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What Are Dance Conventions?

There is a special time in every dancer’s life, when they get invited to their first convention. For girls and women who really want to get into the world of dance, a convention can be a good way to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in the biggest circle. In a nutshell, a dance convention is a large get together of dancers, choreographers, troupes, and even casting agents. If you play your cards right at a convention, not only will you learn about the latest tricks, trends, and fashions of the dance world, you might just end up getting discovered.
For a lot of girls who are getting their feet wet when it comes to dancing, a dance convention can be a big eye opener. It can give girls a good idea of the kind of competition that they will face, some of the performances that take place in the convention can give them an idea of what will be expected of them in the future, and they can also see how many other styles of dance they can learn to expand their portfolio. During many occasions, younger dancers will be able to ask older dancers about their careers, and how they got there, too.
One of the best reasons why you should always try to attend as many dance conventions as possible is that there are auditions often present or announced at them. Of course, if you want to audition for any parts while at a dance convention, you will need to be properly dressed in full dance gear. However, since there are many different ideas of what “standard dance gear” is, you can get a little imaginative when it comes to color. Experts have noted that a colorful dance outfit will help get the attention of casting agents and choreographers.
You should take a little bit of time to get prepared for a dance convention. If you are attending a multi-day dance convention, it’s best to come fully equipped with colorful dance outfits, including a nice set of jazz pants or dance shorts, as well as more classical dancewear like leotardsand booty shorts. It’s best to get your dancewear from a store that has an incredible variety of colors and high quality pieces to choose from, such as the clothing you can find from It’s also a wise idea to take a notebook and pen for note taking during meet and greets, as well as social business cards, headshots for those who are very serious about networking.
Many people balk when they realize how much work it can be to simply attend a major dance convention. If it seems like it is a lot of work to put into a simple convention, that’s because it is necessary to prepare and make all the effort possible stops to get the attention of the people who matter. After all, the world of dance is highly competitive, so any edge that you have against the competition is one that you should take advantage of.
Cyndi Marzinai

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