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Top 50 Dance Studios in the USA to Watch in 2015 (1-10)

This list is meant to highlight some of the awesome dance studios throughout the United States and in no way is meant to be a comprehensive list.  We here at think that if you are a dance studio anywhere teaching people to dance you are doing something amazing and deserve recognition!  This is a small list of some of the studios that we think are going above and beyond.  However if your studio isn’t on this list and you think it should be feel free to leave a comment or email and we would love to write an article about your studio.

10. The Dance Club – The Dance Club (“TDC”) is a nationally acclaimed dance studio based in Orem, Utah, in a state-of-the-art facility. Dance classes are offered to students ages 2 1/2 and up, in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Tumbling, Hip Hop, Fairytale Ballet and Improv. The faculty is an all-star cast for those just starting their dance training as well as those with exceptional technique and ability. With innovative classes for young children to classes offered to prepare dancers for the professional level. Their teachers are highly dedicated in helping each child progress and reach their potential. TDC is in the business of training talented young dancers. And they have been very successful over the past 32 years. Their students have gone on in the professional dance world to have wonderful experiences on stage, in film, TV and theater. Some have done company work while others have toured the world with top recording artists. Many have gone on to have very successful teaching careers. But the fact is that the majority of students at any dance studio do not go on to have a professional dance career. So what is there to gain from the countless hours of practice, the financial investment made and the personal sacrifice paid in the pursuit of developing talent in the art of dance? At TDC they strive to provide their students with not only the technical dance skills to pursue a professional dance career, but more importantly arm them with essential life skills that lead to success in whatever they pursue,

9. Impulse Dance Project – Impulse Dance Project might be the new kid on the block, but they are making waves.  They opened their doors in 2010 and have already made a splash on the dance world scene.  Led by Elissa Edwards and lindsey Bryan, they have already came out on to the world stage and dominated the 2014 Dance Awards with amazing performances.  they try to not just provide a space for those professional dancers out there but for a place where children can learn focus, discipline, confidence, art, love and they tools that every child needs to succeed.

8. Envy Dance Artistry – Envy Dance Artistry is focused on providing high-quality dance education. Their superior Master Classes and Dance Intensives bring in some of the best known talent. They also provide choreography for competitive dance, dance teams, auditions, shows and galas. Envy can also help with entertainment for your special event. With a variety of dance genre’s to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with you. Their company is based on the belief that their dancer’s deserve the very best in choreography and dance education. Their choreographers are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our dancers and studio owners continue to come back for their award winning choreography. The Envy Foundation For Dance Arts is a non-profit organization formed by Envy Dance Artistry with the intent to offer dance scholarships to serious, talented, dancers that cannot afford the high costs of dance education and training. Their choreographer is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of their dancers’ values and studio owners continue to come back for their award winning choreography. All applicants will be required to provide prior year’s tax return from parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  Money award for scholarships will be managed by The Envy Foundation and will be paid directly to the dance studio, competition, convention, dance company, etc. It may be used for classes, travel, camps, competition fees, dorms, for summer programs, etc. The Envy Foundation has a “Pay It Forward” policy. The scholarship recipients may be required to mentor other students. Assist The Envy Foundation with fundraisers or events. Also, recipients may be required to perform for The Envy Foundation in shows; competitions, or fundraisers.

7. The Rage – The Rage Dance Center (“RDC”) is  an elite dance studio among elite dance studios.  Their dancers have preformed on The Ellen Show, Americas Got Talent, The Voice, The X-Factor, The Today Show, America’s best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance 3 times (to which the world has surly realized that yes indeed they can dance).  They hold dance titles at some at the most compeitive compeitions and currently have some of the top working dancers in the industry.  Located in sunny Southern California they have developed many celebrities and professional dancers, including Charlize Glass, Ross Lynch, r5 and Becky G and many more.  Their classes range from Jazz to hip hop to comp to just about every type of dance class you could possibly want to take.  If you are looking for a studio to make it big in the world of dance The Rage should be high on your list.

6. The Dance Centre – The Dance Centre Company (“DCC”) has been a premier dance studio in Tuscaloosa for over 50 years. Thousands of aspiring young dancers have received excellent dance training from DCC. In a nurturing and loving environment, their faculty is devoted to giving each student the individual attention they deserve. Located in the Northridge Center, their four studios with “floating” floors, full viewing windows, dressing room, dancewear boutique and ”Prima” Cafe make up a state of the art facility. The Dance Centre Company is made of an elite group of dancers who are selected for their exceptional talents. With over 55 members, there are four different groups which make up the Kid, Junior, Teen and Senior Companies. Their companies have been an overwhelming success made evident by the hundreds of gold and platinum trophies, overall high scores, cash awards and scholarships. DCC has won the “Class Act Award” commending their school for presenting their dancers in first rate performances with class, integrity and “age-appropriateness.” Hundreds of their company members have received special recognition by winning scholarships, being named “Outstanding Dancers” and for being chosen to train in prestigious workshops and summer intensives. Their company has received numerous “Critics Choice” and “Best of Show” Awards. Most recently at The Dance Awards National competition in NYC, they won Overall Mini/Junior Jazz Performance, Overall National Junior “Best Performance” and Overall National Teen “Best Performance.” DCC believes that exposure to world-renowned teachers and choreographers is a tremendous benefit in training and discipline. They proudly offer this opportunity to all members of DCC Company. Primadonna’s is their in-house dancewear store filled with the latest styles and hottest trends in dance today. From shoes to sweatpants and tights to tutus, Primadonna’s has it.

5. Mather Dance Company – Mather Dance Company’s (“MDC”)mission is to educate and train young dancers with active and creative minds, a sense of compassion for the arts and the confidence to become the success they are meant to be. They stress the total development of each unique dancer and expose their talents that will enhance the direction of the shared goals and dreams of their dancers. “Professional Dancers” – MDC is comprised of some of the best dancers in the country! This elite collaboration of dancers have worked, and continue to work, with an impressive list of entertainment Icons in the music, television, and film industry today (i.e. Rhianna, Beyoncé, Usher, Mariah Carey, PDiddy, VMA performances, SYTYCD, America’s Got Talent, Glee, etc.). These exceptionally gifted dancers bring to the table incomparable training in all disciplines of dance and share one common goal: To astound and inspire audiences every time they perform. MDC’s artistry is led and inspired by Shannon Mather whose contribution to dance has been described as compelling, innovative and ultimately magical. “Pre-Professional Dancers” – MCD’s additional focus will be with their highly anticipated pre-professional dancers that range in age from 5 to 18. They are committed to making the MDC pre-professional dancers diverse, where they will be trained at unparalleled levels and possess the necessary tools required to be a member of their professional company. They will educate their pre-professional dancers in all aspects of the business, i.e. auditioning, how to get hired, headshots, choreography, performing, and ongoing training in all disciplines of dance from many dance masters that will include: Jazz, Musical Theater, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Tap, Salsa and other forms of Ballroom style dance.

4. DC Dance Factory – DC Dance Factory (“DCDF”) opened in 1992 when Hip Hop was first beginning. The founders, Stephanie and Daryl Campbell, wanted to change the style of studios a little and offer something different. Although Stephanie is best known for her great jazz and lyrical dance classes, she also teaches tap, ballet and tumbling. Not only has she taught for over 14 years and her choreography has won awards on both Regional and National level, she also judges for numerous competitions. Her husband and co-director, Daryl, is well known throughout the United States for his Hip Hop dancing and is one of the first teachers to bring hip hop to studios. DCDF’s dancers are remembered by many that watch them because of the emotion and execution that they bring to the stage. Their style, charisma, passion, technique, and energy makes for an amazing combination that is memorable. Many of their dancers have gone on to dance for many famous artists and on world tours. Although their dancers are strong at Hip Hop, they can perform most any style technique in a contemporary routine. DCDF is also known for their boys. They currently have over sixty boys enrolled at their studio and twenty-six that compete. DCDF has been the National Dance Champions for the last 16 years! They were recognized by Dance Spirit Magazine as one of the top 50 studios in the United States and Dance Magazine ranked them Number 1 in the entire state of Tennessee. They studio has a wonderful 17,000 square foot studio with eight dance rooms and top notch teachers and choreographers in all areas of dance!

3. Rock Center for Dance – The Rock Center for Dance (“RCD”), which opened its doors in 2008, provides quality instruction for dancers ages 3 to adult. Ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap are just some of the styles taught to each age group in this modern studio that features Sprung floors, which helps prevent injuries. Guest artists and workshops with some of the top names in dance are frequent occurrences there, and the drop in option makes it convenient for busy teens and adults to attend classes. Many of RCD’s teachers have earned awards the most recent of which is ballet legend Miss Roni Mahler who was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Rhee Gold. RCD is blessed to have these teachers share their excellence with them. Adults of all levels, from the absolute beginner to the best in the dance industry have classes to challenge them at The Rock Center for Dance.  Adults can expect to learn from seasoned dance masters as well as cutting edge artists currently featured on the strip! RCD offers levelled adult drop-in classes for older teens and adults of all ages. Whether you are a beginning dancer looking to learn something new, or a professional seeking to keep your skill and performance level at its peak, you will find professional training and inspiration at The Rock! In addition to the many talented choreographers and teachers who are regularly seen on the schedule here at RCD, they also offer master classes on a regular basis. Their master classes feature world class teachers and choreographers from Americas Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway and more!

2. Murrieta Dance Project – At Murrieta Dance Project dancers receive the highest level and quality of training in a nurturing and fun environment. At Murrieta Dance Project the staff takes pride in training the best dancers while raising strong and independent individuals that will carry the determination to succeed in all aspects of life. Murrieta Dance Project opened in August 2006. Director, Erin Babbs has been a professional dance instructor for the past 17 years. She has had a life-long dream of creating a passionate and meaningful dance experience for all individuals. The dynamic and professional staff of Murrieta Dance Project is dedicated to providing a strong technical base while guiding every student towards self confidence and promoting integrity and a passion for dance. Murrieta Dance Project has six professional dance rooms each equipped with raised wood and Marley flooring, viewing windows and a state of the art sound system. They also have two student lounges, dressing rooms, a refrigerator, microwave, private homework quiet room, pilates studio, voice room and more! Finally, for all you hard working parents, MDP has provided a parent lounge with chairs, reading materials, their MDP Boutique and soon they will be adding monitors where you can view your child’s classes from the comfort of your lobby seat! They invite you to come and experience Murrieta Dance Project where dancers receive the highest quality of training while developing meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime!  They have an in-house café (MCafe) that provides individual meals, snacks, drinks and health snacks and side options.

1. Southern Strutt – Southern Strutt was established in 1982 by Nancy Giles, a renowned dancer, to bring excellence in dance instruction and performance to the Midlands. Her dream was to help young people and adults realize their potential by celebrating the joy of life through dance. “Our mission is to build individuals’ self-confidence, help them learn discipline and team work, and to realize their own abilities to achieve their life dreams,” Nancy says. “They believe dance at Southern Strutt helps individuals learn life lessons–whether they ever dance again or not. It’s what people do with what they learn that matters,” she says. “To pursue a profession in dance is not everyone’s goal,” Nancy says. “The lessons our students learn about themselves through dance are monumental for whatever they pursue in life. She gets as much joy from the alumni stay-at-home mom as she does from a former student who calls Nancy from Broadway on her opening night.” Southern Strutt has produced not only professional dancers, but doctors, lawyers, school teachers, stay-at-home moms (who now bring their own children to the studio) and many others in a number of fields. Their talented faculty brings years of professional experience from the national stage, television, film, and many other productions to the studios of Southern Strutt,
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  1. Patricia Oplotnik says:

    Thank you for this blog!! I am very proud of the teaching caliber and atmosphere created by Brent and Marissa Oplotnik at Rage Studios!! It’s great to have hard work acknowledged!

  2. Amy says:

    Hi I noticed under Mather Dance Company that the wrong info is posted (info was about DCC instead of Mather’s). Could someone please fix this?

  3. What an amazing representation of the top 50 dance studio’s in the country. What an honor it would be to be a part of this group of studios. I would like to mention that our studio has been on the forefront of bringing contortion and extreme flexibility to the dance world for the past 15 years. We are now traveling to do workshops for studio’s such as Dance World Academy, Studio L in New Jersey, Dance Elements in Pennsylvania and Dance Master Chapters. We have been teaching contortion, hand balancing and balancing cane work to children from ages 5 and up. This has become a very exciting addition to the many new elements that have been added to education of a dancer today. Contortion and hand balancing is a major part of so many productions on Broadway, Vegas and of course Cirque Du Soleil. Our students have been on three national television shows in the past six years. The Pixie’s Myster’e were in the top 40 of America’s Got Talent season 4, A Shore Thing was one of 18 acts chosen for Paula Abdul’s “Live To Dance” and Unity in Motion was in the top 48 of America’s Got Talent season 7. Each of these groups combined the contortion, hand balancing, gymnastics and dance together to make the unique combination of elements work for their successful performances. We would love to see more written about this new addition to our dance world. I look forward to hearing from you, Stina Smith

  4. Holly says:

    Really surprised not to see club dance studio here ….unless I missed it !

  5. Bennett says:

    I’m surprised not to aldc( Abby lee dance company)

  6. Mark says:

    Luv2dance should be on here! They are coming up! Check them out! Stroger than some listed for sure! Their new website will be up before the next season begins!

  7. georgia says:

    Lately people have only focused on competitive dancing. This is only one type of dancing and came from classical ballet. There are many amazing dance studios that teach other forms of dance as well.

  8. Many countries/cities have a Salsa website with resources to help you learn to dance in your local area. If you can’t locate one, contact a Salsa People – A leading dance school in Zurich, Switzerland.