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What are booty shorts?

Booty shorts are a very common item among all types of dancers, cheerleaders, athletes and anyone that is active.  They can be worn everyday (weather permitting), due to how comfortable they are, but they originally became popular as active wear for girls.  Booty shorts are perfect to be worn by themselves or under other items such as skirts to hide keep what needs to be covered covered.  This style of shorts is popular do to both how comfortable they are and the freedom it allows its wearer.  Specifically they are shorts that have an elastic band that goes around the waist and they extends down just below the wearers butt.
What makes Booty Shorts better than other shorts?
This type of short is perfect for anyone who wants to wear something that is social conscious with out sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.  They have become very fashionable in the last 10 years, and are a necessary item for all cheerleaders and dancers.  For dancers specifically they are a very versatile piece of dance wear, as they can be worn by themselves or as an undergarment.  Many dancers choose to wear these types of shorts by themselves and pair them with a bras or other tops to make a complete dance costume.  Cheerleaders will most often wear them under their cheer skirt, and its best to get a color that matches their skirt, however many cheerleaders will settle for black booty shorts.
What makes good booty shorts?
The most important thing with booty shorts is how they feel to the wearer, they need to be soft and comfortable.  Some low quality brands of booty shorts will either ride up on the wearer or the cut of the shorty will just be create discomfort.  When purchasing booty shorts, especially online, make sure you purchase them from a retailer who puts the comfort of their shorts as a priority.  Discount and bargain booty shorts have a strong reputation for being comfortable at first but after too much movement they become uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable clothing is a problem for anyone, but when you are dancing or cheering, the last thing you want to be on your mind is that you need to adjust your shorts.
How do I ensure I buy quality booty shorts?
We covered how important comfort is at length, now the next most important thing is the color and look of the shorts.  Color is everything, don’t settle for black shorts when you should really be finding shorts that match the rest of your outfit.  For dancers who may want to wear them by themselves black is by far the most common color, but who wants to be common.  Choose a color that matches your personality, and feel great wearing them.  Many websites only have booty shorts in a handful of colors, however Bailar Dancewear wear has dance shorts in 3 styles over 200 colors and 5 fabrics!
by Cyndi Marziani

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