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Triple Threat Performance Arts Interview with Dana, Lynda and Kim Senisi

“Family” is how Triple Threat Performance Arts in Brooklyn, New York, is described by their students and their students’ parents. It is what the Co-Directors of Triple Threat believe separates their studio from any other dance studio.  Triple Threat has three Co-Directors (Dana, Lynda and Kim Senisi) who are also sisters (“the Sisters”).  They strive to get to know each and every child as well as their families.
One parent walked in to register her daughter and said to Dana, “I feel at home.” The Sisters always welcome their students and their families as they come through triple threat1the door. Their staff has become  more than just dance teachers, but true inspirations for these kids. Their students are always coming to the staff, and asking them advice about everything under the sun. It’s a good trust relationship and it definitely makes them stand out. As they said before, “Family.”

The Sisters don’t think they have just one “proudest moment” but actually have many “proudest moments.” Every time a dancer walks in the room with a smile on their face all ready to work, or when a 2-year old finally comes into the room without crying, when dancers and teachers leave the room confident after a long rehearsal, when a student tells you “thank you” after a class, every time they see their students on that stage – these are all their proudest moments. They had one student share these words with them. “Thank you for making me a better dancer and person. You three are an inspiration to me and I hope to be like you guys when I grow up.” All these things make them proud to be their teacher and they know they are doing the best by these young dancers.

The biggest mistake they see dancers make is that sometimes they are looking more at the medal/award they will win or receive than at the quality of their dancing.  The Sisters want their students to feel proud and be happy with the way they danced on stage  It’s hard when a dancer does great and they feel that they have performed their best but when they get their award they are upset btriple threat3ecause it’s not enough, it doesn’t seem to match their performance.  It does get frustrating to them and whether The Sisters agree with the award they received or not, things like this happen. The Sisters tell the dancer to “look how you felt on that stage and look at the progress you have made.” For the teachers, a medal is a medal, but the progress their kids have made is a great achievement. They tell the kids before every competition, “It is three minutes of your life on that stage and no matter what happens, hold your head up and be proud. You will have plenty more times and opportunities. Be proud how far you have come as a dancer, as a studio, because we are proud of you!”

Dana and her sisters love the products at Bailar Dancewear ( Their main issues with dance clothing is everything is either see through, too short, made with bad material, or falls apart after wearing it twice and in some cases all four issues apply. The Sisters recently needed high-waisted, black shorts for competition. They were going crazy trying to find the right pair of shorts.  They ordered shorts from about three different suppliers until they found Bailar Dancewear.  They decided to give Bailar Dancewear a try and ordered the shorts from them. The material was great and it flattered every dancer. The kids loved them and reported that they were very comfortable. The Sisters  told the dancers that they couldn’t wear them in class until after competition, but they are pretty positive some of the dancers wore them before competition anyway. The shorts were definitely a big hit with their kids. The Sisters said they now tell everyone about Bailar Dancewear, and will be ordering their stuff from Bailar from now on!

Triple Threat is moving into a bigger space this year with two pretty large dance rooms. The sisters said it’s very exciting! They have purchased new sprung dance floors and even will have Marley floors in the dance rooms. Now that they have the bigger space they are adding in more classes such as Pointe and extra technique classes. Their goal is to teach these kids to be the best dancer they can possibly be, while keeping them grounded. They often see dancers get overwhelmed or ahead of themselves. The Sisters believe that patience and understanding is the key to success for every dancer. They want to not only educate their kids but to share their passion and knowledge of dance,  too. It’s great when a dancer can do a beautiful tilt, arabesque, or a pique turn, but do they really understand the term or understand what their body is doing? The Sisters want them to be able to physically and vtriple threat2erbally understand the steps. The Sisters have seen many dancers that don’t know any dance vocabulary. They always tell their staff to make sure when they demonstrate a step to repeat the word and have the kids say it back, too. Dana once had a parent approach her and relate that when she took her son to get fitted for ballet slippers, the owner of the store was very impressed by his dance vocabulary. Every time he did a step he said the name of it. He was only four years old and knew about 15 dance steps. She thinks that is very important for dancers young and old, and they will continue to make that one of their goals!

Opening up a dance studio has been Dana’s dream since she was eight years old! While all her friends were twirling around in their tutus, she was the one choreographing and doing the pretend paper work. Little did she know those friends that used to be in her pretend shows would end up teaching at her studio years later. She even picked out the name of the studio at age eight.  She wanted it to be called “Triple Threat Performing Arts Company” because of her sisters. There are three of them and they all danced, acted, and sang when they were growing up. Their family and friends always considered them to be a “Triple Threat.” Dana said she guesses that’s where Triple Threat came into being! Dancing made her  feel incredible and happy. She wants her students to feel the same way and have the great experiences that she and her sisters had.

As you may have surmised by now, the studio is family owned. The three sisters are co-owners and Co-Directors, their mom is the Business Manager/Receptionist, and her dad, brother, and fiancé are the cleaning crew/prop managers/music/security and their biggest fans! It’s great that they have their family so involved and helpful. The Sisters have always shared the love of dance since they were kids. They always danced together and now they teach together. They said, “It’s a great feeling!”

As far as the word “Family,” it really fits Triple Threat in very many ways.

Please post a comment if you have had any experience with Triple Threat Performance Arts or Dana, Lynda and Kim Senisi.

If you would like to know more about Triple Threat Performing Arts visit them at their website at or you could contact  Dana, Lynda or Kim

Written By Cyndi Marziani


  1. Adriana says:

    My 3 y/o daughter had her first ballet/tap class today with Dana and Kim. She was extremely excited and had no problem entering the class without me. She loved it and bragged about everything she learned on her first day. Triple Threat is truly a family oriented studio. They are amazing with the kids. They concentrate on technique and fun. I’ve never seen a class of 3 year olds so content to leave their parents behind to dance…tantrum-free!

  2. Dean says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing and teaching Dana, Kim and Joseph in high school and directing two of them in several theatrical productions. Not only were they good students but they always had great school spirit and fine character. I have also come to know Lynda well and am quite close with Luann and Joseph Sr. The entire family is wonderfully resourceful, resilient, positive, giving and very loving. The concept of “family” is truly appropriate and my young daughter has now become a welcome member. Despite her tender age of four last year, Dana, Kim, Lynda, Miss Jenn and the entire performing arts community made us feel very welcome. Not only has my daughter fully embraced any challenge the skillful teachers placed before her, but she also tends to practice and “puts on shows” for us whenever she can. We all look forward to making many more happy, family memories with Triple Threat Performing Arts long into the future. Carpe Diem!

  3. Diane Lyons says:

    Makaylas dance school. I’ve brought makayla to so many different dance studios were she dreaded going. The first time I brought her to triple threat she felt right at home and at ease. They are so child friendly and experienced which makes it encouraging to children to want to go back! I travel 30mins to get to the studio it’s worth it to have the BEST teach my child. I couldn’t have picked a better studio and teachers!!!

  4. Andrew McGoey says:

    My daughter danced with the Senisis when she was a young’n. They are not only the sweetest girls, but they are also great teachers and great dancers. In fact, the entire Senisi family are some of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Want your kid to have fun while learning how to dance? Then look no further. These gals are tops!

  5. Dana Senisi says:

    Lynda, Kim, and I would like to thank everyone for the kind words. We are honored to be teaching your children. We are excited to be sharing our passion. Old or new you are part of our Family and we are very thankful!

  6. Dina says:

    “my 3 sons” had the pleasure of dancing with Dana… They loved being on stage, she really made them feel confident and comfortable… TTPAC is the BEST!!!!! we love you all…. xoxoxo

  7. Michael says:

    My girls danced with Triplet Threat when they were two years old. The Senisi family are friendly and are like family to us. They are great teachers and great friend. My daughters love Dana,Kim and Lynda has big sisters. My girls gave fun in class and also when they go to competition they have fun with the Senisis. They are great instructors better than the ones my girls had in the past at other studios.

  8. Danielle says:

    I’ve had the privelage of watching the Senisi sisters dance through their childhood years – they were beautiful talented dancers back then, when I found out that they were opening a dance school I jumped on it. We have been with Triple Threat from the beginning and it’s an honor to be with them as they grow. Family is definitely the right word for this dance company it doesn’t matter if you have been here for an hour or forever everyone takes care of and respects each other. The teachers really love each and every one of these kids and they love the teachers as if they have known each other their whole lives. We are lucky to be a part of this dance company.

  9. Dana Senisi says:

    Many many thanks to everyone!
    Hugs and kisses,
    The Senisi Sisters

  10. Eva says:

    I love ttpac. I have danced with Dana for 4 years . And I’ve grown so much . I sedentary love ttpac and you will too

  11. Maria says:

    The Senisi Sisters are incredibly talented! And now they share their talent and their love of dance with very lucky children. My daughter enjoys their classes and she always leaves with a smile, which is a credit to their teaching talent – you learn and you have fun!!

  12. […] 27. Triple Threat Performing Arts – Triple Threat is a “family” affair in every way. First of all, the three co-directors are sisters and their mother, father, brother and fiancé all work there.  More importantly they are described as family by both their students and their students’ parents. In addition to teaching these kids to dance, they seem to really care about and have created a loving and accepting environment for them. The Sisters always welcome their students and their families as they come through the door. The students often come to the sisters for advice for everything under the sun, not just dance questions. One student told the sisters, “Thank you for making me a better dancer and person.” These are a few of the examples of how the Sisters have connected with them. As a result, their students seem to be more willing and even want to perform for the Sisters. They are moving into a bigger space this year with two large dance room with new sprung dance floors and Marley floors in the dance rooms. With the larger space, they are able to add  more classes such as Pointe and extra technique classes. The Sisters believe that patience and understanding is the key to success for every dancer. They also want their students to understand the term for what their body is doing The Sisters want them to be able to physically and verbally understand the steps. The Sisters have seen many dancers that don’t know any dance vocabulary. They always tell their staff to make sure when they demonstrate a step to repeat the word and have the kids repeat it back, too. […]