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What Are Dance Auditions Like?

Dance auditions are a fact of life for just about anyone who wants to pursue dance as a hobby or as a profession. A professional dancer will always have to attend auditions during the span of her career, since that is the only time that she can show that she is actually capable of doing the kinds of moves that are necessary for the role that she wants to get. Have you ever wondered what attending a professional dance audition is like? This article will give you a quick idea of what a typical audition is like.

Unlike acting auditions, you will normally never be asked to dance alone in front of a panel of judges. Instead, the majority of dance auditions that are done in the professional world are held much like a dance class. Most dance auditions will begin with you being ushered into a room with a small group of other people trying out for the role. The person who runs the audition will give a brief introduction and speech, welcoming everyone and telling everyone to try their best. As a general rule, being late for an audition is not tolerated.
Most auditions will give you a little bit of time to stretch and get limber. After a little bit of time to stretch, a staff member will teach you a quick dance routine for about 15 minutes. Once you have learned the moves, you will be expected to do the dance in a group. The people who do the routine the best will be the ones who get the role, more often than not. In many cases, the amount of training that a dancer has will also impact whether or not they get the role, so people who fare well in an audition may be asked to step in for a brief interview to see if they have the professional training that it takes.
It should be noted that there will likely be a dress code for people who are looking to go to an audition – especially if it is an open call. You may be expected to wear certain shoes, as well as a certain style of leotard. This is because of the fact that many professional dancers will have to maintain a certain physique in order to land certain roles and be appealing to the audience. Don’t be surprised if you are turned away if you choose not to listen to the dress code requirements that the casting call stated.
Although it can be very intimidating to go to your first dance audition, there is some good news for aspiring dancers. After a while, casting calls and dance auditions will become a normal part of your lifestyle as a professional dancer, and it will stop being so scary after the first couple of try outs. The only thing you really have to remember when attending a dance audition is that you should never give up – one no will not end your world, but one yes can change your life forever.

By Cyndi Marziani
Bailar Dancewear

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