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Edge Studio of Dance Interview with Kim Kelliher and Jeannie Wozniak

Kim Kelliher and Jeannie Wozniak, the co-founders and co-owners of Edge Studio of Dance in Canton, Massachusetts, relate that they have strived to make Edge Studio a 13warm and nurturing environment to foster and encourage the love of dance.  There are three levels of dance training offered at Edge Studio so there is a fit for everyone and all types of dancers from the recreation dancers to the advanced company members. They pride themselves on making their dancers well-rounded in many styles of dance.  Edge Studio offers many styles of dance – ballet,  jazz, lyrical jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop, improv, acrobatics and technique classes. Edge has also been recognized for its excellent in acrobatic training and the studio is honored to be certified through Acrobatic Arts.

Kim believes that their studio is unique among other dance studios because of their commitment to a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that stems from the top directors. They believe in having a healthy atmosphere so that they can focus on training and technique. Edge may be a competitive dance school but it is important to also help encourage their students to grow into thoughtful and compassionate young adults.

Kim’s proudest moments are watching the lifespan of their young students grow into talented dancers and amazing young adults.  It is an honor to be part of these children’s lives and families.

The biggest mistake Kim sees dancers make has to do with their technique! At Edge, they strongly encourage multiple technique classes and ballet classes weekly to support proper skills.

It is their goal to continue to push students to be their best and to see continued growth.

Having their own studio has been the dream of Kim and Jeannie since they were children.  This dream came together when Kim and Jeannie started working together.   They had a similar vision for what they wanted to see a studio become and they both have mutual respect for one another strengths in dance and acrobatics. Kim and Jeannie love the Edge Family that they have created.  It is a forever bond unlike any other.  Their faculty is family to us as is their dancers and parents alike.

If you would like more information about Edge Studio of Dance, visit their website at, email Kim at kj@,, or call them at 781.739.EDGE. You can also “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Anyone who has danced at Edge Studio is invited to comment on their blog.


  1. Jenny Lau says:

    Love my Edge family!! The teachers are amazing they are devoted to their dancers.

  2. Elizabeth Dudley says:

    Edge Studio of Dance is my daughters favorite place to be. Kim and Jeanie have been so wonderful in helping her develop her confidence and technique. She has flourished with their guidance. My daughter has a unique physical different ability and they have been wonderful in that they work right through it as if it didn’t exist. The older children are responsible and respectful and I can’t imagine a better place to have my daughter grow up. We’re proud to be part of this family…they really live their mission on a daily basis.