roomy hallways, an all-girls stall bathroom/changing area, a family bathroom, a private changing room, a sewing room for alterations, a drinking fountain and, most importantly, five beautiful studio spaces all with raised wood floors, harlequin marley, dance bag cubbies, and state of the art sound systems. There are large two-way viewing windows for each of the five studio spaces where parents may view their children’s dance classes without the children being distracted. Each studio space has full-length mirrors and professional ballet barres secured in the perimeter walls. The newly remodeled lobby is home to the reception area where children can do their homework or eat a snack at their homework counters and parents can take care of payments, receive information, or simply watch past dance concerts on their flat screen television or take advantage of their free wi-fi to work on personal projects.

13. Dance Industry – Since opening its doors in 2000, Dance Industry has touched the lives of countless students who have continued their dreams in the professional dance world.  Everyone knows that not every student will become a professional dancer. However, Dance Industry strives to provide a professional staff that is passionate about the value of art in the lives of young people.  Their goal is to offer a dance community that develops the potential, discipline, focus, confidence, art, joy and technique any child needs to not only become a refined dancer of any age, but is also important in every area of their life. Their goal is to build confidence and help each student to experience and appreciate the art of performing. Dance Industry has always had a high reputation for astounding talent and true professionalism. Their professional staff is “hands on” with all the children and is dedicated to nurturing a team as well as boosting individual dancers to their highest level. The Industry, Dance Industry’s competitive youth hip hop crew, is the latest exciting addition to the Dallas Fort Worth area for any Hip Hop dancer.  Under the direction of River “Peter” Peterson, “The Industry” Crew will train in all styles of Hip Hop. They will be taught, and get exposure to, several talented local teachers and several teachers. The Crew weekly rehearses routines for competition at Monsters of Hip Hop, World of Dance and other local competitions. The Industry Crew is a great place for dancers if all ages to grow and experience the world of Hip Hop in a safe and motivating environment.

12. Tapio school of Dance and Gymnastics – Tapio School of Dance & Gymnastics, Inc.(“Tapio”) offers both dance and gymnastics. Their programs focus on the mastery of fundamentals, individual expression and creative movement. They offer a unique combination of excellence, quality and state-of-the-art instruction within a creative and fun environment. Their students have the opportunity to fully explore the worlds of dance and gymnastics and its many influences. Their minds and bodies are exposed to a world full of inspiration and physical exercise. In addition to physical exertion, both dance and gymnastics teaches self-discipline and commitment which builds skills that will last a lifetime. Tapio’s corporate mission is To Be the Best. Tapio provides safe and wholesome programs which insures their dancers a positive learning experience – help develop their minds, their bodies and their spirits using dance and gymnastics. It is Tapio’s desire to have their students develop a positive attitude and good citizenship using their staff as role models. Tapio provides small classes with a traditional approach including personal attention to their dancers and gymnasts through the exploration of choreography and performance technique. They build upon the student’s natural by refining technique, building skill levels and enhancing coordination through exciting routines that challenge. Staff members are Red Cross First Aid trained and are safety certified professional members of the USA Gymnastics, Amateur Athletic Union, Dance Masters of America, National Dance Educators Organization, and Professional Dance Teachers Association. Tapio has seven dance competition teams beginning with the Tiny Stars to the Mega Stars. Gymnastics has 12 classes beginning with Profile Class all the way to the X-Cel class. Both the dance and gymnastics teams/classes begin at the age of four and are determined by age and skill level.

11. CC & Co. Dance Complex – CC & Co. Dance Complex is a 10,000 sq. foot facility in the heart of North Raleigh.  In addition to the usual dance classes found at every studio, they have three performance/competition companies – The Core, Fusion and Micro Mini. The Core is their advanced dancer competition and performance company and is a jazz and tap company. These dancers are required to take anywhere from 5 to 12 hours of dance each week based on their Company. They attend several conventions and competitions and work with industry leading choreographers such as Travis Wall, Mandy Moore, Sonya Taveh, Jason Parsons, Joey Dowling, Lauren Adams, Misha Gabriel and more. Fusion Company is a recreational dance competition and performance company which is a Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop Company, these dancers are required to take anywhere from 2.5 to 7 hours of dance each week based on their company. Micro Mini Company is for their youngest dancers and part of their Fusion Company. It is a small company that along with their Ballet/Tap/Jazz program, is enrolled in an additional Jazz, Tap and Ballet Technique Class. They participate in two local competitions. CC & C has an unusual program where they are willing to work with home school co-ops and charter schools to accommodate their unusual schedules. They believe that dancing helps in developing gross and fine motor skills, fitness conditioning, strength, coordination, confidence and more! In the believe that their dance classes would enhance their home school or charter school experience, CC & C offers a convenient way for home schooled or charter school dancers to be part of their dance school.


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    Legacy School of The Arts in Olathe, Kansas is an AMAZING school for dancers of all ages. They focus on lots of technique and ballet. It’s not a competitive dance school, but it does have 2 performing companies. Ballet Legacy, and Legacy Dance Company. Please contact me about this studio soon!

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    Great place in nc teachers are great at the end of the years the showcases turn out good a lot of kids go there